These Christopher Kane babies might not be big news to you as they have been around for a while now,  nevertheless I think I just fell deeply in love with them and I am making myself believe that I need them in my life as soon as possible, they are just too damn perrrrfect!


71 thoughts on “ANDY LOVES “GALAXY PRINT”

  1. I've always wanted one of [email protected]

  2. I love galaxy print! I saw tights with it, but unfortunately they were around 70 pound – that's way to expensive for me. ):x

  3. I could not agree more about this.Cannot believe there are so little high street replicas, as I would snap snap snap them up!!

  4. Really need to get me some galaxy print. Motel did a great range I think it was last year with some cool bodycon skirts and dresses. Need to get PAID and go shopping!!!Aoife

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