So today has exactly been 1 week since I came back from Los Angeles and although I am pretty bummed I was there for only 2 full days, I can assure you that my experience in those 2 days was AMAZING!

The reason why I was in LA for such a short trip was because I will be a part of the new season of “What should I wear” by Mango’s online series and I had to go there to shoot the scenes for the episode I will be acting on.
I was playing a Stylist and had a scene of conflict with the photographer, so I really had to put my acting skill to the test. I cant wait until the episode comes out and I can finally see how I did it, or maybe cover my eyes throughout the entire scenes :S hahaha.

As we speak I am on my way to Barcelona to shoot some photos for MANGO as a part of their new Autumn Winter campaign so you can only imagine how excited I am, not to mention that my hotel is over Paseo de Gracia, one of my favorite streets in Barcelona…If you see me around, come say hi! :D


98 thoughts on “SHOOTS “LA STUDIO”

  1. hola hola soy del blogger gabyzuka espero estemos en contacto un saludote te sigo, espero te des una vuelta por el mio y pronto podamos hacer un posteo juntos :) soy de df

  2. Great pictures :)I would like to invite you to visit my blog and see the pictures and video that I made about the european capital of culture… Thank you and I hope you like it :)Kiss from Portugal***Brown and Cappuccino*

  3. Loving the makeup table, so full with everything you need ++ :)I also like your iphone cover, the print is awesome – where's it from? :)

  4. That's really great, Andy! Keep it up! I've been following the "What should I wear" series and I'm excited to see you on it! Oh, and I'm so envious that you're in Barcelona! I wanna visit it someday. Have fun!

  5. Hi Andy! I'm going to Amsterdam this summer and would like to know what places or experiences you think i just CAN'T miss… I'll just be there for 3-4 days, and i'm finding so many interesting things to do i just can't decide myself, so I thought maybe you can give me a few recommendations. I know there are some obvious things I can't miss, but when I travel I usually like visiting little places that aren't in touristic guides but are really worth visiting. Un besito de España :)

  6. Great photos!Could you tell me your opinion about this bag that I made myself? I would appreciate it really much if you could. You can find pictures from here:www.240411.blogspot.comYour blog is awesome!

  7. OMGOD @ MANGO'S SERIES!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH HTAT!! WOW!Hooooow FUUUUUUUUN!!! Andy is HAVING A BLAST! <3LOL @ cover your eyes at the entire scenes. that's cute. :)Oh and I love the pics <3 :)

  8. Oi Andrea! Sou sua fã do Brasil. Torço muito por você. Será que esta série passará em algum canal de telelisão aqui no Brasil??? BeijosMá Brettas.

  9. Ahh you're so lucky! Looks like a lot of fun – can't wait to see the autumn/winter photos! Take lots of pictures in Barcelona :)xx from Montreal,Sarah

  10. I'm going to Barcelona as well :D ! I'm leaving on the 12th of July so I guess I won't see you :D ! I'm curious about the scene you did in LA ! Post it when you get the result :D !!!!!!

  11. great pics!wait 4 photoshoot xoxoxooxox

  12. Andy, valió la pena el viaje. Las fotos son muy bonitas. Esperamos por el resto. Muchos bicos

  13. Amazing pics!!Bianca

  14. sounds so fun!I think that you were great in the scenes. Cant wait till the result! :)Stop by my new blog Brigita

  15. As always amazing style. Looks like you had a fab time in LA,sounds amazing that you got to be part of an episode for tvshow!Good luck at the Mango shoot,well jelous :)

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