It might be strange for you to see me wearing flats, you know, since I am always wearing high heels on the blog, In fact, my trick is to ALWAYS bring a pair of flats inside my purse, or how I like to call them “emergency shoes”, for those moments of extreme high heel pain, you all know what I am talking about! (Well, not you boys :P)

It is true that I am used to wearing high heels and I love it, never mind the fact that I am 1.80cm without any shoes on, but coming back to steady ground is always a pleasure, so whenever I can give my feet a break, I will be wearing flats around, preferably converse in black or white.

Do you also love wearing high heels, or are you a flat shoe lover?


Probablemente les parezca extraño el verme en zapatos de piso, y mas en tenis ya que la mayoría de las veces (si no es que siempre), ando de tacones en el blog.
Mi truco es traer zapatos de piso en mi bolsa, o como me gusta llamarlos “zapatos de emergencia”, ya saben, para esos momentos en los que los tacones te están matando y ya no sabes ni a que santo rezarle para que se te quite el dolor de pies.

Es verdad que me fascina traer tacones, a pesar de medir 1.80cm sin zapatos, pero es basico que en cuanto pueda darle un descanso a mis pies, no lo pienso ni 2 veces y me pongo mis flats, de preferencia converse en blanco o negro.

¿A ti también te fascina andar de tacones o prefieres los zapatos de piso?


Ring 1: MILOR / Ring 2: MILOR / Pants: ZARA / Sweater: Style by Marina / Necklace: Fashionology.nl

185 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “SNEAKERS”

  1. qué guapa, me gustó la idea de la camisa blnaca bajoe l jersey, pues me gustan más los taconazos, estilizan mucho más la figura, pero por comodidad me pongo zapatos planos más a menudo y ya no solo eso.Mi madre cuando era joven abusaba de los tacones y ahora cree que los problemas de piernas y espalda le vienen de ahí y me lo dice siempre que me ve con tacones.Un besazo.

  2. I love high heels, although I'm also 1m80. But I'm looking for comfy shoes … I don't like converse-shoes. Any other good brands for comfy shoes, girls?

  3. i love wearing heels, but live in nyc i walk everywhere so like you i always have a pair of flats on hand. best to be prepared for everything.

  4. me encanta como usaste tus converse!! los usaba hace mucho pero aun tengo unos casi nuevos que ya casi no uso y me has dado inspiracion otra vez!!!!

  5. google it! how many emergency landing US Airways had to do in the past Year and a half. I wouldn't fly this airline again if I was you.Glad to know you are ok. We wouldn't be able to live without Andy!Kisses from Brazil!

  6. love your style… and the yellow sweather was gorgeous!please do follow my new blog; mariiinspiration.blogspot.com

  7. I'm the same way. I'm usually in flats/sandals, because the beachy lifestyle in southern California. Everything thinks I'm super dressed up when I wear heels to work. But I do loooove my heels. I usually wear them after working hours!xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  8. i'm an absolutly high heel lover but most of the time i wear flats at i need to walk quite a lot.. gorgeous jumper, love it!xx Claudiawww.peacockfeathergirl.blogspot.com

  9. Hola Andy, soy de las que normalmente usaba zapatos de piso, aunque me encantan los tacones y quiero ponermelos cuando los veo en otra persona, pero los aguantaba muy poco, tiempo, me decide a usarlos, ahora me estoy acostumbrando y ya casi los domino, pero eso de traer otro par en la bolsa para descanso esta genial y unos converse que mejor. Saluditos

  10. Love this comfy outfit! I'm loving the compact ballerina flats that are now popular. They're so great especially during work or after:) Hope you enjoyed LA!Blurbs.|Blog

  11. It's maybe not the response to your question but i just wanted to say that I simply love your blog and your posts because of the atmosphere and the feeling of life :) it always makes me happy to look at the photos "you" have taken! Keep going on like this, you're gorgeous! (even if I don't know you that much :D) Do you think my comment was too long?? :D

  12. Flats, definitely flats!!! Andy, I say it again and again, you should wear your hair up much more often. I know you like it down, but believe it when I say, that it suits your face so good when it is up. In fact, I like it more than when it's down (maybe that's because you wear it down like everyday).Pretty, comfortable outfit:) Have a nice day

  13. I love the outfit so much! <3333 And I'm definitely a flats person! I'm just turned 20 in May and I can't walk in heels! It's too hard and plus, they make my legs look skinnier :(

  14. Love the sweater! I used to wear stiletto for at least 12 hours a day when I worked. But now since I move to Bali, I wear flats all the time :)

  15. Yo prefiero andar en zapatos planos aunque me gustan mucho los de tacón, pero no los aguanto mucho rato xDSaludos!

  16. I love heels as well, but to be honest I probably will grab the most comfy shoe first that I see in my closet (the flats) …so I wear flat shoes more than heels but I certainly LOVE heels more, now wearing them is another story! :)love this outfit!xoxoCaterine730design.blogspot.com

  17. converse really do complete just about any outfit! i really like the way you styled the knit sweater with the white triangular collar peeping out. comfort seems to play a key part in this outfit, and i love the way you pulled it off!

  18. Me encantó el chaleco, el color especialmente, tengo uno muy parecido, pero color olivo, y lo adoro <3en mi caso, refiero los tacones, ya que como estoy aun en la universidad, no ando todo el día caminando, lo que me permite usar muchos tacones sin sufrir dolor alguno <3 aunque es infaltable el par de zapatillas en el closet. yo amo mis reebok classic <3

  19. Hi Andy!! I use both… as I am a lawyer I have to use heels… because most of the time during week I have to wear formal clothe. But I love using converse!! Good luck:)

  20. Love the pictures, you are so cute in these photos :D ! Most of the time I wear flats, I'm studying in Brussels and maybe you've been there but at the Grand Place in Brussels there are cobbles everywhere and they're bitches for my high heels ! But any other day when I'm not going to school I'm wearing them much more :D !

  21. I agree, sometimes feet need a break, we were not born with heels. I wear flats or Converse also, I used to be obsessed once with sneakers. And you look great like this, that sweater is perfect :D

  22. I love this outfit, simple but stylish! I love heels, but I only really wear them to go out in the evening, they're just not comfy enough to wear all day! I'm a sucker for Converse too :)

  23. In everyday life I prefer wearing flats, but just in fact that they're more practical and comfy. I torture my feet on the weekends. :)Btw, love your blog!Greetings from Germanywww.althgdthgs.blogspot.com

  24. mmm… prefiero tacones! Pero que buena idea me diste! Llevaré zapatos de piso en mi cartera! :Dhttp://www.clocatalinalopez.com/

  25. I love this look! It's so clean and modern, but the yellow makes it stand out.www.blackandblondeone.com

  26. I am in love with flats. And Converse are my favorite shoes! I suck at walking in heels which is really unfortunate since I have to wear some for a wedding I'm a part of in a few months…Brittany

  27. I only wear flats because as a 1.7cm asian, I am already towering everyone! I would love to wear those pretty heels once in the while but I need to master how to walk in them first!- janis

  28. you pull of sneakers so effortlessly! i do love my flats since i live in a city but i would never give up heels! adore this look xohttp://dressedupallligators.blogspot.com/

  29. Querida Andy te felicito por tu sinceridad!!! La verdad los tacones me encantan pero llega un momento en que los quieres aventar y lo mejor es traer unos de emergencia,estos tenis me encantaron.Tu como siempre te vez guapísima!!! Este look me encantó,tengo 2 hijos pequeños y esto es lo más cómodo para mí,los tacones los dejo para ocasiones especiales.Saludos desde León Gto.=) http://www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

  30. I totally understand you, Andy, as I'm 1.82 cm tall:D Even being that tall I love wearing heels, but they are not always comfy:)xxSashahttp://perfectionistsdiary.blogspot.com

  31. High heel kind of girl!!P.S. I have extra points for balance because I live in a city that looks like the meatpacking district in NY;)I'm always thinking that I'm gonna fall from my heels and break a leg or something!

  32. I collect high heels and I love to wear them…but I usually wear flats.. because of that pain, of course..wearing heels whole day is not funny or comfortable at all :D and u were right, it was kind of shock for me to see u in sneakers! :D but u have an amazing sweater, so..yellow :D and warm looking and everything.. :)http://fashionfairyblog.blogspot.com

  33. Love this casual outfit with the converse! Flats suit you as well.I'm a high heel lover, but I do like to wear flats sometimes. You can't wear heels all the time.

  34. You look great! Love the pop of color from the yellow sweater. I'm much more of a flats person, I can't imagine myself wearing heels to school, to the mall, or to hang out, etc.

  35. you look great even in flats! i know what you mean, us girls always needs flats, its sooo painful sometimes to wear heels all the time :)im definitely a flats person when im in pain!nataliehttp://lucyandtherunaways.blogspot.com

  36. It loks amazing. I love it. I prefer flats. I'm as tall as you and I don't like wearing heels cause I'm too tall with them, but you know. And its also uncomfortable for me.

  37. oooo you rock girl!love this outfit !xoxohttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/

  38. Wow, I didn't realise you were so tall!I love this look, it's so stylish but lovely and casual at the same time.xx

  39. really love this laid back look! Your blog is a work of fashion! Perfect, much creativity, and wonderful photography and you have done a great job. What a beautiful collection of photos and it is very nice.

  40. You're amazing as always! All your looks are totally stylish, but have something easy to see… <3You're my fav blogger!xoxo.

  41. You've got such great long and thing legs, even with flats, so there's no problem for you Andy ;)A mi me gustan los tacones, pero no exagerados y a poder ser de tacón cuadrado o ancho. Si pasas por mi blog, verás mi estilo.Espero que estés pasándolo genial en L.A. ;)un besín Andy!

  42. Totally a flat shoe lover. I only bust out the heels on special occasions, never mind the fact that I stand small at 5ft haha.

  43. Prefiero los zapatos planos, y aunque he de reconocer qué me encantan los tacones, renunció a ellos en la mayoría de los casos para no sentirme disfrazada!Me ha encantado verte "con los pies en el suelo".Muas!

  44. Cute look! Its nice to see you wearing flats for a change! Same problem here, 1.80m as well, so nice to change into flats every once in a while! You look great! Enjoy the last bit of LA. XO Rebeccahttp://raspberry-rouge.com

  45. im a true heels person.. and i do the same like you ! i carry a pair of flats in my car everyday and i keep a pair of flats in my office as well :)hope to see more pics from LA !

  46. i like everything that you're wearing in this outfit :)i am 1.76m but I still like high heels but I always love to wear flats. xxhttp://fzivile.blogspot.com

  47. Well, we're the very same height, so I know exactly what you're talking about!!! :o) And yes, most of the time I prefer heels, just like you! This outfit is super cute!x

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