In the almost 4 years that I have been blogging, I have had around 6 or 7 different banners displayed on the blog, unfortunately the very first ones I used are nowhere to be found in my archives, so these are the only 4 that I could find.

I have been longing for a change for months now and since I ‘ve been blogging for such a long time, it sometimes I feel like a change is inevitable.

A lot of people always tell me that I should change to a white background, the problem is that I started with a black one, so now, changing to a white one seems very drastic, although I must say, I have considered it way more than once.

I want my new banner / Layout to be fresh, simple and chic and the more I think about it, the more I get convinced that a drastic change is exactly what StyleScrapbook needs, a fresh new start.

Last night I was trying to put all these ideas into a design and although a lot of you will be very shocked to see this huge difference, I want you to be open to new possibilities, at the end of the day, I want to include you in my decision as much as possible since its YOU who gives me the honor of visiting the blog, so for me, its crucial that you like what you see.

I am still open to ideas and suggestions and if you have killer graphic design skills and a completely different idea, I would be more than happy to see what you have in mind. Email me at [email protected] and share your thoughts, maybe we can even put all the new banners for a vote and let everyone choose :).

…Let the search for StyleScrapbook’s new banner begin!…


En los casi 4 años que llevo con StyleScrapbook, he tenido al rededor de 6 o 7 banners diferentes y siento que ha llegado la hora de un cambio radical.

Muchísima gente me dice que deberia cambiar el color de fondo a blanco, pero como ya llevo tanto tiempo con el fondo negro, siento que el cambio se vería demasiado drástico, aunque eso no quiere decir que estoy cerrada a la posibilidad, lo he y lo sigo considerando.

Quiero que el nuevo banner / Diseño sea algo fresco, simple, chic y mientras mas lo pienso, mas me convenzo de que un cambio radical es inevitable.

Ayer en la noche estuve tratando de poner todas estas ideas en dos diseños diferentes. Se que a la mayoría se les va a hacer un cambio my radical pero me gustaría que estuvieran [email protected] nuevas posibilidades, por que al final de cuentas, ustedes son gran parte de este blog ya que son los que me dan el honor con sus visitas diarias, así que para mi, es importante que les guste lo que ven.

Si [email protected] de ustedes tiene otras sugerencias o que mejor, sabe de diseño gráfico, estoy abierta a mas ideas y sugerencias. Me puedes mandar tus ideas a [email protected] :)


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  2. definitely number 1!! i'm excited to see the changes you decide on and i'm loving the white :) xo

  3. yes I think you should definitely change to a white background, and for the banner I think that you could come up with something better, more creative, is this your actual handwriting or is it a font from internet? I think for your personal blog you should create the type yourself, also a collage of your photographs would be quite appealing, Im going to change my header in the next moth or so, if you need any help I could create you few designs :)

  4. En mi humilde opinion, momento adecuadisimo para que "style scrapbook" sea convierta en imagotipo, logo o similar. Vaya, mas allá de dos palabras creo que es una marca/concepto… just an idea…

  5. Mi humilde opinion: un logo para el "style scrapbook". Ya no son sólo dos palabras, mmm digamos que es tu marca???? Creo que valdría la pena darle personalidad a ese nombre…

  6. I really like the first one!! It looks awesome and has everything you were talking about. Great job! I'm actually wondering how you did this with blogger? Do you use illustrator or photoshop? Or is there some other secret and amazing thing out there that I have yet to find out about? If you can, it would be wonderful to know!Thank you!Victoria Marie

  7. andy creo que el nombre del blog deeria tener mas cosas recortes adornos yo que se… de eso se tratan los scrapbooks :)

  8. HeyyI visit your blog for one year, and yes i think it will be better in white eventhough every blog are white. Pictures are more visible. So I vote for the first one, but I will prefer a banner with a picture of you or something not simple the name

  9. The second one is definitely not!!!! The first one more interesting. And i think you should also change (if it's possible) the icon of your blog as it seen on tabs of browser. Cause now it's that white "B" on orange background of And i think it's about the time to have your own logo as all "big" blogs have, because you are one of them.P.S I also think the black background a little disturbing and hard to read, so white is a good idea.Katia

  10. Hi AndyI think it is good that you leave the black backgrund color behind and go for the white one instead. Your photos will pop!. But I think that you during these 4 years have grown out of this rather unsophisticated scrapbook-feeling. I know that the scrapbook is your concept but you can keep that without being childish and instead be more sophisticated. Even your personal style has become more sophisticated so why not show that in your blog design as well. I would suggest to not use the cutout-style fonts and go for some real nice sophisticated ones instead. As in my theme I am sure that you can use different fonts for different things and it gives a nicer feeling to it. Just leting you know how I feel about it since you put it out there =)An looking forward to seeing the final result.Kind regardsJennifer

  11. The first one is just amazing. It´s fresh and easy, but also very beautiful :)xx Mara

  12. I think that the one in the bottom left corner would be well suited. Those wedges are simply amazing and so is the rest of the outfit. I think this banner is very fitting.:)

  13. DON'T change to white PLEASE! there's something about white background blogs that make me wanna close them :( i mean…of course the content of your blog is way more important…but the white is just not soo..stylescrapbook. but i love the font and the colour blot in the first layout :)

  14. stick with black! I agree with the others that it represents you more. although the first screenshot is nice :)x,V Pantaleon

  15. I love the second one because of the font. It's cuter. I personally think you should keep the black background becuase most other bloggers have the white background. Then again I sorta like the way your going with the new look of the blog.

  16. No cambies a fondo blanco por favor! La gran mayoría de blog de moda tienen fondo blanco. No caigas en la trampa Andy. No caigas en la tentación.El fondo negro es tan tuyo! realza más las fotos que posteas, realza más los colores. muchos éxitos!

  17. Me gusta el primer banner pero con el fondo negro!! Es un clásico, sería raro el cambio! besin, pri

  18. wow que sorpresa leer que a muchos les gusta el fondo negro!! porque a mi hace mucho tiempo me aburrió!! será que me cansa la vista o ver siempre lo mismo.. no sé (soy una de las que te dejo comentarios acerca de cambiar el fondo alguna vez).Renovarse es genial. La clave es cambiar por algo que realmente te guste a vos, al fin y al cabo a muchos les gustará y los que no estén convencidos se acostumbraran, porque te visitamos por el estilazo que tenés.De los dos que propones me gusta más el primero. Por lo menos yo estaré feliz de ver un fondo más claro!!En mi opinión lo que te diferencia de los demás bloggers no es el fondo negro, lo que te diferencia sos vos, tu personalidad, tu impresionante buen gusto, la calidad impecable de tus fotos y tu pasión por lo que hacés. Mi consejo, es que no dejes que te condicione para nada eso de que "el negro es lo que te hace diferente".. no lo veo tan relevante. Un besote.

  19. I love the first example a lot! Clearly you are one of the top fashion bloggers and your outfits are so unique and that sets you apart from the rest but I feel that the new layout mirrors almost every other fashion blog out there. ( I have to admit mine is white and I have a simple header) I've actually admired that you have kept your background black, and have loved your banners.It's understandable that you want something more polished and chic. I think whatever you decide will be great but I just thought I would tell you my opinion and I love your blog the way it is!Goodluck! I love reading your blog and am always excited to see your outfits you put together :)

  20. Hola, Andy, wow, esto es raro, es la primera vez que te dejo un comment (love ur site, but im a lazy lady ;)y es que en vdd al igual q otras readers considero que el negro es lo q caracteriza tu blog, ya habemos muchas/os en blanco y el tuyo simple y sencillamente se siente como entrar a nuestro propio closet a buscar inspiracion… creo q lograrias algo muy interesante aun dejando el fondo negro.Anyway, elijas lo q elijas aca nos tendras…venimos por tu estilo y el diseño solo es la cereza del pastel!!Kisses desde Mexico!!

  21. hola Andy! :)Pues la verdad que a mi, personalmente, me gusta más de los blancos el primero :)la verdad es que a veces necesitamos un cambio radical en nuestras vidas, asi tenemos un soplo de aire fresco! jajajaespero que te vaya todo muy bien y que encuentres lo mejor para tu blog! :) jajajaun besitoo!(K)

  22. I'd say the first option, only I would change the 'contact me' font into the same font you used for the banner. That would make it more a cohesion (:

  23. No puedo negar que el fondo blanco se ve increíble…pero por otra parte la mayoría de blogs tienen ese color de fondo.El negro es muy Style Scrapbook!

  24. Para mi opinión el primero es la mejor opción, ya que es más simple y fresco que el segundo, de todas maneras prueba a ponerle algún tipo de marco algún detalle más que lo envuelva o por la esquina derecha y que siga hacia bajo como si fuera una especie de vinilo o algo así, ya que igual el cambio tan drástico como dices del negro al blanco te cansa muy rápido ya que el blanco acaba aburriendo un poco..Aunque dicen que en la sencillez está el gusto, asi que igual lo pruebas y te llevas una grata sorpresa y te encanta!Si no arriesgas no ganas.. todo es arriesgarse y probar!Me encanta tu blog, mil besos!

  25. I actually like the black background it's different from all the other fashion bloggers almost everyone of them got a white background. But White would be nice for a fresh start.

  26. El primer banner me encanta. El fondo balnco no está mal, pero prefiero el negro porque es característico de tu blog. En serio, si me dicen "Nombra un blog que tenga el fondo negro"…creo que solo se me ocurre el tuyo, y eso, a mi parecer, es bueno, muy bueno.

  27. I prefer the first one and I think a white background is a great idea!I also think it should have a picture of you instead of just having the name of your blog.I look forward to see what the readers will come up with.

  28. Both of them are nice, you should put the frist one & when you want to ghange it again you should put the second one :) XX

  29. Andy me parece super padre tu blog,pero tienes razon estaria muy padre que lo cambiaras a blanco, pero para ser sincera el blanco me parece genial para Primavera-Verano, podrias considerar un color oscuro para Otoño-Invierno :)

  30. I love the white background! But i think the banner should be the first one, with a picture of you (similar to the old ones- but eith only one pic)The first idea of your banner is really cool though! =)Giulia

  31. I have to say that I really much enjoy the black background, I think it's some kind of proper style of your blog. But with the two backgrounds in white, I really much enjoy the first one!XOXO

  32. hi andy!!personally i prefer the first one. althought i associate the black background with you, it could use some change too, sometimes its too much, too heavy. but you dont have to change it to the opposite, try some different greys (dark, light), or maybe some purples, since you love purple :)

  33. The white background really is great if you want a fresh start. Also black can really look a bit depressing in my opinion!I love the 1st banner you designed! It really looks much better with a white background!Emily

  34. Estoy de acuerdo con Sina, muchísimos blogs tienen el fondo blanco y el negro es algo muy característico tuyo.En cuanto al banner, me encanta el que tienes, en cuanto lo ví la primera vez que lo pusiste pensé que era perfecto…pero si lo cambias definitivamente debería tener una foto tuya! (que se vea de quien es el blog!)

  35. Oh yes, white is definitely better! Way better! I think a banner very very simple, with no shadows or colors at all with be very chic. I like the minimalism idea and I would go for something like Hanneli Mustaparta used on her blog. It is very simple but yet so chic. Anyway, can't wait to see the new layout and all the changes you are going to make :)Hugs Andy!You rock the fashion blogging world

  36. I like the 1st one best. I don't mind your black background, I'm used to it by reading your blog, and I somehow connect you to it. I think it makes you stand out from the other bloggers who use a white background. But if you want to change it, it's ok, we'll get used to the white one as well.

  37. me encanta eso de cambiar el diseño del blog! vivo de cambios! jajajaMe gusto el primer diseño!^^

  38. I prefere the first one out of the two. I am a minimalist, so I really like just text on a clean background, black or white. I like the sketchy details in the first one, hence "scrapbook" :)

  39. I'm so used to the black background; just recently I was thinking how much I like that your blog is different. Somehow black makes it cozy and unique. But I'll still love your blog with any background, be it white, yellow, or purple :) .

  40. a mi me gusta el de arriba!…check my blog, I just started and will love your opinion…plus I've featured you in some posts :)Besos desde Monterreymexbiuri.blogspot.commwah!

  41. So many blogs have a white background, and I think it's great yours is black because it makes you stand out in my mind. Why not go with a black and white header, with maybe a pop of neon colour (eg. magenta or turquoise) and "Style Scrapbook by Andy" written in a cursive, bold font? Of course, the decision always comes down to what you think is best and I'll still be here following regardless of what background/style you decide to change your blog to :)xx from Montreal,

  42. i think you should change to the white background. it looks clean and simple and reading white letters on a black background is not very comfortable to the eyes. and pictures look so much nicer on a white background. i like the first version really much, the second looks a little bit childish in my opinion.

  43. Amo cambiar el diseño de mi blog todo el tiempo buscando uno perfecto, creo que lo encontre ayer…A mi me gustó el primer banner! los dos son hermosos igualmente! kisses from Argentina!

  44. I would go for the second one. The first one is really cool and creative, but a little messy. The second one is cleaner and more defined.

  45. I really like the first one.xoxoxohttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.comhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com

  46. Me gusta más el primero, aunque sí me gustaría más que hubiera una imagen tuya en el banner.De todas maneras tampoco importa tanto el look si el contenido sigue siendo así :)xxx

  47. Hola!!!a mi em gusta el que tienes ahora!!esta bien los cambios, y además los haces porque quieres, peor muchas veces cambiamos por cambiar y la esencia es con lo que comenzaste, no se, es como el logo de Zara por ejemplo(nunca ha cambiado).si eh de escoger entre estas dos escogería la primera, auqnue el segundo también es muy chulo.Un besazo guapa.

  48. ayer justo dejé un post hablando de los banners!!! jajajajaja que gracia.Me gusta el primero, pero cambiaría el diseó de las letras, el toque de la manchita es muy chic. Eso sí, prefiero mil veces el fondo negro, casi todos los blogs de hoy en día son con el fondo en blanco.El tuyo es diferente, el negro es mejor. Un besito.

  49. I do not really like the change, seems to me that diverges from your original style, a change is good but without deviating from what really difference you

  50. I think a banner with your picture would be better ! I always liked your big banners! white background would be great !!!!

  51. I think both of the new layout possibilities look great, and I definitely think a white background looks better! Very fresh & clean!

  52. I also like the first one better. The second looks a little bit more childish. Sweet- but I think you would get rid of it soon… It doesn't matter what you do, the content is YOU and that's why we're here :-)

  53. I don't know why do you want to be like everyone else!!! You are who you are with your black backround and that's why we love it/you! And the banner, the first one is better. ;)

  54. Sorry if you misunderstood me.. I apologize!! I think that it is great that you wanna make a change.You ask for our opinion and I just said what I think. Anyway I will read your blog whatever it looks. It is true that the person behind the blog is the most important thing!! I just wanted to say that your blog is amazing because of you and because of the design you have been chose. So I'm looking forward to see what is coming next on Stylescrapbook!! Love you! And sorry again!! <3Desislava

  55. less drastic: A grey background!no I'm kidding. If I think of stylescrapbook I think of a black background (not only that ofcourse haha). But I really like the first white option, and there is nothing wrong with change ;)

  56. The first white background is really cool!!! I mean, the black background that you've had until now makes your blog different from the others and at first I thought I wouldn't like a white background but hey, it is really really cool! So if I were you I would go for it and change it!

  57. i think a new banner and the white bg is an amazing idea! BUT! I don't think that one of those two banners fit to you.. I would miss u in the banner so I think there have to be a picture of you in the banner, otherwise it's not personal and not you.. Hope you'll change your mind ♥Lisa

  58. La primera es chulisima, pero entonces tendrías que poner el blog en color blanco ¿no? a mi me gusta con el fondo negro, asi eres más original, pero seguro que blanco también estaría bien. besos guapa

  59. I really like a white background, but if you look closely you can see the white you used in the background is different from the white you used for the banner. Just a tiny little detail you could change to make it better. BTW really like it! It's fresh and new. And if you had to choose between the two banners, I would choose the first one, although I think the second one is more 'stylescrapbook'. You know what I mean?Love, Laura

  60. I like the black background more, but if you like I could help you out with stuff for your blog :) I made my own as well and I made Charlotte's ( header as well.

  61. me gusta más el primero, la idea de cambiar el fondo y ponerlo blanco me parece genial porque da la sensación de más amplitud.espero ver un gran cambio!un beso. elena :)

  62. por cierto!!! si elegieses la primera idea, yo creo que pondria el contact me con el mismo tipo de letras que el banner, para que quede todo más unificado

  63. lo cierto es que el negro es un parte de la identidad de tu blog, pero si lo cambias tampoco quedaría mal, y al final nos acostumbraríamos como pasa con todo.En cuanto al banner, creo que las letras solas quedan mucho más elegantes que si pones una foto, y la primera idea, con el tipo de letra y todo creo que queda mejor pq me recuerda al tipico cuaderno de notas, y con la mancha de tinta queda genial :D

  64. I like the first one more. It got my attention more rather than the second one which I almost didn't notice at all. And I like the white background. Looks much more pleasing in the eyes :)

  65. I love BOTH the white layouts Andy. Quite simplistic and easy on the eyes, but it still has your personality. I must say I prefer the first one , but there's still room to improve the blog design. I think you should really take it modern and new and less "amateur-ish" You are one of the world's most famous personal style bloggers so I think you should improve on making it look professional. Of course it's for you to decide if you're losing your vision or

  66. I think the first one is the best. However if you are going to choose that one the type face for the "contact me" section will have to match it otherwise it would look silly. Awesome though

  67. The first banner is really nice! I think, the idea of a change is always good, so don´t be afraid of it :)( PS. I love the font! )

  68. The first banner is really nice! I think, the idea of a change is always good, so don´t be afraid of it :)( PS. I love the font! )

  69. Honestly I like the black background a lot!! And I think that you should not change it, cause all blogs are with white backround and your is a different.About the banners.. I like the most the third one in the first picture, where you are sitting next to the Eiffel Tower. The new ones are cool, but a lot of blogs have similar banners… But this is just my opinion. I'll be glad if I help you :)))Desislava

  70. 1st is better and it looks nice with white background. I'll think about your new banner and maybe I'll show you some propositions if I'll make somethingkisses

  71. I like the first idea for a new banner. Also the white background is a nice change!

  72. It's strange with a white background, because I always admired your blog being black from day 1 – however I do like first one you designed – I like the colour behind you name!! x

  73. I always thought your current banner was simple & sophisticated whilst also identifying the blog as 'you'. I prefer the first banner but it's not got the wow factor like your current one – provably because you're missing from it! Xx

  74. Me parece una idea genial y me encanta el primero de los banners, muy sencillo, pero con un toque divertido y fresco.

  75. I agree that you should change the design for a simpler one, but maybe you can keep it black, you know there are very few people with a black blog, it changes to see a black blog sometimes :)You have a nice style and blog, congrats :)If you like French fashion, you should check out mine, and maybe follow me if you like it to be the first to know when I update haha ;) – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  76. I like the white! I really like the 3rd banner you're showing in your first pic! Fresh, chic, clean and simple! Besides that, the first lay-out seems very nice! XO

  77. please keep the black background!!! so many other blog have white background and i really love that yours is black!!!! it makes your blog even more special!!

  78. Popular fashion blogs like theblondesalad,fashionsquad, etc. are usually have white backgrounds. Yours is unique like this, if it is hard to read on black maybe you can try a more light color like grey or dark blue so it can keep its original and unique way. btw i really liked the first banner.

  79. I really like the first one; it looks fresh and accessible, especially because of the white background. The header is nice too, but I do think your current one is more special and more you. Good luck! xx

  80. I think it doesn't matter what the readers of your blog like, but you. Because it is your blog and your style. What I saw a few minutes before is that you changed your logo. I like it! xoxo

  81. Yes, I agree that you need something new and fresh. Change is good, Andy, don't be afraid of it!Though in a way I like that you want to please your readers, I think this time you should more stick to your gut. If you need change – do it. Do it for yourself, because at the end of the day, you can't please us all, also you need to live with that little voice in your your head, that is going to disturb you, if you won't do what you want to do.BUT, I must say I am all for a white background. And I like the font where it looks like your handwriting – maybe you should also use it as your title font? also, have you thought about centering the post titles?What has to do with the banner – I like the first one more (I like the color stains), BUT (again, sorry), maybe you should use a simpler font? You know the saying "Less is more". ;)Hope you "see" my idea :)Best of luck.

  82. La verdad a mi me gusta mucho el negro, aunque la 2 opción también se vería linda.. Difícil decisión pero aunque sea blanco o negro yo lo seguiré visitando diario :) Xoxo

  83. it's different ,yes, but it's still you <3I think the second one has your vibe a little more than the first,can't really put my finger on the specific reason . Though I like the first one better :)alexandra

  84. Creo que mientras más personal sea, mejor. Al final lo que nos encanta es tu estilo… y también creo que debería haber una foto tuya en el banner, eso sí por favor, jaja!Besos Andy!

  85. I think your blog will be ok even if you put a white background… It's your style what we need and follow Andy, don't be afraid of a drastic change!So, I loved the last pic, that was my favourite choice.

  86. no esta nada mal el que estas considerando, pero si me gustaria que hubiera una foto tuya en el banner!!:D de blanco no se veria nada mal, pero el negro es lo caracteristico de tu blog, todos los demas son o de blanco u otro color!saludos de campeche mexico andy

  87. Andy! =) me encantaría el fondo blanco, aunque el fondo negro como que te caracteriza. Ambos banners me gustaron un montón, pero prefiero el primero, me encantó la manchita.

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