I am super excited to share with you guys the first chapter of the “Andy’s Red Scrapbook” for MANGO.

In this chapter you will be able to find few of my impressions from the MANGO fashion show in Paris, my favorite looks from the show, plus a video interview sharing some blogging secrets and a behind the scenes video while I was getting ready for the show.

Every week or 2, a new chapter will be released with more content including the photo shoot I had in Barcelona and of course, my very first experience acting in Hollywood for MANGO series last month so stay tuned for all of that!

You can find Andy’s Red Scrapbook on MANGOs homepage as the last image shows (it might ask you to choose your country first), hope you like it!

P.S- To watch the video interviews you can go to MANGO’s website or click HERE and HERE, the both have different videos.


Me emociona muchísimo compartir con ustedes el primer capitulo de Andy’s Red Scrapbook para MANGO, en el que podrás encontrar videos con entrevistas, detrás de cámaras y algunos de mis favoritos en el desfile de MANGO en Paris.

Cada semana se publicara un nuevo capitulo incluyendo la sesión de fotos que tuvimos en Barcelona hace unos días y por supuesto, mi debut actuando en la serie “Que me pongo” de MANGO en Hollywood el mes pasado así que estén pendientes :)

Puedes encontrar “Andy’s Red Scrapbook” en la pagina principal de MANGO como lo muestra la ultima imagen (puede ser que primero te pida escoger tu país), ¡Espero que les guste!

P.S- Puedes encontrar los videos en la pagina de MANGO AQUI y AQUI.


  1. Congrats, this is awesome! I love all the runway looks, especially the black/white printed maxi.xoxo

  2. Super great! I love that you won the contest :) I am in a blog/style contest too, for ELLE magazine and Nokia and am now one of the 50 semifinalists of the in instance 800 contestants. Winning is great but enjoying the experience is the best I think!Check it out on my fashionblog !

  3. Congratulations Andy. I envy you, it must be so amazing to do what you want like this. But you deserve it :)KissesXoxo

  4. wow! me encanta la idea, estoy impaciente por ver el resto de los videos, muchos besos desde españa

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