I just came back from an amazing trip to Bologna thanks to L’inde le Palais and L’Autre chose.
It was my very first time in that amazingly beautiful city and although most of the time I was busy with work, I had the chance to walk around for a bit and fell in love with the city center.

Chiara and I had an amazing time getting our makeup done by the Diego Dalla Palma crew, our hair done by Equipe Vittoriodressing the windows of the store with L’Autre chose clothes, shooting fun pics together (a surprise is coming soon) and meeting so many of our lovely readers at the party on the 31st of May.
I leave you with some pics from the day, as soon as I have the pics from the party, I will share them with you and if you have any pics of us together from that night, you can send them to my email address, I would love to add it on the post!

Thank you so much to the lovely Anna and the whole L’inde Le Palais crew for making me part of this amazing experience and for being so amazingly sweet and kind.

P.S- Huge thanks as well to my friends from Real Nob for the beautiful flowers they sent to my room, they are the sweetest!



  1. what a great blog you have! well done you're are very tallenti would be more than happy to join my blogxo ,tali

  2. Amazing photos, gorgeous girls !!! Seems like so much fun ! And I love your Acne dress (it's Acne, right ?) – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  3. i don't know if you actually read all these comments or not, but can i just say how obsessed i am with your blog? please never stop posting! even when you're 50 and you have grandchildren- DON'T STOP <3

  4. I like your window!!!! Everything about it!!!! And I like very mucho the first pic…you were beatiful!! Good luck! XOXO

  5. Your hair is really amazing!!! I live between Milan and Bologna (closer to Milan than Bologna really)..Italy is full of wonderful cities and places, don't you think?? :) Kisses

  6. I discovered your blog and LOVE it! like your outfits and your photos :) I have to follow your blog so I don´t miss any blogpost :Pgreets, elliIf you want to, I would be very thankful if you could visit my blog. Maybe you´ll like it :)

  7. Oh my gosh, how beautiful are this photos! You look mesmerizing and may I say, you have killer legs! So effortlessly stylish and sweet! Lots of love xxxCheck out what's going on in my head

  8. You look amazing! but where did you get that awesome iphone4 case? i've been looking for a cool one for ages! would mean the world if you'd respond :)LOOOVE

  9. amazing photos:)please, on the next post, could you write the translation in Castilian?you are amazing andy!kisses, from argentina

  10. Bologna has such a beautiful color palet of buildings! You look fantastic in your outfit.Happy Fridayxoxo

  11. hi andy, hope you have a chance to answer, who are the sunglasses you're wearing in the picture that your looking in the mirror? i tried a similar pair in a vintage store here in rome and loved them but had some scratches, can you help me with that? thanks

  12. I love the window displays, it looks simple and elegant… Chiara and you look like models!! so thin and tall, I like seeing you two in posts together :)

  13. Looovely!!!! Could somebody tell me where i could find andy´s iphone cover please??? I send her an email but she hasn´t answer it :(Thanks!xoxo

  14. i have to say that i saw the "smart amsterdam" video and u are super cute and cool person.i really like your style&blog.:)

  15. Beautiful pictures! It must be great having such amazing professionals doing your hair and makeup!!X

  16. Andy you look so beautiful! I love that Acne jacket, I want the navy one so so badly.x

  17. Hola preciosa, me encant tu estilo y las estupendas ideas que nos das cada día. Solo una cosa…no todas podemos permitirnos comprar las marcas que tu llevas, y por lo menos a mi, me encantaría que usaras marcas online más económicas para que tengamos acceso como Asos, Forever21, mintmelon, topshop… Gracias.

  18. Very nice pics… beautiful love <3STREET STYLE: Andy TORRES- STYLE SCRAPBOOK

  19. Me encanta Bolonia!!que ciudad tan bonita… y a ti, te veo estilosa a mas no poder!!! ME HAS ENCANTADO CON ESE VESTIDITO BEIGE CASI BLANCO, mira q blonde salada tiene q ser impresionante pero a ti se te ve maravillos incluso a su lado. besazos desde Madrid. sami

  20. Looks like you girls had the best time ever! You look great & those photos are fab!Happy weekend xoxo

  21. I adore that white dress you were wearing! And your legs look amazing in them. How do you manage to keep them looking so nice :(?

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