I know, I know, I have been wearing this necklace really often lately, but to be honest, I just cant help it!
This is one of those accessories which literally make an outfit special and as soon as I got my look on, I knew that I had to add the necklace.

I still have tons of fashion show pics to show you but I thought I would only focus on a “Look of the day” today, which I haven’t done since Copenhagen Fashion week and share these pics that my friend Sania shot for both Andreas and me.

The whole FW was amazing and I had THE BEST TIME, but I think that fun wise, the third day was hands down my favorite…Hope you like the pics and stay tuned for more!


Lo se, lo se, me he puesto este collar muchísimas veces, pero la verdad, es uno de mis accesorios favoritos y es el tipico collar que puede hacer un look mas especial.

Todavia tengo muchísimas fotos que enseñarles de los desfiles en Estocolmo, pero hoy me quería concentrar en un “look del día”, así que ya será mañana o pasado ;)

También me quería disculpar por la falta de traducciones en los días pasados, pero en cuando entro al modo de “Semana de la moda”,  es muy difícil y me queda súper poco tiempo para actualizar el blog. Entre desfiles, juntas, entrevistas, fiestas y demás, llego a mi cuarto de hotel a las 12 o 1 de la mañana a tratar de organizar las 200 o 300 fotos que tome ese día y a tratar de actualizar el blog para la mañana siguiente, espero que me comprendan :)

Blouse: ACNE / Skirt: ZARA / Boots: ACNE / Bag: StyleScrapbook for Kipling camera bag / Necklace: COS

Pics by Sania Claus 
Last pic by Andreas Wijk

127 thoughts on “FASHION WEEK “MERCEDES-BENZ STOCKHOLM FW SS12” day 3 part 1

  1. Keep wearing the necklace, it's super cute and has offered a complete different look with each outfit. I'm loving this shirt, skirt boot combo. The thin, black socks are cute with the boots too!xoxo

  2. this is a lovely post – you look great andy! also love what you've done with the photos.. very creative ;) have a great week!B

  3. Love your look! Funny how I was trying on that Zara skirt with some simillar booties last week. (bought it)Don't you love their new collection? Everything is so classy and Chanel a-like. ♥

  4. I adore your blouse! And don't apologize for wearing that necklace too often – it's gorgeous, and we all have pieces we wear to death! Have fun, can't wait to see the next round of photos.xx from Montreal,SarahI Bleed Fashion

  5. se nota que la pasaste excelente Andy !amor desde Argentina !xxxoP.S/ Quiero que sepas que "mi lugar en el mundo" es Mexico, cada vez q tengo q viajar está entre mis primeras consideraciones, y he ido 5 veces ya! :)

  6. I've always love this top of yours and the boots too! And please keep wearing that bibish necklace bacause it's simply gorgeous :)Sam

  7. I just watched you interview that you did for Swedish tv. I think we as your readers can really see how your style has improved and also how much you've got inspired by Scandinavian fashion.YOu only have to look at this outfit. It's all about the cut of your blouse and the super amazing shoulders :D

  8. Te comprendemos..haces unas fotos y un trabajo genial.Me gusta el look que llevas y lo 1º que te iba a decir es que el collar (siempre te lo digo)es divino!! besos

  9. Super photos!! And Andy, I really want to have your camera bag (stalked you about it before) but I seem to not be able to get it anywhere… what to do…XO

  10. I like your outfit and I think it really normal that every person has his own favorits and that makes also his personal style. Your necklace is great Andy! :)xxSarah

  11. Estás espléndida (como siempre vamos). Ese collar encima de la blusa abrochada hasta arriba, te queda está espectacular. Un conjunto divino, guapísima.

  12. The necklace is really gorgeous so I can see why you wear it so often! I love this outfit! The shirt is such a beautiful statement piece!XoXoPlami

  13. I really like your boots!! Is it weird to go down to a smaller height when you're so used to walking in much higher??! I any case, you look awesome x

  14. Looks like you had an amazing time!! Gorgeous blouse and looks perfect with the necklace – so keep wearing it!Sian x

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