Here is the second set of my “Flash series” … Like I told you, it was all about playing with different makeup looks and pairing it with my favorite necklaces.
I am not much of a red lipstick girl, in fact, this is probably the very first time I’ve worn red lipstick on the blog, but I thought it matched my backdrop/hair and necklace … Hope you like it and stay tuned for more Flash series! :D (You can see the first set of my flash series HERE)

P.S- Tell me what you want to see on the Flash series next time (which hair do, necklace, etc :)


Este es el segundo set de mi: “Flash series” … Como ya les había platicado, es solo un experimento para jugar con diferentes looks de maquillaje y para hacerlo un poco mas divertido, cada look lo combine con uno de mis collares favoritos.
¡Espero que les guste! :D (Puedes ver el primer set de mis “Flash series” AQUI)

190 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “FLASH SERIES” part 2

  1. Wow wow! the red lipstick stayed amazing, you are very pretty, and i have fascination for your style! I`d like that you post some tips of how dressing well, impeccable like you, I`d like tips of what stay better in every body type e how to use the clothes. Combination clothes, accessories, shoes. Tips of make up, tips of your style, not copy, but to know how you dressing so well,of how do you know dressing well. And taking the opportunity,i ask to you: how do you know dressing well? I `d like tips of where can i find stylish clothes, as your clothes, where i can bought, how can i adapt to my cash available?

  2. Hi Andy!! Please read this comment because I hope you take these looks I have thought of into consideration. I have two ideas for your flash series: The 1st is that you could wear your neon green/yellow necklace that Giia custom made for you. I think that necklace would look great with beachy waves/scrunched hair which is easy to achieve with either a 1 inch curling iron, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Scrunching gel, or sea salt spray. Also for that look your bangs would look great french braided to one side in combination with the beachy hair. The 2nd look I recommend is a purple smokey eye with full bangs and the rest of your hair in a ponytail. That might go well with a white necklace or your H&M grey pearl/chain necklace. I hope you consider these looks:)Check out my blog: http://thatssuperficiality.blogspot.com/

  3. red is yours!you are beatiful.love your romantic hair xoxohttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/

  4. wow .. i love a lot your hairstyle !!! really amazing !! Kisses from Fashion Twins :**www.thetwinsfriends.blogspot.comhttp://thetwinsfriends.blogspot.com/

  5. Great look again! I'm loving the dramatic brows, they're in for fall! And the red looks good on you. Will you show how you'd do a bright colored eye.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  6. You loo absolutely stunning. I love your flash series! You should make a tutorial, because it looks very professional!www.trash-de-luxe.blogspot.com

  7. hola andy,,,creo que tu cabello y tus labios en rojo estan geniales,,, te ves muy bonita…saludosgaby-acentralamericangirl.blogspot.com

  8. Nice photos . But I like the first set more , especially that you surprised with the new hair style , that btw , suits you very well . Maybe you should surprise us ( pleasantly ) more often . :)

  9. NICE!I'd love to see sth very bright on you! You love neon colors, right? So put them on your face! I'm sure you'll manage to do in a very stylish way.Good luck!Ievahttp://ieva-thecraze.blogspot.com/

  10. I wish my hair looked like yours! It's so shiny/healthy and has a great red tint to it! Personally, I prefer this flash series to the other one…I prefer the make-up in this one :)xx from Montreal,SarahI Bleed Fashion @ibleedfashionxx

  11. Again, super beautiful pictures. The lipstick looks great with the necklace :)I don't if you're comfortable with that but I think a fishtail braid would look amazing :)http://missemilyblog.blogspot.com/

  12. gosh. you're always so pretty no matter what your makeup or hair do is :) this is amazing as is the first one but I would love to see your hair braided sometimes because ive never seen you in a braided hair do :)keep being so beautiful <3

  13. hmm i don't know..this makes your lips look so damn small-i adore the first flash series look though, my favourite this far

  14. Picture number 2 & 5 would look great on your header. It looks so fresh, elegant and extremely gorgeous. I wonder, how come you're still not a supermodel? are they're blind or what?! seriously!

  15. I love this serie it's not so strong like the first and your look so gorgeous with the red lipstick and the curly hair. your could wear this more often :)xxSarahwww.sarahs-fashion-diary.blogspot.com

  16. Me encantan las fotos y el collar, aunque se me hace raro verte con ondas en el pelo ;)besoswww.rosabueso.blogspot.com

  17. I like the idea of your flash series but I don't think the harsh flash looks very flattering. You took some close-up pictures, showing off your make-up one time without the flash and I think it looks much flattering. As for hair. I would like to see something more "odd". Something edgier I guessjayveehttp://stilodorito.blogspot.com

  18. You look so adorable!! :D You should definitely try red lipstick more often, and I love your hair like that! How do you make it so curly, yet not frizzy (because my hair becomes a puff ball when I curl it. :P)? x

  19. red lipstick looks great, I noticed you changed your blogs header again? hehe i'm the same I change mine all the time…already working on a new one. Do you use self timer or do you have that special calble whe you can press your camera while u are away from it?

  20. you look gorgeous (as always)!! you should use red lipstick more often :)i would totally use the second photo for your header, so cute!have a great day,romi

  21. Wow i Love ur look:D ur hair : AMAIZING :D:D I think u should use one of this pic as profile pic in the title of blog:) hope u understood me haha Kisses from Poland;*

  22. Cute and sexy and the same time!!Biancahttp://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/

  23. So adorable! If honestly, i liked better the first flash series look :) Next time i think we will see something so you : bright, maybe some colourful neon necklasses or something like that :) Am i wrong? :)) Have a great day Andy!Your biggest fan :)Sandrahttp://kurmanoraktai.blogspot.com/

  24. Looks great! These photos seriously look like something out of a magazine. As for red lipstick I think it really suits you! Your hair looks great like that as well.

  25. You look great in this photos and your hair are perfect! I will bring one of your photo with me, today to my hairdresser….I want them too!

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