Instead of focusing on the terrifying experience I had on my flight back, I wanted to share with you the amazing experience I had in Los Angeles.
I was there for only 2 full days and one of them I spent it shooting at the studio the whole day (I will post pics and details of what I was doing there in the next post)

Lucky for me, we managed to shoot all of my scenes on Sunday at the studio so I had Monday free which I didn’t expect but made me very excited, because I didn’t want to leave without seeing at least a little bit of the city. 

I spent the whole day with the lovely Shea from Cheyenne meets Chanel and we did an express Hollywood tour to see as much as possible. We started off visiting the walk of fame where I took a picture of Michael Jackson’s star ( a MUST in my books ;), we drove near the Hollywood sign to get picture with it and we spent the rest of the day between Melrose, Robertson, had lunch at the Ivy, shopped at Opening Ceremony & Urban outfitters, went for a delish green bubble tea at Urth Cafe and in between all of this, managed to spot Orlando Bloom who stopped his car right next to us at Cafe PRIMO on Sunset, I nearly died!

As the sun started to come down, we ended our day at SoHo House on Sunset Blv where we had a glass of wine, long girly talks AND where we spotted David and Victoria Beckham greeting some friends right in front of us, not to mention Katie Holmes who as soon as I saw I thought : TOM CRUISE is here!, but he wasn’t :(.

I honestly had the best day, Shea is the sweetest and we had so much fun together, just as if we have known each other for ages and it is so refreshing to meet people that you can get along and feel comfortable with, not to mention that making new friends is always exciting!

Stay tuned for the pictures of the studio and where I will finally spill the beans on what I was doing in Hollywood :)


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  1. how have you done to reserve a table at IVY?!?!?!!? it's almoust impossibile!!!great girls!! ^_^please tell me that you've made a tour also in Kidson shop that's in front of IVY….California dreaming

  2. This outfit is amazing,I love the blazer,so cool,I recently discoverd how flattering,blazers are too wear and how easy it is to dress them up and down x love them!You and your friend look stunning x Have a lovely

  3. andy, these photos are fabulous! i also love the outfits!: )love your blog so much! and can´t wait for the next posts! :)

  4. perfect outfit!so cool!!xoxo

  5. Thats crazy your there like one day and you see three/four of the worlds biggest celebs! Ive never even seen one famous person really lol!LA looks fun for sure though, i love the look of that little cafe

  6. Congrats on recovering over that horrifying incident – I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been!I have the same Zara blazer, but I love how you played it down with denim cut offs and Converse – very cool! Looks like you had an amazing short and sweet stay in Cali!xx from Montreal,Sarah

  7. que envidia el verano! con el frìo que hace en Argentina! divinas las fotos andy! besos! xoxo

  8. Hoy me encanto el look total! morí por ese blazer a dos tonos!! =), xoxo. pri

  9. Andyyyy!!!!!!!estás guapísima!!!!!!se me hace rarísimo verte con converse,pero me gusta cómo quedan, más que lo tacones!!!Disfruta de tu viaje!Muas!

  10. Hi andy! I was so shocked when I peaked into your blog at work to read about your nightmare flight! I'm glad to hear though that everything went well in the end!I LOVE your hollywood pic! I was there myself in 2009 and loved it as well! I'm sooo curious to hear what you did there! …was actually looking forward to a read just now :) but i'll come and see again tomo :)X

  11. I envy you and Cheyenne, you both have the best style & blogs. I love your Michael Jackson inspired jacket, I'm a huge fan of his. Great post! xoxx

  12. I love that red and black jacket!!!! And I like all the pics… You are so lucky to see Orlando Bloom!!!! For me he is gorgeus:) You are so positive!! Great for you!!

  13. the photos are absolutely lovely, loving american style inspired look, these denim shorts are working beautifully with the blazer

  14. Glad you had a fun trip! I love LA, I live about 1 hour south. There's the best food places here and always some new place to explore!xoxo

  15. you look fantastic, love that blazer! i'm sorry to here about your bad experience, I hope your feeling better! :)

  16. oh dios mio esos zapatos son HERMOSISIMOS. Que marca son?besos andy, espero estes bien despues de terrible experiencia, gracias por compartir con nosotros. igual debo decirte, que siento que fue intimo y que hay muchas cosas que de tu vida que no compartes (y es tu vida, hay que respetarlo), como por ejemplo, como fue mudarte a holanda, si hablas holandes, tu novio (hemos visto muy pocas fotos de el), etc.saludos!

  17. Andyyy pon fotos de Orlando bloom! seguro le tomaste! ;) ánimo con esa experiencia de vuelo, que bueno que ahora veas el lado positivo!!! Saludos desde México y mucha buena vibra!!!!

  18. Lovely pictures and I love your outfit! Especially the blazer and the shoes!So lucky you met so many celebrities in 1 day. I would love to see Victoria Beckham in person!

  19. I am glad you had a great day, so lucky you saw Orlando Bloom, he is a hottie! And your outfit is si great, I love that blazer and the shoes are gorgeous! :D

  20. I'm glad that despite your terrifying experience during your fly back home, you only keep the nicest memoeirs of this trip. I'm dying to know what were you doing there!!Kisses from Barcelona

  21. uy, me quede sin leer que no has escrito esta vez en espanol :(….me imagino que la has pasado super bien, ya que LA tiene mucha comida mexicana :), me encanta tu blog, te sigo por facebook..eres una hispana digna de admirar. Besos de una argentina en miami…..

  22. Amazing pictures, love to look at them because I recognize it from my own trip last summer! i really hope you're okay Andy!

  23. wish I had longer legs like yours! I am so envious of your life! I mean, the clothes, the traveling, the work! it's everything I've dreamed of what my life would be! I hope when I graduate I can do what you're doing right now too! keep it all up!!!PS: birth month coming through!!! ♡

  24. wish I had longer legs like yours! I am so envious of your life! I mean, the clothes, the traveling, the work! it's everything I've dreamed of what my life would be! I hope when I graduate I can do what you're doing right now too! keep it all up!!!PS: birth month coming through!!! ♡

  25. Loooove your outfit , the one with the converse ! That's so my style ! And absolutely great pictures :) And I see that you met the great blogger from cheyenn meets chanel :D And also I didn't let you a comment on your flight tragedy, I hope that you are okay now, I don't know how I would have react if it would have been me… Love Katty <3

  26. Después de la historia de ayer, me alegra ver que el viaje tuvo su parte PO SI TI VI SI MA!!!Ideales las fotos, qué envidia!!Y me encanta el look!!Un beso!Ale

  27. I love her blog! Awesome pics, u look stunning as always, really glad you are ok too :) Did you manage to fix the Like button on your facebook page btw?

  28. I'm so jealous!!! I'd love to go to L.A! Sounds like you had a nice trip and as I can see, the weather was fantastic, as usual. Lovely pictures! Can't wait to read your next post:)

  29. I love LA. It's a beautiful city.Crazy though.And as much as I love see you wearing high heels,I have to say I love your recent outfits with sneakers. You rock Andy and glad you had fun in California! xx

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