Overload of pics from Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week day 2 and a part 2 is coming later today so stay tuned!

P.S-Wich has been your favorite show so far?

Blouse: ZARA / Shorts: Vintage / Shoes: Chloe Sevigny for OC / Bag: StyleScrapbook for Kipling

Pics by me for ©StyleScrapbook
Outfit pics by StyleClicker

125 thoughts on “FASHION WEEK “MERCEDES-BENZ STOCKHOLM FW SS12” day 2 part 1

  1. Hi!Thanks for sharing too! Love the scandinavian style, definitely ;)And your outfit is one of my favourites as well (love that shoes)as your chignon!!! Adorable!

  2. Wow – great information about the MB Fashion week in Scandinavia – and I really like the first picture most! Great work!

  3. I love your outfit! The blouse is sooooooooo great, I would love one like that for my own wardrobe! And the first two dresses from josefin strid are absoultely amazing!

  4. Just fell in love with your shirt! And you styled it perfectly with the leather shorts! And those designs are amazing! The orange dress just took my breath away! :)

  5. absolutely in love with your look! you look sophisticated and sexy at the same time, great job!!favorite show so far = Nhu Duong, the fabrics are amazing!♥ from Garment Traveling

  6. I lolololoveeee those shoes Andy, son preciosos, cada vez q te los veo puestos me gustaría tenerloos! jajaxxx

  7. It's amazing you get to be there! Thanks so much for sharing! :) And great outfit! Very very stylishXoXoPlami

  8. i was at zara the other day and saw that blouse, i really likes it but for some reason didn't try it on….now that i saw it on you i totally loved it! you rocked the entire outfit( not like you every don't rock an outfit;) )xx sabrina

  9. Yay, you are wearing a bun. I might write that everytime you're having this hairstyle but it just suits you so well. And it looks so great with your long hair, very elegant :DLove your black/white ensemble, especially the details on the blouse.The metallic dress from Nhu Duong has to be my favourite so far!

  10. Wow wonderful pictures ! And a beautfiul collection :) you look so pretty <3 please visit my blog :) it would be a great honour for me ! Xo nadine from

  11. Lovely bunhead you are!I personally liked last post's first show… Though didn't figure out what was the name of it.xoxo

  12. Your whole outfit is gorgeous, you look so nice! I envy you so much, I'd love to do something like this :( The pictures are brilliant too :) x

  13. your shirt is to DIE for !!! I love the way you mixed it with those leather shorts! you look perfect !!! Stylish, chic and hOT;-)xoxo from a "chasseuse de styles" in BrusselsCéline Mademoiselle

  14. It was really fun to see the interview with you by frida fahrman! Its fun to listen to you and I think you had really good things to say. xx

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