And once again, this is a case of: “Never say Never”… Its funny how when it comes to Fashion, I normally end up swallowing my own words, with this, I mean that whenever I say: I promise I would never ever wear something like that”, I normally end up regretting it, and of course, wearing the item in question…Anyway, some say its wise to change your mind and yeah, I am talking about those fancy pants ;)

Palazzo pants: ZARA / Shirt: ZARA / Boots: ACNE

144 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “FANCY PANTS”

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  3. I guess we've all said that, I prefer saying I am not sure about this style or it is not for me. And this one is not for me, I guess I am just not as tall as you. But the shirt is lovely and love the picture where you are being photographed on the street!xoxoCatitaPS: the fashiolista list is not very accurate, I understand you are promoting their site and probably getting paid but it is misleading and you better just stick to the old way.

  4. Those fancy pants are smashing! I desperately want a pair of outrageously wide, high waisted trousers but I'm so short I end up looking like a tent with a head and arms.

  5. love your bag!perfact as always u!xoxohttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/

  6. I also am the type of girl who says that stuff. And sometimes I have to swallow my own words too :DThose pants are one of a kind. Not everyone likes them (me included) and not everyone can wear them without look like a clown. You really did a good work wearing them! It fits you because your height :)xxx

  7. I have to admit I am not sooo fond of these pants, especially as they get narrower at the bottom… but I really Iike your blouse and of course the sunnies! Love them sooooo much and looking for them since ages… they are from Celine are they?♥ XOXO TheFashionBambi ♥www.TheFashionBambi.com

  8. of course never say never!with your shape,hight and this unbelievable style what piece to find that do not fit you…please check out my blog: myonlyflove.blogspot.comi need your support!

  9. Love it! ♥La combinación es fantástica y cada pieza hace que el outfit encaje perfectamente!Me alegro que estés feliz con tus Fancy Pants!Besos!!!Have a nice day!

  10. Hi Andy!I'm like you, some time ago I usually said I will never use pointed shoes, and now the trend are coming and I'm in love with that kind of shoes!I said too that this kind of pants are ugly but now I have one pair on my closet tooSo, love the outfit!Kiss kiss.*Johttp://joandcompanystyle.blogspot.com/

  11. You look so Beautiful!!!!!I have been strolling through your blog once again (from the beginning of your blog up until now) and there is sooo much inspiration and just good tips and tricks…thank you Andy :)

  12. Hey Andy,great outfit, but I have to say, that I really don't like this fashionlista-stuff at the end of your posts. Almost it doesn't work. I mean it's cool that you just have to click and than you can shop, but in the most cases it's not the original and for me it's important to know which label it is. Not to buy the same, just for knowing and be updated.So please, write down (like in the past) which labels you wear.GreetzAnne

  13. Impresionado con el vuelo de la falda-pamtalón y la combinación blanco-negro con la camisa. Las puntas doradas del cuello de la camisa le dan al conjunto un toque exquisito. Aunque me reitere…. guapísima estás.

  14. I really love these kind of wide pants!! I have one pair in terracotta, an other in trasparent black polka dots and the last is liberty. It so great to walk and to see our pants "flying"!! hahaha! and these are the perfect pants for a simply and elegant silouhette! have an amazing day beauty!xoxo from france

  15. Yes yes yes yes girl !!!!!!!You look stunning at Colombus Circle :)Amazing outfit ! Love ur sunnies too :)http://rocknrealprincess.blogspot.com/

  16. Ahh, yesterday I've seen those pants on the internet, first I thought 'nice skirt' but in the end I ended up really curious about having one of those as well ;-) where did you get yours from?love, dominiquehttp://artichautchaud.blogspot.com/

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