The city…Not necessarily the one I am in right now, its another city that has got me dreaming lately, in fact, I cant stop thinking about it and maybe, just maybe I will find myself making a move there soon. I cant think of a better place to make StyleScrapbook’s headquarters, full of amazing places to shoot, why not? Dreams can come true, but it is up to us to make them happen…


Hay una ciudad que no es precisamente en la que vivo y que es la que me tiene soñando ultimamente, de hecho, no puedo dejar de pensar en ella y tal vez, algún día de estos, se pueda convertir en mi sede, en donde podré empezar de nuevo…

Los sueños si se vuelven realidad, pero a ti te toca hacer que se cumplan…


Sweater/Dress: DAGMAR
Shoes: Alexander Wang via The Webster Miami
Sunnies: CELINE

146 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “DAGMAR”

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  2. super hermosa!! me encanta que tu look es simple pero muy chic, (alguien mas ya te lo dijo y no lo habia visto yo jajaja)bueno y el bolso que diseñaste para Kipling esta increible, yo quiero uno!! me encanta que seas mexicana, es un orgullo!! besos!

  3. Andy, please.. tell me where have you bought these sunglasses? I fell in love with them!!! No words for shoes!!!You are simply perfect!!

  4. Cool outfit! It awful we have to wear clothes like this in the middle of June, but I still love the outfitHTTP://THEBLONDESIDEOFLIFE.BLOGSPOT.COM


  6. wonderful outfit!!love your sunnies you're so cool!!!xoxoxohttp://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/http://onemoreaddictioninmyworld.blogspot.com/

  7. Yes, I am in the beginnings of making my dream of relocating happen as well. Good luck to you and to me! If we want it and it's meant to happen it will.

  8. Andy estos zapatos son un verdadero espectaculo! y el sueter es muy original!…te ves super linda… me encanta tú estilo! saluditos desde Costa Rica

  9. I'm in love with your camera bag!! is there any online store where i can buy it? i know it's your design… beuatiful!! what camera do you use to shoot for the blog?

  10. even in a simple sweater and pants you look so fashion forward! i'm so so jealous of your Alexander Wang shoes… THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL! I hope you are talking about New York City, because I would love to run into there someday <3thestyle-child.blogspot.com

  11. L.A. is the city of shattered hope and dreams, and then there's still the green card you'd need to get so don't dream to much, I'm just telling you :s

  12. hola guapapero que abrigada te veo!!que pasa, que por allí no tenéis verano?besoshttp://elbauldeladyshira.blogspot.com/

  13. The shoes with the bag! Perfect!Are you going to NY? When??Biancahttp://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/

  14. Oh, Andy, you're nice! Very nice sweater! There are so many beautiful, exciting cities, I think, Amsterdam is one of them, it is interesting:)

  15. What city!?! I'm so curious! I like your blogging from Amsterdam, it's so attainable for me ;-)Love your kipling bag in white. I love mine in khaki too but I would have chosen the white one if it were sold here!Tell us more about this city you're talking about soooooon!

  16. Love the sweater and ring!Sometimes I find myself thinking in move to a warmer place.. Hope you can make your dream true!xxx

  17. I love the detail on those boots and I really wanted the camera bag you designed but they don't ship to USA :(

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