We shot these pics a loooong time ago, but sweet lord, time is running fast these days, so I completely forgot about them.

I guess its every girls dream to have freakishly long eye lashes, maybe not this long and maybe not with feathers at the end (because that would be weird, right? :P), but when it comes to playing with makeup, why not use something over the top, I never do, so I thought it was about time ;)

The makeup and hair was done again by my friend Serena from BeautyLab, not that it wasn’t obvious, I would never be able to do my makeup like that by myself, she is a superstar and this is what she used for the eyes:

Applied a fluorescent pink shadow from Sugarpill named Dollipop and a deep black shadow from a Sleek palette for nice contrast.
She applied fake lashes made of real feathers to make this look super extravagant. On my lips she used Lancome lipstick in Rose Roccoco to kind of match the pink on the eyes.


147 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “FLASH SERIES” part 5

  1. I keep seeing some absolutely out of these world false lashes but I'm just not brave enough to wear them! I think I'll have to find a Halloween costume that requires them this year! x

  2. Andy you always look amazing! you're stunning and your style is the best, judging by me. I've been following you ever since you started blogging. I am your true fan, and I just want to tell you, to keep what you're doing, cause you're really good at it, and we'll always follow you. xoxoxohttp://www.insidethebworld.blogspot.coom

  3. Wow, this looks so cool!! The lashes remind me a bit of Natalie Portman in Black Swan… looks awesome!! :)xoxoAngihttp://www.wonderfulandmarvelous.tumblr.com

  4. When I saw the first picture I knew I was in love with this look. I love long lashes and feathers. So, what's better than both of them in 1. Soooo unrealistic for my boring daily makeup routine, but I love it.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  5. Your eyelashes is so..so weird that in ane way thay're so freaky beautyfull…please follow my blog: myonlyflove.blogspot.com myonlyflove.blogspot.com myonlyflove.blogspot.com

  6. Super cool Andy! =) Me encantan los flash series, no pares de hacerlos nunca! Éste además te sienta especialmente bien. Un saludoAIAMhttp://cafeaudeux.blogspot.com

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