122 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “BLACK AND WHITE”

  1. I love this outfit… one of my fav! and that skirt is beautiful…really like the photo with the three of you and your sunglasses. very nice…and liking the studs across you bag. Kavitaxoxwww.truehaven.co.uk

  2. HI! I Love your blog and your great sense of style! I was wondering if you can help me find a awesome, beautiful backpack for my school! It's my last year so I want it to be awesome! Thanks, I will really appreciated!-Zuheily

  3. I think my very first time seeing one of your outfits, you were wearing a skirt and blazer and a year or so later, you're still making that combination look so utterly amazing!

  4. I may be new here,but holy shit you seem like a really nice and sweet person from watching your youtube videos.I love your style so so much and you are truly my fashion icon without a doubt.Muahh lot of love ;D

  5. Me encanta el collar…. estoy pensando en hacerme uno como ese con algunos minerales que tengo..muy guapa, me encanta el outfit!lollipopcat.blogspot.com

  6. I'm seriously loving the monochromatic look – sometimes black and white are all you need to create a fashionable look. Seriously loving your skirt and the AW bucket bag!xx from Montreal,Sarahhttp://semplicemente-sarah.blogspot.com

  7. you look amazing!xoxohttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.comhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.comhttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com

  8. Love the fit of that jacket, reminds me of Dries Van Noten a bit. :) Wow that sounds like it's going to be a very productive Sunday! Haha Enjoy yourself! :)Ceciliamew mew

  9. I think your style definitely has changed from when you first started blogging. I love the drappy-ness of the skirt. The bag is also nice, but I've seen some websites give bad reviews about the durability of the bags. Oh well, it's nice while it lasted.stilodorito.blogspot.com

  10. Andy apenas descubrí tu blog, que increíble todo lo que has logrado….desde tu blog hasta llegar a ser la it girl de mango, me inspira muchísimo que una paisana llegue tan lejos…keep it on!

  11. My goodness that skirt is fabulous! I love the asymmetrical look it creates! Black and white is always such a classic look and you've pulled it off so well here!

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