Imagine you are boarding a flight back home, you get on the plane, sit and get comfortable. After 45 minutes they start bringing drinks and snacks and the movie starts. Imagine that as you are starting to watch the movie, all of a sudden the plane feels like its coming down really fast, the lights of the plane go off and the oxygen masks come down…Now imagine that everyones oxygen masks come down except for the masks on yours and few other rows and its getting harder and harder to breathe, can you imagine this scene when you are stuck inside a plane, flying at God knows how many miles up in the sky and there is nothing you can do about it? Well, that is exactly what happened to me last night.

As I was taking my second flight of the day back to Amsterdam and just as I was going to start watching the flight movie, the plane started to come down really fast, I didn’t know what was going on so I tried to keep calm and hold on to my seat but that was until the lights went off all of a sudden and the oxygen masks came out, unfortunately the masks of my row didn’t come out, so then is where I started to get very scared and anxious.

I think I must have been in a state of shock for around a minute because as I saw everyone getting their masks on, I couldn’t put mine on since it didn’t come out and the crew started shouting and running up and down the hall: SHARE THE MASKS WITH THE PEOPLE THAT DONT HAVE ONE PLEASE, THEY WONT BE ABLE TO BREATHE! But nobody was sharing their masks with me and the 2 guys next to me.
We started trying to force open the oxygen mask compartment with a credit card but It wasnt working and the air was getting more and more difficult to breathe, then is where I started to panic.

Finally the guy seating next to me managed to force open the mask compartment with a key, our masks came out, I put it on as soon as I could and started to be able to breathe normally again.

We had to do an emergency turn back to Philadelphia because the plane lost its cabin pressure and the problem was that for the people that didn’t have the masks on, it was getting very difficult to breathe and now imagine you cant breathe when you are stuck in a plane.
We are just VERY LUCKY that the plane was over Boston when it happened and not in the middle of the ocean, because the pilot was able to think quick and get us back to Philadelphia to prevent a tragedy.
I don’t know what was worse, the feeling of the plane going down as fast as possible because we lost cabin pressure, the fact that my oxygen mask didn’t come out or the fact that as I was seeing everyone around me breathing with their masks on, I was sitting there in a state of shock and it was getting very difficult to breathe, it was almost as if I was breathing through a sponge or a piece of cloth, the air was so thin and started giving me a chest pain.

We managed to turn back and land in Philadelphia before this would turn into a tragedy and 1 hour after we landed we were put into another flight to Amsterdam, but to be honest, that LAST thing I felt like doing at that moment was getting back into another plane.

Now I am sitting back at home writing you about the scariest experience I have ever been through on a plane, I am just happy and grateful that this didnt end up in tragedy and extremely shocked at the fact that US Airways don’t give maintenance to those planes and if it wasn’t because we managed to force open the Oxygen mask compartment, me and the people next to me wouldn’t have been able to breathe at around 37,000 feet up in the air and what shocked me the most, was that the people next to us refuse to share their oxygen with us…

EDIT: I took these 3 pictures as we were already stable and almost landing back in Philadelphia, not while the commotion was happening for those who are commenting on that.

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  1. Oh my gosh this must have been really scary for ANYONE. I am so thankful to God that nothing happen and you are safe and sound. God bless you, Andy. *sending a million hugs from the opposite end of the world*

  2. O my! Wat eng zeg! Ik zou de komende paar jaar niet meer durven te vliegen als ik jou was.Geen zuurstof hebben is echt eng, ik heb astma dus ik weet hoe rot dat voelt. Heel fijn dat je veilig terug bent!

  3. I can't believe there are seriously planes out there with essential stuff like the masks coming out NOT working! I'm kinda speechless right now, also about how no one would share. I'm glad you're back in Amsterdam and that the pilot was able to prevent a tragedy from happening.

  4. That was to be terrifying. I never hope to live it. In any case I admire the strength that you had, I shall certainly have made a heart attack. I loathe when the plane comes down(falls) just like that.I'm french,I hope that you will manage to understand me.

  5. OMG! Terrifying! I can hardly breathe just reading this post!! Good thing you are well and can continue to inspire others around you :)

  6. hola tocayaa!Que horror tuviste que pasar! Cuando lei el título y vi la imagen ya me preocupé, me alegro de que solo haya sido un susto. Un beso muy fuerte y ánimo! :)

  7. That sounds terrifying thank god no one was injured : / horrible. That's why I have a love hate thing with flying. Eeee

  8. that sounds so awful and scary, i can't even imagine what that would be like… thank goodness it all turned out ok! well done on keeping your calm! :) stay safe :) xx

  9. Omg. I'm so glad you're still writting this, I'm glad you're ok! We're all so glad everything's okai with you. Omg, I'm so sorry for you, that was probably terrible for you. It's sad to know that there are such a people like those in a plane, that's reality I guess. Again, I'm so glad you're fine. Ohh. My blog♥mfashionfreak

  10. What a frightening experience, I am so glad you are ok. I am scared to death of flying already. How horrible people wouldnt share their masks with you.

  11. as i read this, i was scared for you. i cant even imagine how i would have felt or reacted. so much fear. well thank God you and the other passengers are safe.

  12. Wow, I'm glad you're OK. I've never experienced anything like that…. Must have been really scary and probably puts things into perspective for us. Again, so glad it ended up as it did..xxmaya

  13. OMG! I sincerely hope you're allright!!! I wouldn't have had the courage to hop on another plane right away…!But maybe it's for the best, a shock therapy (on a plane a few hours after) so you're not too scared the next time you have to fly!!Big hugs!Ary

  14. Andy, we love you and believe in you! Suddenly there are not so much kind and honest people in our time, so I'm sure that God will continue to protect you from this experience! Just relax with your friends and feel yourself the happiest person in the world!

  15. OMG! This is rather horrifying. Makes me scared even more to fly overseas. I so want to go to US some time and other places, but so far I haven't been in the air for more than 3 hours…

  16. Fuck!I'm really glad you're okay! And I hope you won't lost belief in human beings after such experience :|Peace and love!

  17. I was scared when I read this, this is one of my greatest fears.. Hope you're ok andy, take all the time you need. Glad you're still with us!

  18. I have had a a bit similar experience myself from the flight i took from Indonesia back to England last year. It was horrible. Not quite as yours perhaps since I didn't get the oxygen masks down. I took a red eye at midnight that day but after what happened, I couldn't sleep at all all the day back! Horribly tired and terrified. lol.anyway I'm glad that nothing worse happend. :) Btw, I'm really impressed that you managed to take some pictures even in that situation! haha.

  19. Omg thats so scary! I am so glad to hear you are ok though and that nothing happened to you. I cant believe people would not share their masks… :( Sending you big hugs from South Africa :) xx

  20. I'm really, really glad you're okay, Andy!Your report made me feel your pain, and I'm shocked by other people's behaviour and by US Airways'lack in maintenance.Hope you feel better now, you're safe in Amsterdam <3xx

  21. Wow, this is really heavy! Your story brought me in a kinds shock, it scared me. Can't even imagine what you've been going trough the last hours. Anyway, i'm very happy this story has a good ending..

  22. I'm glad you're ok now! Hold on Andy, everything will be just fine and, before you can realize it, you will start again to fly around the world!!Best regards,G

  23. que asco de gente enserio… me parece alucinante lo egoístas que pueden llegar a ser las personas… buaf… no lo quiero pensar mucho porque mañana cojo un avión… espero que ya estés más tranquila después del susto, un besito linda :)

  24. OMG.I just can't believe that the people around din't share their oxygen, this is so .. Selfish. I'm so happy nothing tragic happened to you babe & also to the people next to you. ♥

  25. Holy shit what a scary experience! That is such a fear of mine for flying. I cant even imagine honestly it must have been so terrifying, im hoping i dont have nightmares tonight just thinking about it! Its so scary to to see the way people react in a mode of panic. I cant believe they wouldnt share a mask with you, i cant imagine watching the person beside me suffocate while i do nothing but breate in air, humanity needs to step it up!! Glad you are okay though!

  26. It must have been horrible! All those fucking assholes without help, and then having to go on another..I think if I had been there I would have stayed panicked all the time, because I have fear of flying! I'm glad you're well and everything!!!! Hope you feel better, Andy!xxx

  27. I'm totally shocked only by READING about it, I can't imagine how terrible must have been LIVING it.I'm so sorry you had to experience this but at the same time I'm so relieved that you are well now.A big hug from Italy.Anna

  28. Agree U.S Airways, and United Airways are low budget airlines, they are crap. Thankfully you made it in one piece.Esas mugres aerolineas son tan tacanas que no les interesa dar mantenimiento a sus aviones. Por suerte sobreviviste ^^

  29. Wow Andy… q mala experiencia, por suerte estás bien, un poco en shock pero bien! Lo que me parece muy fuerte es que la gente no compartiese sus mascaras…Yo alucino, en serio… Como pueden djar a 3 personas sin poder respirar… es increible!Bueno tranquila que ya ha pasado y estás en casa!! Un beso!

  30. Andy, dear..i was almost crying reading ur post.. that's horrible the situation u passed through.. we're so little and helpless when it comes to such things.. coz not all depends on us.. so insignificant we're.. just as a song says: we're just dust in the wind.. sorry..maybe it may sound too pathetic.. :Si wish u to pass over asap, Andy..all the best to u! u're great! Lusy

  31. i'm leaving for paris in 2 days! Now im afraid to fly! I thought those things just didn't happen, but I guess they do……. scary! But I am glad you are safe! What would we do with out you Style Scrapbook??!!?!?!!! ;)Ta-taa for now,

  32. I feel so sad reading this, i can't imagine what it must have felt like, but thank god you are alive and well..think of it as one of those experiences that only make you stronger!

  33. Andy! me da mucho gusto saber que estás bien! no me ha tocado experimentar algo así pero me imagino lo que se ha de sentir! pero la verdad esque no me sorprende que haya gente tan inhumana que te vea en esas condiciones y no te brinde su ayuda! por eso estamos tan mal. Muchos saludos Andy y hay que aprender a vivir con esto. Que estés muy bien.

  34. Andy! me da mucho gusto saber que estás bien! no me ha tocado experimentar algo así pero me imagino lo que se ha de sentir! pero la verdad esque no me sorprende que haya gente tan inhumana que te vea en esas condiciones y no te brinde su ayuda! por eso estamos tan mal. Muchos saludos Andy y hay que aprender a vivir con esto. Que estés muy bien

  35. ME MUERO!!! no puedo creer que hayas tenido que pasar por una experiencia tan terrorifica! Te mando muchisimo ánimo!! saludos!

  36. Puedo imaginarme tu desesperación y tu miedo Andy, es una situación fuera de lo común y te agradezco que la compartas porque a cualquiera nos puede ocurrir algo así algún día y no sabríamos que hacer. Creo que hasta podrías demandarlos digo, no tienes cabeza para pensar en eso pero creo que es algo muy delicado. Que bueno que estás bien. Suerte.

  37. justo el otro dia vi en discovery channel algo parecido que le habia pasado a un avion, la verdad no se como hiciste para mantener la calma, yo en tu ligar hubiese muerto del panico!!, me imagino que habran hecho algun tipo de queja al respecto..espero te sientas mejor, besitos desde argentina

  38. Gracias a Dios que estas bien Andy!!!!!que desesperante no poder respirar, lo bueno es que pudieron sacarlas a la fuerza! ojala que te pase pronto el susto, besos desde Mexico :D

  39. That's scary as hell.I'm glad you're ok.And by the way, this sounds like a good law suit.Good thing no one got hurt because they would have been negligent.

  40. no lo puedo creer, omg! espeor que eso ya no te vuelva a pasar, si a mi todavia me da algo de miedo el despegue and landing, seria peor si me pasara eso, lo que tampoco me cabe en la cabeza es como los demas pueden ser tan egocentricos y no compartir sus mascaras, impresionante!

  41. you should really consider to make a petition or something.. and make a buzz around it!YOU GOT THE POWER!I hope you're doing well now and glad that nothing happened!!

  42. That is a very scary story. As I get older I feel like I get more and more nervous to fly. I was getting chills while reading this! I'm so glad to hear that you made it home ok and that you're well. I cannot believe that people wouldn't share their masks with you that is absolutely horrible Thank god that guy was able to get your masks down. Fashionable Collections

  43. andy!!yo no te conozco ni tu ami hermosA,pero algo que no podemos olvidar es que Dios si sabe quien eres…una cosa te digo pequena,que nuestra vida no esta comprada y no sabes cuando vamos a morir,pero te aseguro que con esa experiencia te sentistes muy cerca de la muerte =(Dios usara medios y situaciones dificiles para hacerte entender que solo en JESUS esta el camino la verdad y la vida,EL es El unico que puede salvar tu preciosa alma de la perdicion eterna,ahora que Dios y solo Dios te ha dado a ti y a todos esos pasajeros la oportunidad de volver a vivir,es mejor que te hagas una pregunta sincera contigo misma;DONDE PASARE MI ETERNIDAD DESPUES QUE MUERA? QUE HAY DESPUES DE LA MUERTE?Muneca esta vida no lo es todo,tu carrera que es muy exitosa y tus cientos de "amigos" Y todo el dinero que pueda existir en el mundo NO NOS VA A DAR LA VIDA ETERNA Y NO NOS VAN A AYUDAR PARA DESPUES DE LA MUERTE…JESUCRISTO NO ES RELIGION ES EL UNA VERDAD QUE MUCHOS IGNORAN ,PERO ES LA UNICA VIA DE ESCAPE DE NUESTRA VIDA PECAMINOSO QUE TENEMOS SEPARADOS DE DIOS ,ESA ES LA RAZON POR LA CUAL JESUS VINO A SALVAR A LA HUMANIDAD, LOS PECADOS . PORQUE LA PAGA DEL PECADO ES LA MUERTE Y MUERTE ETERNA SEPARADOS DE DIOS POR LA ETERNIDAD.ESA ES LA RAZON POR LA CUAL JESUS MURIO PARA DARMOS VIDA ETERNA Y SALVARNOS DE LA CONDENACION DEL INFIERNO ,NECESITO HABLARTE MUNECA LA REALIDAD Y LA VERDAD Y SABES PORQUE? PORQUE DIOS TE AMA Y EL QUIERE QUE LO MIRES A EL,QUE BUSQUES SU PERDON, Y QUE TE REFUGIES EN EL ,PARA SALVACION DE TU ALMA ,LA CUAL ES ETERNA Y NUCA MORIRA,NUESTRO CUERPO SI,PERO NUESTRO ESPIRITU JAMAS DE LOS JAMASES MORIRA Y ESO ES LO QUE ERES TU UN ALMA Y UNESPIRITU EN UN CUERPO QUE MORIRA,CUANDO ?NO LO SE SOLO DIOS LO SABE.PERO QUE EN ESE VIAJE HUBIRA SIDO EL DIA DE TU MUERTE=( te hubieras enfrentada a ella indefensa y sin la ayuda de nadie,porque lo que has hecho hasta ahora es dejar a Dios fuera de tus planes…te animo muneca que busques de Dios y su perdon….con sincerida te lo digo, medita en esto porque no soy yo la que te lo dice ;ES JESUS EL SALVADOR DEL MUNDO =)

  44. Que experiencia más terrible!!!! Tuve un problema menos en mi último viaje y me re asuste asi que me imagino en tu situación!Lo importante es que estás sana y salva!!!

  45. Holy freaking crap, I was flipping out just reading that. You poor thing! And HOW…and I mean HOW is it possible that those people could just completely ignore a person in need? I doubt there was any confusion about the situation, you guys were obviously in need of help…Things like this, or the turmoil in Libya, or so many other things, really does cast some doubt on the idea of humanity. Maybe a somewhat pretentious statement…but I really do wonder sometimes.I hope you're recovering well though, I can't imagine the trauma!Ceciliamew mew

  46. Your first picture made me laugh a little (my bad!) and then I read what happened. That's like my worse nightmare ever! Glad your okay! x

  47. What a nightmare- it almost doesn't seem real- like something out of a movie. So glad you weren't over the water with nowhere to go. My stomach was literally in knots while reading this. I feel nauseous now. So glad you all are safe! xx

  48. Oh my god, I think nobody can imagine how terrible that must have been. What a nightmare. I really really hope you are fine.

  49. This is why I am terrified of planes. It was indeed very fortunate you were not in the middle of the ocean! I think I would've died in fear. It's great you are ok.

  50. Andy, I am so glad you made it back home.It's barely possible to imagine what you've bene through.. Lukiky, your pilote maneged to avoid your horrible flight to turning into a disaster. But this kind of situation shouldn't happen nowadays, what are they waiting for?!Last year, I almost died 4 times, by differents car/road accidents that all occured in the same week. I ain't comparing (No way!), but for me the healing recipe has been spending more time with my family.Take care and all the time you need to get back on your feet! With all my kindest regards.Laure, from Paris

  51. oh, gosh, how good that everything ended up well.It does upset when people dont help each other.I couldn't not help.I think it's just how I'm raised.♥ xoxo Ra

  52. Es muy triste darse cuenta de lo egoista que puede llegar a ser la gente. Lamentablemente cada dia el ser humano se vuelve mas y mas egoista. Espero que tu historia nos haya hecho pensar a todos. Siento mucho lo que te paso. Supongo que pasaste un miedo tremendo. Esperamos tus alegres post muy pronto. Un beso enormeAle

  53. Andy, I held my breath through that entire post, thank god everything went okay and you are safe…I also cannot believe that other people would not share their masks? That is beyond terrible.xoannawithlove

  54. Dios mio Andy!!!!Espero que ya estés mejor!!!Menudo susto, no puedo entender como no funcionaron los compartimentos de las mascarillas adecuadamente, denuncialo!!!Niña descansa mucho y espero que se te olvide este mal momento pronto.Miles de besos desde España.

  55. Oh my god!!! Madre mia… tienes q haberlo pasado muy mal… Me alegro que estés bien chica!!! No sé si tendria tu coraje de subirme a un avión despues de lo que te ha pasado… Besitos

  56. oh man I hope you feel better now safe at home! I live through quite similar situation. I was just flying back home from San Francisco and the plane started to loose height. it was all because of some freaking all ended up happily but I was scared as hell. the worst thing about it is helplessness. . Maybe you won't feel like flying somewhere in few weeks.But believe it's all gonna be allright Andy x

  57. Oh my God that´s terrible waht happened. I am very glad to hear everything is OK with you and the people sitting next to you. How awful those people are to not sharing their oxygen with you. I hope they´ll feel terrible about themselves, because they should! Glad to hear your survival Andy came on the surface. Thanks to helping each other in that row, you have managed to breathe normally.I can understand you really didn´t want to get on another plane after that. Was there someone with you, or were you travelling alone? I know I would be dying to talk about it, just to level with each other about what happened. I hope someone was there to help and assist you.Please be careful, think about yourself (put yourself first) because I can understand you must have been in total shock (maybe you actually still are). Drink some tea and sleep a lot. (And stay here in the Netherland ;) )Love,Nancy

  58. Siempre escribo en inglés, pero como se que lo entiendes hoy voy a escribir en mi lengua materna. lo que dices suena aterrador…Deberías desde luego reclamar, no sólo a la compañía, pero a todas las asociaciones que existan, porque que dos máscaras de oxígeno no salgan es un fallo muy, muy gordo. Con todo me alegro de que estés bien y espero que esto quede como una anécdota en el futuro.

  59. I'm so happy that you're okay! That would be terrifying! I was already getting anxious just reading this!

  60. Gracias a Dios que no paso nada mas grave. Siento mucho que pasaras por eso. Pero afortunadamente salio todo bien al final. Un beso muy fuerte desde España!!!

  61. La verdad es que en momentos como estos las personas no piensan bien y claramente de parte de las personas que no compartieron sus mascaras esta muy mal, pero quiero que sepas que estoy muy feliz de saber que lograron salir de este enredo a salvo! Me asusta mucho cuando cosas de ese estilo pasan en los aviones y bueno admiro que hayas sabido como reaccionar y no volverte loca! Todo lo que no nos mata nos trae experiencia a la vida, todo pasa por algo y espero que no te vuelva a pasar nada igual! Besos!

  62. This was a terrible experience! Thank God everything turned out ok. I hope you're feeling a lot better now. I'm travelling by plane in the next days, and I'm a little scared now. Those people who were sitting near you and didn't share their masks with you, were idiots.

  63. Oh my god, Andy. That is terrible! I hope you feel better now! First of all it must have been horrible that the flight lost its cabin pressure but then the oxygen masks did not come out is even worse! It should work and I hope the company will by extra careful to check their flights. I always fear something like that will happen to me when I am flying. I hope you will never experience something like that again.Love from Christiane.

  64. OMG! I started getting anxiety just imagining it! I'm so glad you guys were able to open it! now I'm scared to think that those oxygen mask thingys could get stuck!I'm glad you are ok! it's crazy how selfish people get in moments of panic

  65. I'm already scared by just reading your story! I'm glad you "survived" it! When it ever happens to me, and someone next to or near me doesn't have a mask I would definitely share mine with him/her! Take care! xo,Stella

  66. oh my gosh, so glad that nothing has happened to you!but the ones who had masks and didn't want to share.. how can people be so selfish?!wish you the best!and I actually love flying but this really made me's kind of scary that not all of the masks didn't come out in a modern plane :/

  67. I'm glad you and everyone on the plane is okay. That must have been terrible. And it's revolting that no one would share a mask with people who didn't have any.

  68. Se me ha ido encogiendo el corazón a medida que te iba leyendo, de hecho ha empezado al ver la primera foto con el titulo.Es muy triste lo de los que no compartian sus mascaras, la verdad. En momentos así es cuando sale la persona real que somos, y parece ser que ellos son avariciosos, lamentable, y más en momentos así tan fuertes que no sabias lo que estaba pasando.Me avergüenzo de lo avariciosos que llegamos a ser en momentos en los que hay vidas en riesgo.Ay! Que penita me ha dado leer esto, lo bueno es que estas bien y solo ha sido el susto!Un besito Andy y descansa! Que momentos así son mucho más que agotadores y horrorosos.Cristina

  69. Oh my god what a horrible experience!! Thank god that nothing else happened. I've always hated to fly, and still do to this day. Hope that you are o.k!

  70. Shitty things happen every day and they really show how selfish are the people. There are really few of them who will be able to help somebody else in time like that.I'm really glad you are ok. In situation like that you really can't do anything, and that's the worst.

  71. God bless the oxygen mask in the end! I'm glad your're fine!!!WHAT A TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!!Shit, when I think about large flight, I became very scared!!! :( Relax yourself, now you are in your home!

  72. what a terrible story. i'm glad you made it through safely. it's awful that the oxygen masks didn't come out when they should have. i hope your story will be acknowledged, so that this doesn't have to happen again. it also shocks me that people didn't help you or others out..anyway, i'm glad you're okay. xoxo

  73. que horror! ahora tengo mas miedo de subirme a los aviones, y tu que viajas tanto, neta que bueno que pudieron sacar las mascaras, yo creo que yo me hubiera desmayado nada mas de saber que el avión iba cayendo…que bueno que estas bien!Saludos.

  74. OH MY GOD ANDY!!!!! Qué miedo has debido pasar no???? la verdad que leyendo tu escrito me estaba viendo en tu situación, ya que yo por trabajo también viajo mucho…. QUÉ MIEDOOOOOO!!! Debiste pasarlo muy mal!! ESTOY FELIZ DE QUE NO HAYA PASADO ninguna tragedia y que todo haya quedado en una experiencia! hay que vivir al máximo el día a día porque ante sucesos así todo el mundo está expuesto!Me alegra que estés bien y "algo" más tranquila!!!BESITOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GRANDESSSSSSSSSS!

  75. I am soo afraid of flying and I even can not stand 1-hour-flights!When I read your tweet about the horrible thing that you went through, I was very afraid of your next flight back home but thank God you arrived home safely.You should relax a few days, maybe go to Spa or do something to get over it. Loves,olga

  76. OMG Andy. Just glad you are OK. I hate flying and that would have seriously creeped me the HELL out! I can't fly without Alex, he's flown planes before… so whenever I get scared, I just look at him or ask about this feeling or that feeling/sound on the plane, and he explains and manages to calm me down.I could only imagine your fear. Damn :( and am glad it'sover,E! xx

  77. Poor Andy ! I really feel scared for youI think the worst thing is that your row couldn't use the oxygen masks…I hope it will never happen to me, I could be traumatized for a lifetime ! – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  78. Wow that is so scary. Thank God you are ok! Good for you for facing your fears and getting back on the plane! I can't even imagine… but I would hope that I would share my oxygen with someone who didn't have any… they were probably in shock too… that's so terrible though.

  79. What a terrible experience Andy :( I'm so sorry about that. I'm glad you are ok and safe at home. I have panic to fy, but I know it's the quickest and usual way to travel long distances, so I usually think about the destination and try to calm down. I don't know how could be my reaction in a situation like that but, believe me when I say…. I don't wanna know…. LOLSo sad, people didn't share their masks, these world is full of assholes.Un besín y espero que te pase el disgusto pronto Andy.

  80. I am so glad you are OK and sorry for the horrible experience. think about it like it is the worse that could happen to you and you will never have to go through such things again!

  81. I am so glad that you're okay. Life is important to everyone and during that moment everyone became selfish. Now people who experienced it know how important it is to stand by each other during moments like this…God give them sense who did not share the mask. love ya!!

  82. That's like my worst nightmare. I'm so glad you're safe and that nothing happened. I really hope that the people who didn't share their oxygen read this and feel guilty. It's unhuman to do such thing. Stay strong! x

  83. Hi Andy!Your story sounds like a very scary expirience and I'm very happy to read that yoare OK now.I hope that you will be able to relax and to get beck to yourself in no time.Best wishes,Alina.

  84. Lo siento mucho! y me alegro que hayas regresado a casa sana y salva; aunque el susto no te lo quita nadie.Ahora relájate con una taza de manzanilla y descansa, te ayudará a estar mas tranquila!Un abrazo y un beso, En el próximo post me gustaría volver a verte con una sonrisa :)

  85. That sounds very scary…But the most important thing is that everything is OK with you.I'm also shocked that people didn't want to share their masks,but I'm sure that someday they can also get in a situation,where they will need help but no one will help them.Wish you all the best,you are very brave girl!

  86. Fortunately everything ended up well! I'm ghappy about that… About those who didn't want to share their oxygen masks i feel sorry for them, because someday it might happen with them aswell! It's sad to know that some people like that who only thinks on themselves but unfortunately the world is not perfect!About the planes, i have no words to say, cause' they only check them when something happens, but still, some companies don't even care about it and says it was a 1 out of a million issue that happened!

  87. good that you did an edit cos the first thing i that while reading was: why did she take these pictures at this scary moment? i hope you r allright now.

  88. Thank God everything turned out to be okay and you and the other people are well! I can't really say anything more I'm speechless…In extreme situations people can show their worst sides! Everyone thinks of themselves because in such a life threatening situation you (and your children if you have any) are the most important and the only person to save.Hopefully something like that won't happen again (anytime soon).

  89. OMG Andy, it's such a terrible thing, hope you will be ok soon, and I wish you with all my heart to be calm after what happened.Thanks God, thet everything ends fine.

  90. This was scary even while reading it, I couldn't imagine being in your place. How rude of those people sitting next to you. Hope you're alright. :)

  91. Poor girl. I wish this terrible experience soon became forgotten. And do not be angry at people who didn't share the oxygen masks, becose the survival instinct is very strong in such situations – mors tua vita mea.

  92. Wow, that's insane! I guess it's a comfort to know that airplanes are still the safest way to travel, and these occurrences are rare. I'm just glad that all of you guys got back to land safely! It's good that one of the men next to you was smart enough to try to open the mask compartment.

  93. OMG!!!!!!! :-O I was scared just reading of it!!!! I can't imagine being there!!! So sorry for you!!! A big hug from England and Italy!!

  94. WoW! every time I fly I pay close attention to the safety directions and prey that I dont have to use them. This is very scary I'm happy you made it home safe and sound! xoxo, Vogue & Vintage

  95. Andy se me pone la piel de gallina solo de leer tu relato. De verdad que has sido muy valiente y no me imagino que hubiera hecho yo si me pasara algo así. De verdad que muchos animos, yo no sé si sería capaz a volver a subir en otro avión en mucho tiempo. Me alegro muchisimo de que solo haya sido un susto y de que estés bien.1 beso muy fuerte!! ánimo

  96. OMG thank God you're ok!! I'm sure that this experience must been very difficult for you, I hope you are ok, I follow your blog, your travels etc, so I Hope you fell better right now, take carefrom a friend who lives in ChileCarla.

  97. It's so sad how selfish people are. All you can do is learn from your experiences…However, I am so glad that you are ok!

  98. This really scares me! The people who are just thinking to theirselves. I mean it wouldn't have killed them if they would have given them to you for a half minuite!

  99. Oh God andy! that's horrible :(At least nothing bad happened and you are here and alive, that's the important honey ! :)The worst experience I had with flights was when a man in the seat next to me, was feeling bad because he was afraid of fly and a white liquid started going out of his mouth, and his eyes was moving like crazy. But happily he drank water and his wife made him go back to reality and nothing worse happened.. was like a scene of a movie, was horrible .. but nothing compared with what you passed :/ But yes is really horrible that no one shared the mask with you, people nowadays are really mean and selfish.. how this can happen? is a person's life that is in danger, honestly what king of people is this?Be calm and try to forget it, the worst is gone ! :)

  100. Wow, this sounds like a really scary experience. I am glad that you are save now. It is so hard to imagine all those people with the mask on, not even thinking about sharing it with you and the others with no masks:O I would be so ashamed of myself:OI hope you get the support you need right now, to give this horrifying experiene a place. You should not go thrue this alone.

  101. I was truly dismayed to read what had happened, but I am glad you are alright and safe at home, Andy. It’s a wonder how people continue just to selfishly think of themselves and don’t even lift a finger to help the ones next to them, even though they themselves are already safe.♥, Jamie

  102. I think I have hardly ever read something more horrible and scary than this post… I am shocked and sad you had to make such an experience! I still have goosebumps- Nevertheless, I am glad to hear that you're back home safe and I hope you are well! God bless you're alright! Lots of Love M.

  103. Espero que estes bien, la verdad que un momento super duro, fuiste muy valiente. Besos

  104. Oh my god Andy, that sounds like the most horrible thing I have heard. I have a massive fear of flying, so I can kind of imagine how terrifying that was, I feel like crying just taking off so I really admire you for staying calm, I'm so glad you are alright and I find it sickening that people would not share their oxygenx

  105. Casí una pesadilla, o como si fuese la escena de una peli, que susto!! Por más q trato no puedo imaginar estar en esa situación. Afortunadamente estás a salvo!!! para seguir disfrutando día a día de la vida. Saludos!!!

  106. I can't imagine anything worse! I'm so afraid to fly, it's my nightmare every time I take a plane. Sorry for what happened but happy it ended good!

  107. Wow that's nuts!! YOur worse fear coming true but glad to know you're safe and home Andy! Puts a lot of things in perspective I'm sure but it's all about keeping calm and carrying on right?…Glad you're ok!xo-JuliePeace. Love. LOL!Haute Khuuture Blog

  108. God Andy that must have been horrible!! I'm so so sorry for you and I hope we all learn from that, one HAS to think about others as well!! Share your masks guys! Good your back home now. You're so brave!!

  109. God Andy that must have been horrible!! I'm so so sorry for you and I hope we all learn from that, one HAS to think about others as well!! Share your masks guys! Good your back home now. You're so brave!!

  110. Sometimes I think that if someone attacked me on the street, nobody would help me and as I hear your story… it really may happen. How did you manage to take a photograph in this situation?Scary. Hope now you feel better and safe.k.

  111. This is terrible, everything i terrible. Who need to live inside a plane, as us, must to pay this price. Also with me 2 years ago, on a flight to Brazil, happend a terrible thing and I was afraid to take another plane… But, what could we do? Don't take flights anymore? So hard…The great is the end when we see that everything is well and we are alive!! THX GOD!

  112. Oh my God meid!I would totally freak out omg… I have watched to many 'Aircrash Investigation'… And what a crappy plane, the mask doesn't even work properly… and sharing mask?? Like I'll breath 5 min and then it's your turn? Something like that? Geez.. I would claim back my money!Anyway most important is that you are okay and still in 1 piece!xxx

  113. OMG OMG OMG andy i'm so glad you're feeling ok!thanks for sharing this tragic experience with us, I imagine how hard it was to feel better after all that stress and anxia and panic!i'm so shocked by those people that didn't share the maks with you, mankind it's so embarassing at times that i feel ashamed of being part of it.

  114. Oh boy! Thank God you're OK!I don't know if I could cope getting in a plane after such an experience!Can't believe they didn't share their masks with you!

  115. Andy, me da mucho gusto saber que todo resultó bien finalmente. Es sincreíble ver lo egoistas que podemos ser aún en momentos cuando la vida de otras personas estan en riesgo y nosotros podríamos hacer la diferencia, que decepción! Afortunadamente estas bien y podemos seguir leyendote día a día. ME gusta mucho tu blog y estoy pensando en un tiempo comenzar a hacer algo similar ya veremos q tal me va, unos consejos tuyos me serían de mucha ayuda. POr cierto adoro ASmsterdam!! Saludos desde mexico city!

  116. this is tragic… im sorry for your experience… i fly alot and i have never had this happen to me… now im scared… so scard. you are soo lucky and im glad you shared this experience with us. you should complain to US airways ASAP. so happy you are okay!!! un besito- Andreita, from Houston, Texas.

  117. OMG! I'm so glad nothing happened. BUT WHAT IS THIS?! 1. Why the masks didn't come down? That's ridiculous. 2. Nobody shared the masks?!?!?!?!-sorry for my English, it isn't that good..-Hope you feel better soon! <3

  118. Wow Andy, what a story! I'm so happy for you that it all turned out ok, but it must have been such a scary thing to experience! Hope you feel better soon and don't get to scared of flying. xx Bianca

  119. I just can't believe this!I'm feeling very sorry for you. Can't imagine how it must have felt… Horrible!You are very lucky that nothing happened to you.And I can't believe that everybody refused to share the masks… unbelievable.

  120. oh por Dios andy cuanto lo siento, gracias a Dios ya estas a salvo y nada malo te paso, fue un susto, una mala pasada pero tranquila que tus angeles de la guarda te cuidaron y nadie salió herido, te deseo lo mejor en esta semana y no pienses más en aquel evento en ese avión, eso ya pasó y lo importante es que tu estas bien, espero te hayas divertido en USA! saludos♥

  121. Gosh! I am so sorry that you had to go through such a horrible experience. Others were scared, too, I'm sure. I would have shared my oxygen with a stranger. I would have helped force open the compartment so that you could breathe, too.You're strong and you're brave. I'm glad you made it!Getting on another plane took a lot of strength, I know.

  122. OMG ANDY!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD YOU'RE SAFELY LANDED AT HOME!!!!! May I know what airline did you took?? Coz I'm about to fly over to the states, and ur story kinda freak me out. Hope you're feeling much better now, and didn't get all traumatized. Remembering how many times you travel in a year. Be safe sweets! xxx

  123. Omgosh Andy, this is so tragic! I feel ashamed of the human race as we speak, and kind of repulsed! I hope you're doing ok now! All the best!

  124. Wow, Andy. That is so scary and I'm sure puts so many things into perspective. Thank goodness your plane was okay and probably with an even bigger appreciation for life than you ALREADY had.

  125. Mijn god, dit klinkt echt als een waargebeurde woensdagavondfilm! Ik zou echt totaal in paniek zijn en nooit meer een vliegtuig in durven denk ik… En wat je zegt, echt vreemd dat mensen hun masker niet willen delen!!

  126. Oh my Gosh that's sounds so scary! It one of my biggest fears and you actually experienced it!And what a shame that those people didn't wanted to share their masks with you!It would be awful to lose our best blogger thanks to them, but luckily we didn't!Good luck girl:)

  127. people next to you which didn't want to share the masks were simple assholes, nothing more. It's time for them to think, if someday they would need this mask and no one would want to share with them.I'm thankful that you're back to Amsterdam in one piece.I wish you no more situation like this one.And I wish USA to keep more attention to the planes condition…

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