Here is a little something something about what I wore yesterday, its all about the neon yellow for me lately, my heart belongs to it and what about my newly chopped bangs, did anyone noticed? :P

Thank you for all the feedback regarding the new banner and layout possibilities, I have been working hard on new designs and as soon as I get few of them ready, I will post them to hear you thoughts and maybe, just maybe, StyleScrapbook will never be the same again after this week, we shall wait and see.

Change is good and I believe that what makes a blog special is the content and the person behind it, not the color of its background…I pour my heart, soul and time into this blog and believe that despite the color of the background or the design, I will continue to do so :)



El amarillo fosforescente me tiene verdaderamente enamorada, no hay nadie mas, es solo el :P

Muchísimas gracias por todos sus comentarios y opiniones sobre el nuevo diseño del blog. Yo sigo trabajando en nuevos ejemplos para enseñarles y en cuanto los tenga listos, los pongo en el blog para que los vean y probablemente después de esta semana, StyleScrapbook nunca será el mismo, pero para bien.

Los cambios son buenos y a mi parecer, lo que hace especial a un blog es su contenido y la persona detrás, no su color de fondo…Yo me desvivo por dedicarle a este blog todo mi tiempo y mi cariñocréanme que lo seguiré haciendo a pesar del diseño o del color de fondo :).


Yellow sweater: American apparel / Shoes: L’Autre chose via Lindestore / Bag: Alexander Wang / Pants: zara / Necklace: COS

159 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “NEON SWEATER”

  1. Nice outfit. Celebrities love the bold color trend. Many choose statement-making dresses in arresting, vibrant and bright colors just like Liv Tyler, Beyoncé, Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for an on-trend technicolor blast the evening wardrobe needs.

  2. you can just pull off anything can't you? you look like you just walked out of a magazine, but at the same time you make it look like it is a great outfit that is achievable by any girl with style! so simple and chic! your new bangs look great by the way, and so does the new layout of Style Scrapbook! xx

  3. I absolutely agree the colors don't make the blog its the person and the effort they put into it! :) As long as you don't stop blogging I'm happy =] *ps I really like your bangs.

  4. This whole outfit looks so comfy and chic! I love it.Would you give my little blog some love, and check it out? :)http://dirttydiana.blogspot.com

  5. Nah, didn't notice your new bangs. However, I noticed that you weren't wearing much of your shades on most of your photos. I think that's good. Lovely,lovely eyes, Andy!Love,Niniwww.dollypoppin.blogspot.com

  6. You really seem to be obsessed with neon colors right now! And your really look great wearing them, it fits you perfectly :)http://ieva-thecraze.blogspot.com/

  7. Ohhhhhhhh COLOR LIMAAAAA! uno de mis favoritosssss! amo ese color desde que tenía 7 años que entonces ya se llevaba! me encanta!!!Y además últimamente lo uso para todo… complementos, uñas, ojos… ropita! me encantaaaa!besitosssssss darling!Tu collar ES LO MÁS!http://demodayaloloco.blogspot.com/

  8. I love the neon sweater. Neon is too often something I forget about when getting dressed…. I should incorporate it more often.I really love the bangs. What a cute change!www.fashaholicsanonymous.com

  9. I think the thing with the design of one's blog is exactely like clothes – you have to feel comfortable in it! :) So, if you feel comfortable in your new design, this blog will stay as wonderful as it is! And, if you don't like it after a while, just turn it back into the old design. It's so easy, you can't do anything wrong!

  10. Really like the colour of your sweater! Nice that youve cut your bangs again ;)xhttp://monstrousstyle.blogspot.com

  11. wauw andy! that sweater with that beautiful necklace is a perfect combination! lovely Love, selinahttp://selinaderuijter.blogspot.com/

  12. Love this neon yellow sweater, and the necklace. You look great. Of course what makes a blog special is its content and the person behind it, so we'll continue reading your blog no matter what changes you'll make.

  13. you're always a knockout andy no matter what layout or color of background you choose! i super admire your style!i'm your follower. anyway, i just posted something and hoping you'll check it out (AND FOLLOW BACK?!) if time permits! lol.. HEY BLOGGERS! LET'S FOLLOW EACH OTHER SO WE CAN EXCHANGE IDEAS AND KEEP IN TOUCH. LET ME KNOW IF YOU'RE ALREADY MY FOLLOWER SO I CAN FOLLOW YOU BACK ASAP! CHEERS!http://voguelyvan.blogspot.com

  14. yes,dear, you deserve every follower you have and you might think of thanking their involvement, even if they consider involving by helping you chose your backgroundalexandra @shoependant.blogspot.com

  15. I totally agree with you – I'm loving neon too these days. Pink, turquoise, yellow – it doesn't matter I love all of them! Can't wait to see the designs you come up with!xx from Montreal,Sarahwww.ibleedfashion.com

  16. Andy you are so incredibly gorgeous!!! brilliant look!!!the blog will still be amazing, regardless of the background. The blog is YOU!!!www.to-ks.blogspot.com

  17. Perfection. This neon thing is just adorable and suits you very well! But my fav' piece of the outfit is the necklace, SO COOL!!!

  18. Aww, looove the outfit!I LOOOVE THE NEON TOP! Looks soo comfy, I also love your necklace, catches one's eyeand then to your outfit. :D ♥!Looove the photos as always♥!Even if you change your blog, the person behind it WILL STILL BE AWESOME ANDY! ♥I L♥VE UR BLOG!-Eliza

  19. Lovely how your sweater matches the background: the grass! But you are the one really lighting up ;) I love color too and believe there are too much bloggers/peeps only dressing the basics, you catch the eyes! Check my blog Clinquante.blogspot.com !

  20. El outfit es genial, perfecto!Yo también estoy enamorada de los colores flúor, pero siempre mezclados con negro.El collar es una maravilla :)http://addtowishlist.blogspot.com

  21. Oh Andy, you got all my support. Even though I don't have the explosive success you got, I know what it is to think about and worry for and care for your blog day and night nonstop. You have had a great great great success and you'll continue having it no matter what the color of the background of your blog will be. Peace!Giorgiawww.gvn-styleblog.blogspot.com

  22. Wow!! love the yellow sweater!! and i've been following for quite a while now and even if you change your banner or background or anything else, i'm sure it'll be great and i can assure you that i'll keep following you!check out my blog if you have time and tell me what you think!www.sofiasfashiondiaries.comGracias!! un beso!

  23. Hey Andy, I love love love this outfit. The yellow really pops and the black accents are awesome. I never would have thought to wear that bulky necklace with a sweater, but it looks so great. Your hair looks lovely :)KissesXoxohttp://ninasclosetsa.blogspot.com

  24. Great outfit!The popping yellow looks so good on you!Only I think your outfit would have worked better with different shoes… (but that's my opinion. ;)

  25. Great sweater!Biancahttp://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/http://www.fabfashionbybianca.com/

  26. looooooooooove that sweater on you! the colour is just perfect and you look amazing as usual <3Xhttp://asterisque5.blogspot.com

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