As some of you might remember, a little over 2 months ago I shot a video which is in fact a project that Katja has been working on for a while in collaboration with EasyJet, ASOS and Fifth dimension and which will include her visiting a few bloggers in European cities.
We had such a blast shooting this video and of course, I love being able to show you guys a little bit of what I love doing while I am home (which doesn’t happen too often lately) and also few of my favorite places in the city.

I hope you like my small tour, some of these places wont be a novelty to you as I have shown them on the blog before, but they are still some of my favorite spots and thats why I decided to shoot there, so I hope you like the video!

P.S- You cal also check out the behind the scenes pictures HERE


Hace un poco mas de dos meses, Katja vino a Amsterdam para incluirme en un projecto en el que ya lleva trabajando algunos meses y que va a incluir mas bloggers y mas ciudades al rededor de Europa.

El projecto basicamente consiste en un video donde les mostraremos algunos de nuestros lugares favoritos en nuestras ciudades receptivas. Los lugares que yo escogí no son ninguna novedad, pero para mi siguen siendo lugares clave en los que compro mi ropa vintage, donde me gusta ir por un cafe o uno de mis lugares favoritos para comer.

Espero que les guste el video y también pueden checar las fotos del detrás de cámaras AQUI.


91 thoughts on “VIDEOS “BLOGGER HOPPING”

  1. Hi Andy!! I love the video. And here, in Argentina, where I`m from… I thing that one problem is that you can`t wear what ever you want beacause the people look at you very extrange when you use something out of the common… I love that skirt since I saw it to you the first time!!!! XOXO

  2. nice video! it´s so tempting all the beautiful places that you showed and how you talk about it that I would move there immediately if I could :))how did you decided to live there?

  3. LOVED the video Andy! You are seriously so adorable. Can we just be best friends please? Hahha. Ok, maybe that was a little weird.. but I would love to meet you one day.

  4. fue en amsterdam en diciembre pero no hay visitado nada de lo que tu has dicho :( es por eso que tengo que volver otra vez pero cuando no hace frìo!!!! ;) un beso!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I went to de Koffiesalon yesterday and I loved the atmosphere there, just very relaxed and the food and drinks were amazing! xx

  6. Love the video! Some really cool spots! I loved the episode when I was there, the one in Brussels is much smaller :(Loved the dress you bought, but also the sequined cardigan = absolutely fabulous!One small thing I thought could be better: the font of the words in the video itself… not so attractive, but oh well ^^

  7. Thanks for the stylish tips for shopping. I am going to Amsterdam this summer and I was kinda desperate about information like this.I should really start sparing money, shouldn't I?.)

  8. hhmmm this is like a home made video hmm so uh-mazing and like euhhh can't believe how gorgeous all places are like so unbelievable!! :P

  9. OMG! your skirt is just amazing! where this is from? oh and I love your blog your such a beautiful girl keep going ! (sorry for my english ) :))

  10. Really like this video!I'm definitely going to visit these places someday :) Oh and I got a question: do you also speak Dutch? I love how you pronounce the names of these Dutch stores haha. I'm Dutch myself, so that's why. :)

  11. I loved it so much because U are naturally cure in this video. When I go to Amsterdam I will definitely eat in there…Kisses,

  12. boyfriend and I are moving to Amsterdam next year so this video was so great to watch and now Im so excited to come visit all these places!! :) x

  13. You are my favorite blogger! Your style and posture are just superb! Talking as a stylist, you are the most original blogger! My inspiration ;) x

  14. so cool to know your favorite spots Andy Lovely I also know episode they have such a nice vintage clothes over there love it and mazzo is greatBe free to visit my

  15. Such a great video! I' d like to ask If you can tell me the brand of the black dress at 03:47! If you remember of course! Thnx in advance!

  16. I love it. this is perfect…I´ll be heading to amsterdam next month…im surely gonna visit the places…especially the episode shop hehe:) thanks andy:)

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