I was supposed to fly to London and attend the Burberry Show during London Fashion Week today, unfortunately, the last day I was in NY, I started to feel very sick and ended up with fever on the plane on my way back home, so I had to cancel my trip to London.

Right now, Im in my bed trying to recover and as bummed as I am to be missing London Fashion Week, my health is more important to me than any fashion show…

I hope you have a beautiful week!


Ya tenia todo planeado para ir a Londres y asistir al desfile de Burberry hoy, desgraciadamente el ultimo dia que estuve en NY me enferme y en el vuelo de regreso a Amsterdam me la pase con calentura así que en lugar de estar en Londres, estoy en mi cama recuperándome, pero la salud es mas importante que cualquier desfile.

Espero que tengas una bonita semana :)

Vest: WGACANY • Shorts: ZARA (TRF) • Shoes: Alexander Wang Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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  1. I'm sorry you missed that show and most of all for not feeling good but in these photos you look perfect :)I just loooooooooooove those Alexander Wang heels so much!xxoxoxo

  2. feel better! health is definetly #1. anyway- love what you are wearing in this post, esp the shoes- way hot.Miyanwww.miyan-overseas.blogspot.com

  3. hola, me encanta el look, siempre visito tu blog. Justo hoy estaba leyendo la revista Glamour España y vi un artículo sobre vos, aunque supongo que ya lo habras visto, muchas felicitaciones :) espero qe puedas visitar mi blog, me encantaria tu opinion. Saludos desde Montevideo :)

  4. hope you get well asap! what a bummer to miss FW.. but your're right, health is more important.I was wondering whether these amazing AW booties of yours are as uncomfortable as my AW boots with the same heel))xx

  5. Oh, too bad you can't visit London FW right now. But now all your readers don't feel so alone :PLove your outfit. Especially the heels. I am in love with Alexander Wang heels since I saw on someone's blog. And they get greater every day. Although the look like they'll kill your feet …missemilyblog.blogspot.com

  6. You're looking great!And i think it's better with the brands also standing there, fashiolista said (the last time) the shorts were from topshop. ;)

  7. andy! siempre vas genial pero esta vez llevas un chaleco de piel de cordero??? no me parece bien que se usen animales por más bonito que sea el diseño. tú estarías estupenda con uno sintético! un besito!!!

  8. Aww sorry Andy! Hope you're feeling better asap! This outfit is so cute. Great mix of textures and love all the black and grey. AMAZING heels!xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  9. Andy, you MUST know that your health is something holly, its the bless of GOD operating in your life thru what you and I can live! Clothes are just the outside (I know it even if I love it), and the most important things in our lives such as health can NEVER be forgetten! Hope you get cured as soon as posible, and pray to GOD to thank and to HIM keep blessing you with your perfect health! Kisses!

  10. Zara shorts are awesome, I want them too!! Don't be sad, there will be other fashion weeks in the futurem now you have to take care of yourself!

  11. cannot get over these wang boots, stunning. such a bummer you are missing the burberry show, but health is definitely more importanthttp://www.vasilievablog.com/x

  12. Get well soon!! The outfit you wore on the picture looks great… as always. :)Greetings from Austriahttp://www.wonderfulandmarvelous.tumblr.com

  13. aw no so sorry you're sick and missing LFW! if it makes you feel any better you look amazing in these pics, and those shoes are STUNNING! hehe : )B xxwww.phoandchips.com

  14. Great outfit! Such a great combination!Biancahttp://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/

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