I had a peaceful day after fashion Week madness and as much as I love my hectic life, sometimes I love the days where I can relax and do nothing but ordering pizza and watching TV on the couch (of course not wearing these killer heels ;)


Un día de paz después de la locura de la semana de la moda y por mucho que me gusta mi vida ocupada, aveces me hace bien quedarme en mi casa y no hacer nada mas que pedir una pizza y ver la tele (Por supuesto que sin estos taconazos ;)

Blouse: ACNE / Jeans: ZARA / Shoes: River Island / Bag: StyleScrapbook for Kipling

181 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “FLOWER SHIRT”

  1. Killer but ridiculously beautiful heels!!!Very very good taste, Andy…Good job, niña!Congrats for the blog and thank you for the amazing daily inspiration!

  2. Couldn't love this look more!! I love the shirt, the colour of the pants, the bag and the sunglasses lots!!you look absolutely stunning!!xoxoLizzochewylove.blogspot.com

  3. i looove the outfit, it looks really great on you. But honestly, i wouldn't have guts to wear this big heels and this really bright combination. :)lovely as always, Andy<3

  4. I love your style, you're so cute and your pictures are awesome. What's more to ask for a fashion blog ? I just discovered your blog and I'm in love !Lot of love, from Francexxhttp://fragmentdestyle.blogspot.com

  5. Andy, me encanta como poco a poco tu blog va tomando forma y vas evolucionando a travez del tiempo. Te mando un beso desde Perú, acá tienes muchas fans, hace mucho que no te escribía pero no hay día que no abra tu blog. Hace casi un año me escribiste un mensaje en un post donde te ponía como look de la semana, me felicitaste por los avances, creo que ahora, después de un año he mejorado mucho DE VERDAD ME HARÍA MUCHA ALEGRÍA si le dieras una mirada a cómo he evolucionado ahora. Ha sido muy difícil posicionarse en Lima, donde casi no hay cultura de blogs y no tenemos tiendas Low Cost, pero poco a poco he podido conseguir mi sitio como blogger:http://www.styleinlimablog.com/2011/08/scalloped-shorts-ii.htmlEspero que te guste.Cariños,Mila STYLEINLIMA

  6. I really like the shoes and the bag, but the blouse… mmm… didnt!xxxohttp://angelieeee.blogspot.com/you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

  7. i'm in love with your blog, is the best! my favorite!!! you've got something different :) please visit my blog!!! and tell me what do you think!! :)with love, car <3http://talkingaboutfashion-blog.blogspot.com/

  8. Awesome blouse and looove the last pic!:) again Acne dear you have been a very bad girl!Biancahttp://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/

  9. Oh my goodness that shirt is sooo beautiful! I really love the print and the cuts on the shoulders! Looks amazing, and the heels, I said it before they are gorgeous! :D

  10. aw you look so happy and cute! and wow those heels are a-MAZ-ing! :) really love your camera bag, great design.. am going to try and save up to get one, they are so fab! : )B xx

  11. I really missed that shirt :)Yeah, you're right, sometimes you have to just lay in the bad and relax….I like the new frames on the peeks, but not to all of them. It's really cool, but only in a few :)<3

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