NEW LOOK: 1, 2 OR 3?

So finally after tons and tons of possibilities, I managed to narrow it down to these 3 final banners. As you can see they are very similar, just few details change in the fonts…Which one is your favorite? 1, 2 or 3? Leave a comment to let me know ;)

I posted the first “layout” two days ago and I got a lot of comments, even emails asking me to keep a photo on the banner,  since a lot of you thought that the identity of the blog might get lost a bit without that.
I have to say that I would prefer it either way, I just wanted to keep it more simple without stripping it from all colors, thats why I decided to add the watercolor drop and in the end, used one of my favorite pictures from the MANGO shoot in Barcelona back in March shot by my good friend Ana Agullo.

I want StyleScrapbook’s new look to be more sleek and clean, because I believe that after almost 4 years of blogging, it needs and deserves a fresh new makeover.

I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions regarding the new layout, banner and background color and as as said before, I believe that what makes a blog special is the person that gives life to it, not the color of its background and I will keep giving my all and putting the same time, effort and love into the blog, despite all the changes.

I also wanted to thank all the people that sent me their banner ideas and designs, they were all so beautiful and the fact that you guys took your precious time to contribute to this cause and help me means the WORLD to me, THANK YOU! (I will make sure I show you all of the banners I received on my FACEBOOK page)

And last but not least, big thanks to Elvira, who’s an amazing Spanish graphic designer and gave me a whole lot of advice during this whole process, thank you Elvira!!!

So whats it gonna be? 1, 2 or 3? Cast your vote ;)


Y después de un sin numero de posibilidades, por fin logre decidirme por estos 3 banners, que la verdad son muy parecidos y lo único que cambia son algunos detalles en la letra, ahora solo falta elegir el indicado… ¿Cual te gusta mas, el 1, 2 o el 3? Deja un comentario son el numero que mas te guste :)

Desde que les enseñe pruebas para el nuevo diseño del blog, me llegaron muchísimos comentarios y hasta correos electrónicos pidiendo que no quitara la foto del banner, por que se podría perder la identidad del blog.
La verdad yo lo prefiero con o sin, pero al final, decidi usar una de mis fotos favoritas tomada en la sesión de fotos de MANGO en Barcelona por mi amiga Ana Agulló el Marzo pasado.

Quiero que el nuevo look de StyleScrapbook sea algo muy fresco y diferente, ya que con los casi 4 años que llevo en esto, al blog ya le hace falta un cambio de look urgente, ¡Me lo pide a diario el pobre! ;)

De verdad les agradezco todos los comentarios y consejos para el nuevo diseño y como ya lo había dicho antes, me parece que lo que hace a un blog especial es la persona que le da vida, no su color de fondo y a pesar de el color que decida escoger al final, yo le seguiré poniendo todo mi tiempo y cariño, por que esto es mas que un simple blog para mi, es mi vida y mi sueno hecho realidad.

También les quería agradecer de todo corazón a todas las personas que se tomaron su tiempo diseñando banners para el blog, todos estaban hermosos y el hecho de que me hayan apoyado de esta manera significa muchísimo para mi, de verdad se los agradezco. (pronto voy a subir todos los diseños que me mandaron a mi pagina de FACEBOOK)

Y por ultimo, quiero agradecerle muchísimo a Elvira, una Diseñadora gráfica Española súper genial que me estuvo asesorando y dandome muchísimos consejos en todo este proceso, ¡Millones de gracias guapa!

Ahora si a votar! Cual te gusta mas? ¿El 1, el 2 o el 3?

786 thoughts on “NEW LOOK: 1, 2 OR 3?

  1. naturally like your website however you need to check the spelling on several of your posts.
    Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very bothersome to tell the reality
    nevertheless I’ll certainly come again again.

  2. I really like the idea to put all white e think the best option is number 1. The combination black and white seems very satisfactory to me. Now, you should prefer everything white and just words in black. It's more chic, trust me! hahaha xoxo

  3. I prefer number three! If I'm honest, the lay-out of a blog is a huge factor in whether I keep following a blog or not, and I think this is a huge improvement! I prefer white backgrounds over black, as I feel it's fresher and draws more attention to the content, and I like that your header will be smaller! That way I can easily see wether there's a new update or not, without having to scroll first (although this might also be caused by my rather small 14 inch screen). I'm excited to see what you come up with it!

  4. Hola Andy!! Yo me inclino por el 1, me gusta muchisimo el contraste entre los diferentes tipos de letra, una más delgada y la otra más gordita. Espero que mi opinión te ayude a decidirte. Un beso!!

  5. Hola Andy, es la primera vez que te escribo y hace algunos meses que entro en tu blog a diario y decirte que me encantas, pero mi comentario de hoy es referente a el diseño de tu cabecera, soy diseñadora grafica y quiero decirte que el 1 me parece el mejor ya que al tener el cambio de letra destaca mucho mas la palabra "Style" quedando destacada del resto ayudando a identificar el blog. Espero te sirva mi comentario. Y sigue asi que lo haces muy bien

  6. El primero es el mejor! me gusta que el diseño de las palabras cambien, dan mas dinamismo!si no, el segundo tampoco esta mal!la foto es muy bonita!

  7. Andy, I was going through your blog for past 2 days, and let me say you that you are AMAZING! Trully!You are very fasionable yet you seem so nice <3For the header, I would choose second… Keep the good work <3

  8. Number2!! I think the reason why a lot of people are suggesting you a white or light background is not specially to ad quality to the blog as like you saw it's the content that makes the blog, not always the layout. And your blog is quality, but because a lighter background can be more relaxing to the eyes and the mind than a dark one, and even though black is suppose to be the color of luxury… White can ad a touch of effortless elegance that can already be found in your style… That being said… I will continue reading you either way ;)xxx

  9. Please pick the second one! It's great! Next time i read your blog, it may well be completely different! I can't wait to see what the result looks like Andy :)

  10. Honestly,I'm not really into any of those banners. What I like about your previous is that they all looked like a torn out page of a scarpbook…and hey, that's actually what all this is about, isn't it? It somehow backs up the blogs name!

  11. Number 2 is my favourite !Thank you for your blog, watching it is my favourite moment of the day !Kisses from Switzerland ! <3

  12. La verdaD la segunda esta muy tosca y no creo que te represente mucho, no me gustan las letras de la 2da ni de la 3ra opcionLa nûmero UNO le da un aire mas freshLa nûmero UNO le da un aire mas fresh La nûmero UNO le da un aire mas fresh La nûmero UNO le da un aire mas fresh.todo el mundo puede votar pero al final es mejor que votes tu misma por lo que creas que mejor te representa Andy y yo creo que la primera es màs fina que las demàs por lo cual yo creo que te representa de alguna maneraxxxxx

  13. Excellent job on the banner! I can see why this is your favorite photo, you look beautiful!Banner Number 2 gets my vote! Victoria Marie

  14. A mi me gusta más el 1. Es más ligero, se lee mejor y además dice mucho de tu tendencia a combinar cosas totalmente diferentes. Saludos guapa!

  15. The first one! The thin font of 'STYLE' balances the space and leaves space to 'enter' the header. Other 2 just bump into your face. Hope that helps :}

  16. Go with the first one. Its got some flare, some jazz, some simplistic funk to it… Where as the 2nd and 3rd are too predictable and flat, no energy.

  17. I love the second one :) I think that your blog will still have the amazing content whether your background is neon yellow, white, black or rainbow. Your blog is awesome whatever way you have it ♥

  18. I think Header #1 would looks nice with your new clean and chic approach. The fonts are simple and I agree that your amazing blog deserves a makeover :)

  19. number 2. only because number three does not have a space between style and scrapbook. and please… change the picture. i am afraid of those eyeliners. – ann


  21. To be honoust, I like your current banner way better..The new ones are less mature to my opinionIm sorry..But I absolutely love your blog no matter how it looks :)

  22. NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i absolutely love it! i love the contrast between the skinny lettering and the fat lettering. it's perfect!!!!!!!of course, i will love your blog 150% always. xoxo!!!

  23. Creo q a primera vista el 2 pero después de verlo mucho el 1 me parece mejor ;) Y creo q en este caso queda la frase de que la única constante, es el cambio…Xx s

  24. In my opinion header 1 is the best, just because of the fact that the font is inicially more clean and then you use another font. I love the effect.

  25. #1 ! I love it & will keep reading and following regardless, but think #1 stands out

  26. Pienso che el banner numero 1 es el mejor porque tiene un estylo doble che junto une un solo style che se adatta mas a tu blog Andy ;) saludos desde Italia Milàn . ciao

  27. The first one! i liked the second at first but when i looked again i thought the number one was more elegant and the different fonts make it look way more cool :)

  28. I can see that most of the people prefer the second one but for me is the first one… because of the diference between the words style and scrapbook!! I like that the word that is near of your photo is not thick!! I like the change!!!!:) XOXO

  29. I prefer the 2nd one if I had to pick. Although from my graphic point of view I would say the text should be further away from your face. It looks a little squeezed together which doesn't give it as simple a look as I think you want? I love the colours slash though! And you look gorgeous on the picture. I love that you are not afraid of changes and you are going for a new look for the blog. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Anne xx

  30. El que más me gusta es el dos!!!Y tienes razón en lo que dices, lo importante es la persona q está detrás del blog y no el color del fondo.Bsazos!!

  31. El 1 Me gusta mucho mas. Y yo apoyo el fondo blanco, como tu dices, lo importante es el contenido y el cariño y las ganas y eso lo tienes de sobra!

  32. I like the second one, your blog will always be amazing also with a new header or another background color! I love your blog!!love Mireille.

  33. Number222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 please! :)

  34. I like when the words have a space between them and are each a different font. You don't want people reading "styles crapbook" …you know?Love the design! Change is absolutely good! :)

  35. i would go for 2! i love it that the header is shorter but wider. but as suggestions were welcome… i think it's a pity your face is in black and white! i personally think your face looks very fresh and shining, and i think that's more 'outstanding' when the picture is in colour

  36. Yo voto por el nro.1, pero pondria todo el texto con la tipografia de "Style", la otra genera como una mancha negra poco atractiva. :PDe todas maneras suma mucho el agregado de la foto :)Saludos!

  37. I like header 2.And by the way, I must admit I really love your moschino belt!I hope you don't mind, but I'm thinking about buying one myself.x

  38. NUMBER 2because, number 1 made my eyes go to your face to "scrapbook", I thing the light font dosnt look good, too thin.and number 3 is too heavy:)great blog!fan from brasil :D

  39. I think 2 is the best. It is consistent and clean/fun all at the same time.xxErica

  40. Header 2! :) I'm so excited to see the new layout and design, I'm sure it'll be lovely. Besides, I love your blog no matter how it looks! :)

  41. you know, what i really would do??take the second, but not with an captital "S"i think it would look the best if all letters would be the same size!!!! :)take it as a hint from a designer. hehe.

  42. 1 or 2! Number 3. is too LOOK HERE!(; But i love 1 and 2(;Btw. i like you're blog very much! It's one of my favorite :DXoxo Rachel♥- blog is in danish(-;

  43. Number 1. From a design background the second two look very amateur and if you are going for a more sleek look the heavy font is too much.X

  44. Header 1 because the word style pops out clear and continued with scrapbook :)And I think it look better if the font for "by andy" is change to the one in header 2 and 3.

  45. love the first one very much, I only wish your name was in a bit more stronger font. As it is it's not so visible. Othewise, the second.<3<3

  46. I like number to as well, though the bold makes the banner look a little bit crowded~ Among all, I like the second one….I love your picture and the watercolor part.

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