The third chapter of Andy Torres for MANGO just came out and I am super excited about this one because it finally shows the first 4 pics from the photo shoot I styled in Barcelona last June.

It has been such a pleasure working with MANGO and looking through these pics makes me remember the amazing experience I had in Barcelona while shooting them.
The whole team was amazing, not to mention that I got to work with famous photographer Enric Galceran who made me feel super comfortable and relaxed even if we were shooting at the most hectic places in Barcelona, like “La Boqueria”, a market which took us to longest to shoot because there were so many people staring at us and getting in the way of the pics, but it was so much fun!

Cant wait to show you the rest of the photos and yes, I am off to NYC tomorrow so I am getting in an “Empire state of mind” :P

Total looks by MANGO

162 thoughts on “ANDY TORRES FOR MANGO “CHAPTER 3”

  1. I love all the shoes your wear in the video haha and also that leopard shirt, i think i saw it in store last week. If i had discovered your blog before we could have met! i'm from Barcelona too :)

  2. woow!!! AnddyY!!! I think I've never seen you look this good and you are always gorgeous, just magnificent in all the pictures and video! Love love the outfits, did you style them?xoxoCatita

  3. ok so that's really strange… Because I think I've found the perfect woman in the world! :OSeriously, your hair is AMAZING! And also your make up! You look like a model!! OMG! I'm so… WOW!

  4. amazing post! you look stunning!xoxoxo

  5. I´ve seen them some days ago,when I was visiting Mango site…You look beautiful but not very comfortable :)I´m really looking forward to the pictures from NYC <3

  6. I love the 3rd and 4th looks! So chic. Have a blast in NYC… I'll be reporting from afar (California) on FW!xoxo

  7. I simply love all the Mango collection. It’s amazing!! And the pictures have been shot in some of my favorites Barcelona places. I LOVE MY CITY!!Patricia

  8. lovely photoshoot & the experience sounds so fun. i can only imagine how long it took for the market photo, its always so crowded with people! :) you look great, i love the teal jeans!

  9. such beautiful shots:) I like them all! and the video's just chic:) rock the NYFW, Andy!!!xxSasha

  10. Andy!! Tengo que reconocer que nunca te posteo pero siempre sigo tu blog. Sin embargo, esta vez no he podido resistirme! Estás espectacular en las fotos y en el vídeo grabados en mi ciudad natal! Enhorabuena :D


  12. Ohh woow, loove the first pic!!! Gosh loove what you're wearing! I need a striped sweater like that this fall, but in a tan color with black. :DLove your heels and red bag :DLoove your 2nd look, loove the sweater very cute ♥ Love you with smoky eyes. :) Looove the 4th outfit, so cute! I love your shorts and shiny jacket and goldy bag :D ♥Love the video the 2nd time too! ♥Cant wait for NY pics!! :D-Eliza

  13. I love sweater one and two big time. But when scrolling down, I concluded I love everything (which is funny, cause I am not so much a Mango fan, but now you are wearing it, it looks awesome!)XO

  14. You look gorgeous Andy!The outfits and the places in Bcn are awesome!I also got the golden clutch… It's simply perfect!XOXO

  15. Super super super cool!NYC! Enjoy!Bianca

  16. Awesome Pictures I really Love the different styles, the one with the blue pants is very nice, but like i said I like them all. Nice work ! x Dorothee

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