When I was a little girl, my hair used to be lighter than it is now, still brown, just 1 or 2 shades lighter. 
I always wanted to know how other colors would look on me, although to be honest, I am a big baby and would never dare to dye my hair, let alone cut it that short so it was fun trying this awesome wigs the other day, I am even considering buying one and playing with different looks sometimes, why not, its like wearing a hat ;P

Its finally fridayyyyyyy and I am escaping the rainy summer in Amsterdam and flying to Italy tonight to meet up with Chiara in Milan and drive to Tuscany for my Birthday weekend, OH YEAH!!!! :D

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  1. what a wild wig! i've always wanted to try different ones on and to see if i could actually pull of crazy haircuts!

  2. loving that blonde hair on you, so so pretty, great for experimenting, it's a totally different you

  3. La verdad es que jamás creí que te hubieses cortado y teñido el cabello, puesto que tal como lo tienes es hermoso :) de todas formas, igual te queda muy linda la peluca.Disfruta mucho tu estancia en Italia! me encantaría que aquí en sudamérica pudieramos hacer lo mismo, que los países quedaran todos cerca, pero no :( aquí en Santiago sólo nos queda cerca Mendoza (Argentina) para llegar en auto.

  4. The wig looks really good on you. What a great idea. I have been wanting to cut and colour my hair, but I have long brown hair like you and do not want to make a mistake I regret for ages! and those internet sites that add the hair to your face just do not work.

  5. I totally love wigs, you get to transform into a whole different character! I JUST cut my hair though, after years of wanting it short, && I have yet to regret it! This look, looks so hot on you! You should consider it…:)

  6. Incredible how blond looks great on you, I swear ! You should get this haircut !!! – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  7. You just look like a popstar like Gaga :PCheck out my blog and Follow me,I'll follow you back :DI'm new

  8. You look like a spy! I like it!Have a fun weekend and birthday. I would love to spend mine in Italy but California will do. It's where my heart is, afterall!

  9. Wow I love the blonde on you! Such a mysterious look. Kind of reminds me of you being in the movie Catch Me If You Can. They change their identities. Love it.Happy weeeeekend!xoxo

  10. Éxitos en Italia!!! Muy divertidas las fotos; está bueno para probar cómo te quedarían diversos tonos de pelo.

  11. Andy guapa!!!es peluca entonces no??a ver tu eres guapa te pongas como te pongas, pero te diré que sinceramente te favorece mucho más el color castaño!!!sin duda.un besazo.

  12. no sabía que eras tu!jajajaja.el corte de la peluca queda genial pero ese color no te favorece…a lomejor un pelín mas oscuro que ese color más claro que el tuyo natural no te quedaría nada mal!besos

  13. OMG! Andy! te pareces un poco a Katy Perry! jaja, espero que lo pases super en Italia! que rico estar en la toscana para tu cumpleños! un sueño!Un abrazo!

  14. Oh god, for a second I thought you had cut your hair and dyed it. I am glad it is just a wig because I like your brown, long hair. Though you look good with blonde hair.Love from Christiane

  15. I really thought you had cut an dyed your hair. It looks good, but it changes a person completely, you look like a different person.Lau

  16. Wow I got scared there for a moment and thought you had cut off and dyed your signature brown locks! But you really could pull off a short blonde bob if you wanted to…it looks great on you!xx from Montreal,Sarah

  17. wow!!! pense que habias cambiado el color!!! jajaja pero te quedo padre!!! jajaja a mi me gusto! ;)linda!

  18. I like!!! Very different. Have a great day gorgeous!And good birthday week for you. Have fun!Kiss,

  19. Looks amazing!!!! Lady gaga -like!! I'm a fan of dark hair, but it suits you! And like you said, it's fun to put on wigs for a different look! Have a nice b-day weekend!!

  20. Happy bday and have fun:)Not a big fan of blond-ish tones on you, but why not experiment. You have gorgeous hair, hope ur not dying it ever!xoxo

  21. omg when i saw it, i thought u coloured and cut your hair..thank God you didn't and it was a really love your current hair..xx

  22. LOL, your so cute, I smiled when I read, "why not, its like wearing a hat ;P".That's awesome, and wigs are looots of fun, I haven't tried them on except forhalloween wigs, lol. But I would want to get a few fun wings, just for fun and playing dress up. :DI looove visiting your blog, it always puts a smile on my FACE! :DI HUG UR BLOG! LOL :D♥ Eliza

  23. Ooh looks amazing! Where did you try on that wig? I would love to try it on myself! Smart thing to do before cutting hair… xx

  24. Luces muy graciosa! Pasa un feliz cumpleaños en compañia de tus amigos! Y cuando vuelvas queremos muchas fotos sobre este!xoxo

  25. just looking at your pics, not reading the text below, my comment would be: amazing, andy! love your new hairstyle!honestly! it looks cool and fresh and it would fit to you, be brave, try it ;) looks like the haircut from abbey lee some time ago!! :) <33

  26. wow you look different in this look.. i like blond but blond makes you look older , your brunets makes you look young , if i'm not mistaking you're in your 28-esh something maybe 29 now and you look like you're still 21 y.O and i really envy your skin too ^^ .. thats all ^^

  27. Not sure about the color, I prefer you in dark, but I think the haircut really suits you!Monia, Rome

  28. adorable! thought it was your real hair at first… do an outfit post with the new hair do :Dxoxo,

  29. You look beautiful!Though i have to admit that It looks kind of weird the contrast between the color of the hair, and the color of the eyebrows :PI am a big fan of you and your blog :DSaludos desde "La Perla Tapatía" ;)

  30. Looks soooo good on you!! Also the haircut!!!! So chique!!Bianca

  31. Same here, I seriously considered getting a bob cut last year but didn't have the guts to chop my hair that short. Hope you have fun in Italy, and happy early birthday! :)

  32. You are far too cute! I was shocked when I thought you chopped off your luscious locks! Glad to know it's only a wig, you look adorable tho! xxAnisa

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