I finally wore my beloved galaxy tee for NYFW day 2 :)…Times are hectic and I find myself running around Manhattan all day, uptown, midtown and downtown, only being able to post during the night and of course, not sleeping enough.

The last picture is taken from the window next to my bed and I just cant get over the view.

I gotta run, yet again but I leave you with my latest look of the day from New York Fashion Week, see ya!

194 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “GALAXY PRINT”

  1. The top is indeed a gorgeous fashion item that is being complemented well by her black skirt and golden flat shoes. This is complete elegance which makes her style look so effortless. Shopping for the right kind of clothes at boutique dress shops can be quite a challenge. Clothes that really fit in the character of their wearers are worth buying.

  2. I looove the tshirt, love the skirt, love the shoes and even more the sunnies…(ok, honestly the best are your legs!!!) BUT all together, it seems like a sort of predictable outfit… do I sound confusing? Like glitter+galaxy is a bit too literal. I guess what I really mean is that I prefer outfits where seemingly clashing elements come together to create a surprisingly coherent combination.Have fun in NY Andy, keep being fabulous! <3

  3. Where are the golden slippers from? I know that a friend of me want EXACTLY shoes like that, soon is her bday, so.. it would be very helpfull if I would know what's the brand and where u get them :) Thank you Andy!

  4. Phenomenal tee! And I really like how you can rock flats with just as much ease and style as heels.P.S. I can't believe I don't know where that wall with graffiti art is! I know Andy doesn't have time to answer but if anyone knows please let me know! Hugs from NYCTravelDesignery.com.

  5. Wow, I am completely in lovw with your top and flats! The combination is super gorgeous! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)Kisses,Annabellehttp://vivaluxury.blogspot.com

  6. love your shoes and the shirt :)but i have to say i don´t like the new fashiolista list..i think it was better to write a list of what you wear…

  7. You look great, I love the combination of the galaxy T with the glitter shades. Amazing loafers I have simillar ones from Topshop in black, now I wnat them in glitter too! It must be great to be in NY this time of the year. Have Fun further.♥-Axellewww.ax-elle.blogspot.com

  8. Nice look , i totally love the way you combined all these items , you're really gorgeous ! Love a lot your style , it inspires me very much , and i can say that i'm very close to your style . Waiting for new posts !! Kisses from Fashion Twins :**thetwinsfriends.blogspot.comwww.thetwinsfriends.blogspot.comhttp://thetwinsfriends.blogspot.com/

  9. Such a beautiful life.. (: I would be the happiest human on earth, if could live my dreams like you do! I love your BLOG it helps me to fulfill my dreams;) I love NYC!PS.: Great look! You're such a great inspiration!Philip

  10. Beautiful, hope you're having fun over there!Here in Vienna the fashion week is up to come as well :-) Keep in touch with my blog, to read about it!

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