Last night JACKIE magazine celebrated their “25 best dressed list” and I was extremely thrilled and honored to be a part of it, even more so, when I realized at the event that I was actually #10 on the list, so I managed to squeeze on the top 10 and that made me a VERY happy girl :D

Part of the list were big Dutch names like Lara Stone and Doutzen Kroes, so you can only imagine how honored I felt to be listed amongst these amazing ladies, so HUGE thanks to JACKIE magazine for making me a part of this!!!!

Dress: ACNE / Shoes: YSL / Clutch: MANGO


I spent the whole day yesterday co-hosting the Smart Studio series “The Frankfurt edition” and shooting around awesome locations with Pete and the Smart Studio crew.

I always have fun when I work with these guys and yesterday was not the exception…We started off shooting at this place which makes “healthy burgers” called The laughing cow (but in German) and which I was a bit skeptical about, but after the first bite, I was completely sold and thought it was the best chicken burger I ever had in this side of the Atlantic, no exaggeration ;)

The second location was an AMAZING clothing store called Hayashi and which sold exactly the type of clothes like, so the guys at smart studio really did their research. 
I tried almost the whole store on and managed to score some amazing pieces, like a beautiful ring which I will show you soon ;)

The third and last location was a very groovy 70’s inspired bar called … hmmm, oops I forgot the name (I am not very good with German names as you can probably imagine) but as soon as the video comes out I will share … We ended our amazing day with some Pina coladas (Ok, Pete had a more manly drink, right Pete? :P)

Cant wait to show you the video when its comes out in the middle of September!

P.S- I traveled “sans” photographer so pardon my iPhone pics, it was that or nothing :(

P.S2- I LOVED FRANKFURT!, such a beautiful city!


As my obsession with Galaxy prints grows, it was only natural that sooner or later I was going to bump into one of Christopher Kane’s creations, I even started to loose hope but I finally managed to get my hands on one of his beautiful galaxy t-shirts while I was in Stockholm for Fashion Week.

The only problem is, I want to wear this shirt so badly, that I am finding it difficult to do it… Let me put it this way; I want to wear this shirt so badly, that coming up with the perfect outfit for it is proving difficult, but maybe I will come up with something just in time for NY FW :)

Today, I’m spending the day filming around Frankfurt with Smart Studio and I am so looking forward on discovering this beautiful city! 


I was looking forward to wearing this t-shirt for a while since I have been “galaxy print obsessed” for the past few months. I had this whole shoot planned but mother nature had other plans and it started to rain cats and dogs so the location I picked wasn’t a good place to shoot anymore :(.

I am at the airport right now, taking another flight once again but this time I am off to Frankfurt to shoot another project for Smart Studio, so lets hope the weather is better there!

 Pants: American apparel / Shoes: YSL / Wolf necklace: SerenityDesignsGalaxy tee: Factory Fox