As my obsession with Galaxy prints grows, it was only natural that sooner or later I was going to bump into one of Christopher Kane’s creations, I even started to loose hope but I finally managed to get my hands on one of his beautiful galaxy t-shirts while I was in Stockholm for Fashion Week.

The only problem is, I want to wear this shirt so badly, that I am finding it difficult to do it… Let me put it this way; I want to wear this shirt so badly, that coming up with the perfect outfit for it is proving difficult, but maybe I will come up with something just in time for NY FW :)

Today, I’m spending the day filming around Frankfurt with Smart Studio and I am so looking forward on discovering this beautiful city! 


  1. Im also in LOVE with this trend so i have started creating my own stuff, Not only are they great pieces of fashion, but they are also a work of art as they are all hand painted by myself :)Check it out if you have some time.Thanks, Josefina <3

  2. If you were to ask me how to style this amazing shirt, I would pair it with White Trouser's, do a messy tuck in. Ballerina Bun and JC litas, with a eye catching clutch :)

  3. Hola Andy! no se si te sirva o si ya viste esta pagina de facebook que esta usando tu nombre y fotos! verdad es que no me acuerdo si era la que nos pediste que denunciaramos hace unas semanas pero te paso el dato por si acaso!me parece increible que alguien pueda hacer este tipo de cosas! la neta que hay personas locas en este mundo!!cuidate mucho Andy! saludos desde México!. :)

  4. I´m afraid I don´t like this print at all!! Not for me!!But such is fashion!!XXX

  5. Están increíbles las playeritas eh!! Yo y tu primo (DHR) asistimos juntos a una clase de astronomía en la prepa y tmb a un taller de telescopios, somos re fans XD… nevermind, estaría incre tener una así :3

  6. I love christopher kanes collection! and I know this feeling, haha :D and so cool that you're in frankfurt, cause i'm from there! xoxo

  7. I adore Christopher Kane's galaxy shirts. They're so fun and different. I'm suggesting a black skirt, maybe sheer medi-length. Or so fun layering with a blazer and skinnies! Make it funky with some cool black ankle booties! I'm sure you'll style it up awesome, you always do!xoxo

  8. Why not wear it with dark blue jeans and pumps? It's such a statement piece I wouldn't go crazy with layering and accessories. Whatever you come up with will look amazing, always does!Shop vintage here!

  9. I've been stalking the knock off of this shirt on Romwe forever now – seriously debating about buying it before the trend is over. Can't wait to see what outfits you pair it with!xx from Montreal,SarahI Bleed Fashion

  10. just wear it with simple pants (maybe leather?) and some simple accesoires, so that the shirt gets the attention it deserves. keep it simple!

  11. Yay, galaxy print. I like this even better than the yellow one you wore yesterday :)Can't wait for the day you'll wear it :D

  12. LOVE it!! I just ordered a galaxy print dress from Romwe that cannot take anyyy longer to arrive! obsessed with this

  13. Andy , I love you :D! I have been reading your blog for almost 3 years and you truly inspire me. Your are the living example that with hard work and passion you can achieve anything you want in this world !

  14. i luv this shirt and cant wait to see what u come up with! Whatever it is i kno it will be fly! Love your swag!!!!

  15. Stunning T-shirt!Have fun in Frankfurt! I'm looking forward for pictures!ps. When will be the episode with you of 'What should I wear by Mango'??

  16. I have to admit it took me awhile to get on board with christopher kanes creations. But now I also love them! The galaxy print is fantastic!Hope you have fun at NY fashion week!

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