September 9, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

My first day in NYC was pretty much arriving from the airport with my comfy traveling clothes, checking in at my hotel and discovering the surrounding neighborhood which turned out to be pretty awesome!

I walked down 5th Avenue for a bit until it started raining and it just wouldn’t stop, so I only managed to literally take those 4 “look” photos, everything else was snapped with my iPhone, who has quickly become by best alternative when it comes to snapping pictures.
I am pretty psyched about this trip to NY, not only because of Fashion Week, but also because a lot of my really good friends will be in town. 
The weather is also a million times better than last February and apart from a schedule packed with Fashion, I am scheduling some time off to discover the city a little bit more and I will be snapping every second, so stay tuned!