I spent the whole day yesterday co-hosting the Smart Studio series “The Frankfurt edition” and shooting around awesome locations with Pete and the Smart Studio crew.

I always have fun when I work with these guys and yesterday was not the exception…We started off shooting at this place which makes “healthy burgers” called The laughing cow (but in German) and which I was a bit skeptical about, but after the first bite, I was completely sold and thought it was the best chicken burger I ever had in this side of the Atlantic, no exaggeration ;)

The second location was an AMAZING clothing store called Hayashi and which sold exactly the type of clothes like, so the guys at smart studio really did their research. 
I tried almost the whole store on and managed to score some amazing pieces, like a beautiful ring which I will show you soon ;)

The third and last location was a very groovy 70’s inspired bar called … hmmm, oops I forgot the name (I am not very good with German names as you can probably imagine) but as soon as the video comes out I will share … We ended our amazing day with some Pina coladas (Ok, Pete had a more manly drink, right Pete? :P)

Cant wait to show you the video when its comes out in the middle of September!

P.S- I traveled “sans” photographer so pardon my iPhone pics, it was that or nothing :(

P.S2- I LOVED FRANKFURT!, such a beautiful city!


  1. You look really tall! How tall are you? Sorry to sound silly and not knowing much about your background as I just started following you not too long ago. Good to know that you had fun and I like piña colada too! =)

  2. Hi Andy,Love your shoes! Are those from Sascha? And what photo app do you use, 'cause I love the effect(s)! I always enjoy reading your blog :)

  3. Good thing you enjoyed! I love your pink blazer so much it makes me wanna grab it away from you to borrow. hahaha nice michael kors watch and your handful of blings around your wrist. Fashion Speed,xoxo

  4. Hola Andy!Que programa utilizas para editar tus fotos? Están geniales!Amo tu Blog es uno de mis favoritos, sigue así eres Increíble!Saludos desde México :)

  5. No inventes Andy! toda tu vida parece un fashion fairy tail!Me imagino que la has de pasar increíble viajando, conociendo nueva gente, y como siempre eres tan risueña!con más razón. Me encanta vivitar tu blog, transmites un vibra super padre! xoxo. Por cierto, tus botines están padrísimos

  6. Such cute photos… looked like a fun day. And I love that skirt with pockets. Cool b/w photo with your hot pink blazer.xoxo

  7. I really LOVE your blazer!It's gorgeous! But can't you turn off the effects from your photos (i understand that you made them on your iphone, but still :)?

  8. I was wondering if those were iPhone pics because of the border. Nonetheless, they look amazing. I especially love that colorful dress in the beginning of your pics.

  9. I love all your photos! you looks so pretty Andy :)i can't wait to watch the video!Have a nice day! :)xxx

  10. Las fotos son increibles y diferentes. Estoy de acuerdo con tu selección. Me encanta!!!. Muchos bicos

  11. Andy, what do you think about Frankfurt? You like the city? I live one hour away, but i like it. directly in the city i can't live- it's to loud for me :o) nice pictures, i like your boots! have a nice day with lots of sun! lovely greets, maren

  12. Looks like you had a great time Andy, looking forward to seeing more.Have a fabulous day.x

  13. Really like your advertures, but as a graphic designer I have to say; the frame on the pictures is really ugly. Apart from that, love your blog! Keep up the good work

  14. Glad that you had a good time ! Really love your pictures in every post Andy, it's so great to watch your blog and dream to reach the same as you did one day !

  15. What a great event! I love all your iphone photos nice to change it up a bit! And smokin' blazer girl, me encanta! kisses from Madrid/L.A.Lizette

  16. I can see, that you had a great time there :) I just can't wait to see a video! And don't worry about the pictures, they are great!

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