I am still fixated on NYC and maybe it’s just because NYC is the greatest city and yeah, I know I said that about Paris few years back, but let me put it this way, if Paris and NY were men, Paris would be more like the romantic guy that opens the door for you before you get into a car, that guy who is so charming and perfect in every way, the safe bet, he almost seems too perfect… 
New York however, would be the guy that just comes and sweeps you off your feet, that guy who takes your breath away, literally…The one you meet and almost instantly fall in love with, the one who is very difficult to trust but even more difficult to forget, that is New York, so let me ask you something, who would you take, Paris or New York?


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  1. Definitely Paris! But only because I've already lived in NYC. NY however, is that guy you will NEVER forget, miss like crazy, and hold on to a piece of you heart!

  2. Por supuesto que escogería NEW YORK. Soy española y ahora mismo estoy aquí en la big apple, llevo dos meses y es la 5º vez que vengo. Vine por primera vez en 2009 y me enamoré, y desde entonces sé que es la ciudad para mí. Estoy completamente obsesionada con mudarme aquí, y algún día lo conseguiré!

  3. Can i be honest? I want both guys! Haha,, new york seems to be a lot of fun and adventurous and reallg interesting and paris seems to be the dream guy. Its really hard to choose, luckily they aren't really guys so ther's no need to choose, u can love both! Love the top andy and u look gorgeous as usual!!

  4. That's exactly how i feel about NYC!!! The personification is great!!! Hope you getting better from the flu… and sorry that you had to miss some WF events.

  5. Me encantaron tus shorts (claro, si tuviera esas piernas), ademas el cabello recogido asi se te ve muy chic.Yo me quedo con NY, me encanto la comparación que hiciste de las ciudades como si fueran hombres, y definitivamente prefiero a los hombres que son como NY!

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  7. Dear Andy, I lived in Paris for 18 years, now I moved to Montreal, and so now I'm closer than NYC, the US…etcTo be honest, if I had to choose right now, I would pick New York. BUT to me, and even if living there for too long made me miss all the good part of it (that's why I live) I think Paris would be perfect for you. Truly, Paris is the most beautiful city in this world, it is. I love NYC, I went there the past few years, and I love this city, but…I can't live there, no matter how much I love it, to me it's not a town to live in (I know it's weird)So Paris… and maybe THEN, in a few years… New York ;)

  8. ahhh you couldnt have explained the two cities in a better way! im in love with new york and always will be, even tho im moving to paris in like 4 days! xxwww.moustachic.comwww.moustachic.comwww.moustachic.com

  9. I like your description of NY so true hahaha.. that is New York I live here and we always say, you heated sometimes, it treat you bad sometimes but you can´t run out of it, you just Love it!! This city has something that ether you heated of love it, there is not in between!!! I love it what can I do, I guess I´m the Bad boys kind of girl hahaha… love the sweater.

  10. it's definitely because NYC is the greatest city in the world :)Great outfits, and I especially love your analogy of the cities to men! SO true! I live here (in NYC) and still every time I see the skyline on my taxi's over the bridge, my heart skips a few beats!XO SahraEffortlessCool

  11. I love your top and the photos are amazing! :) specially the last one, to your question, well, I know that Paris kind of boys are the best, but I'll choose NY :)

  12. Hey Andy, you right, ny it's the bad and misterous guy however paris is the safe one…. the one that you go when you need to be protect!!! Talking about cities, i write you a mail asking about shopping advice for Amsterdam… i don't know if had recive it. I know you're busy but it would be nice even just a couple of address… thank you so much.i read your post every day and and I think you're a girl to be admired for your brilliance… have a nice day… xxx Francesca

  13. PARIS, duh. america sucks. just saying andy…I live in Arizona. Trust me, this government is not that great……besides, Paris(and the French language alone) is WAYYY better. Well you asked. :) xoxo Hollyp.s. very good outfit of course.<3

  14. totally agree on the Paris and NY metaphors :)The photos look awesome :)p.s. There's a hot news on my blog about a special shirt changing your body shape! Come have a look ;)WWW.PRETPENSER.BLOGSPOT.COM

  15. That text is awesome! Even if I haven't visited NY and Paris your description is so perfect! :) What about polygamy?! I think you can be in love with both cities ;) And I adore the way you combined the shoes with the pants… looks great on you!

  16. Well, that's hard to say. I lived in Paris for six months, and after a while you're kinda sick of all that romance and you need a real men that will "take your breath away" and make you "fall on your knees". I have never lived in New York but I belive I will one day (the same dream I had for New York) and then I'll be able to give you my full answer :) Till then, Zagreb fits perfectly for me!

  17. I would say New York , I have lived in Paris and I can tell you this; it ain't that much fun! Off corse it's a beautiful city ( for a weekend),but living there is a whole other thing!! People aren't very open ( to strangers), quite arrogant, not to mention i'm half French myself, so I would even prefer a smaller city like Barcelona over Paris, because the quality of life is better and the people are friendlier!! I adore your style!xxBarbara http://www.blogofstyle.com

  18. New york makes me dream about "that" guy, that you describe as the one that takes your breath away and you can neither trust him or forget him.I love your outfit and your kind of posts! You're just amazing!*

  19. Comparing men to cities it's the fanniest thing I've read here! But you wrote so damn good that I felt that I had those guys right next to me! GOD! Love the outfit!Sara Marques Gouveiawww.thefashionengineering.blogspot.com

  20. I would take New York City, of course, because it's probably the best city that I've ever known… I'm french, I'm living in Paris and yea it's romantic and everything you said but thrust me; Paris is not very very romantic… Anyway NYC is the best city ♥P.S: I Love the sweatshirt and the shoes Derrar xxxhttp://twitter.com/#!/DerrarSafyani

  21. I prefer New Yorker for sure…He's like adventure and need this…These photos are so beautyfull..Congrtats about them…please check out my blog: myonlyflove.blogspot.com myonlyflove.blogspot.com myonlyflove.blogspot.com

  22. well,i loved ur thoughts..but i'd love to visit each one gladly and have so much fun like forever..but it seems like we can't live with one of them forever 'cause we always come back to the guy we knew and shared our stupid thoughts with in high school and that would be hometown!www.hellohurricanemynameismarym.blogspot.com

  23. Why can't there be two in one! :( Both places seem amazing and yet they re so different..but still I would chose Paris.. much more romantic and melancholic for me :D

  24. I'd take New York :)Paris is the classic one, with a lot of history. What was there when you left will still be there when you return. Whereas New York is upbeat, vibrant, current, and changes every second. You miss out on a lot after you leave.

  25. Such a nice casual look :)Love that you topped it with glitter accessories. Still in shock how amazing those Miu Miu sunglasses are :DWell, I haven't been to New York and I haven't been to Paris. But I don't get why Paris is so special. It seems to be so average …But this could have to do something with my European heritage :Dmissemilyblog.blogspot.com

  26. THAT is exactly the way I feel about NY as well!! I couldn't have explained it better!!!! :)xoxoAngihttp://www.wonderfulandmarvelous.tumblr.com

  27. NEW YORK!! I've been to this incredible city 3 times and I fall in love with NYC every time a lil bit more.. I've never been to Paris but I'm sure no city in the world is comparable with my Big Apple!As you said it sweeps you off your feet, it takes your breath away..Do I have to say anything more ;) ?

  28. To me, if these two cities were men, they'd be slightly different from your view… NY would be that trendy, stylish, oh so well informed and artsy guy, Paris would be the misterious manthat keeps u guessing his next move. I take Paris any time!!

  29. Hey Andy, At least you got to go to go to New York. I got sick right before New York FW so I didn't make it this time but I agree with you. There is just something about New York it has such an energy to it that you can't help but to fall in love with it. Glad you are feeling better.

  30. Hola Andy!! Me gusta mucho tu blog! Yo tambien soy de Mexico, de Monterrey, pero vivo en Oslo. Se perfectamente a lo que te refieres! Vivi en Paris como 1 anio y la verdad sigo enamorada de esa fantastica ciudad!! Asi que tal vez me prefiero el chavo bueno, amable ajja.Muchas felicidades por todos tus logros!! Cuanto tiempo llevas viviendo en Amsterdam? Yo acacao de regresar de mis vacaciones en Mexico y lo extrano intensamente! jij. Muchas felicidades por todos tus logros!! Mucha suerte y un beso desde el Polo Norte!http://melimoda.blogspot.com

  31. LOOVE YOUR SWEATER!! So cute!Oooooh… I also love your cute flats and LOOVE THE 3RD PIC, SO NICE! :)lol @ I loved how you described Paris & NY as a man. :D lolLOL, I have no idea, who I would pick!! O.o-Eliza

  32. Your legs on the picture that you're laying on something, omg they're so long!! I love New York, it just felt so right when I visited it. I fell in love the first second..

  33. Great photos again – and NYC, definitely! Ofcourse Paris is amazing too, almost perfect even, but New York's got that vibe you find nowhere else…

  34. Ah! The way you described men, makes me sad how hard it is to find a good one and to keep em! What City would be a combination of both, London perhaps, with the british accent?! Whichever City lands you the perfect man, in any case should be the best one ;)

  35. Ooooh that is a super cute casual look. I love the glasses and if I were to pick New York or Paris it would have to be Paris. ABBiE xP.S. I love your blog!

  36. Awwww thats like the sweetest thing ever, too bad men are just so complicated, so I cant say either way :@ been there done it and trying to move on!

  37. Hola Andy! Lucís hermosa, se nota que estabas muy feliz!Me encantó las comparaciones que hiciste entre París y New York como hombres! Ahaha! Creo que toda mujer quiere a un hombre como París pero siempre elige a uno como New York porque le encanta sentir el desafío de un "hombre malo"..ahahaa!No conozco New York pero amaría hacerlo! Y en París estuve la semana pasada! Es precioso!!! Pero no llegué a enamorarme..Un beso!

  38. Haha amazing description of both cities. I know myself: I'd do for the bad guy that brings some excitement and uncertainty… But I guess I'd better try to switch to Paris men again :P

  39. You looked gorgeous! Love those shorts. Hmm I think I would choose New York. I don't like taking things for granted and love is no exeption. Sometimes its more fun to have the excitement and anticipation than just the perfection, you know?

  40. Muy dificil pregunta, yo también me he preguntado lo mismo.. pero he tenido la idea de que NY es para las oportunidades, emprender, trabajar y hacer todo y Paris para cuando ya tienes todo y quieres una vida tranquila, quierse mas glamour y sofisicación… A ti que te funcionaría mejor para tu carrera?? Un abrazo hermosa :)!

  41. This is a very hard question, Andy…Paris and NYC are both my dream cities. Honestly I have no idea which one would I choose…I hope that I won't have to do this choice in future :P It's soo hard.

  42. As you described the two cities I thought:New York->Chuck BassParis->Prince LouisMaybe "Paris" is good for a while but you can't but fall in love with "New York"!!!

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