I am super happy and excited to share these pictures with you and I wanted to take a moment to thank  all the people who came to the party at L’inde Le Palais last week to meet us and for making my day SO special!
Here is a compilation of photos a lot of you sent me from that night with a  mixture of pics Lindestore sent me from the party but if you were also there and you have a picture of us together, send it to [email protected] and I would love to add it to this post.
Thank you so much again for being the sweetest readers in the world! ♥

P.S- Don’t forget that you can win the whole look I was wearing at the L’inde le palais party (pictures above). If you wanna rock that little black dress and win those black sandals to sport them all summer, click HERE for more info! … You can see examples of how I’ve been wearing the black sandals here :)



  1. wow, great photos! I really want to meet you someday :) I even live in the Netherlands, but unfortunately I haven't seen you in 'real life' before! but I hope that will change :)

  2. stunning. thanks for another amazing post love. please swing by for all the latest celebrity fashion news as well as see pics of my latest celebrity trend report.

  3. Really nice post. Love the video and the music in the video, which artist is it?I really like the outfits you were both wearing at the party. Love the heels that Chiara wears!x

  4. Felicidades Andy te veías guapísima y altísima!! Creo que eres una de las mexicanas más altas que conozco pero allá deben pensar que todas somos así!!jajaja Bueno mejor que piensen eso, tenemos a la mejor representante de México en

  5. Hello Andy, I'm Arianna (probably one of your youngest follower, do you remember me..? I was at the event )I like this video! :) you're one of my fave bloggers, so stay like this! I personally think you're great.your reader ari!

  6. Impresionante con ese vestido y sandalias. El cinto de brillos le queda de maravilla. Bicos

  7. Such great pictures! You and Chiara both looked amazing. I love the wedges…looks like lots of fun :)

  8. I've followed your blog for a while now but lately I've been totally in love with it. I read every single post and while watching this video today it totally hit me. I've always known that being a famous fashion blogger gives opportunities but I mean it's just so so so cool. It is so amazing that you are known by almost all famous fashion people and you have so many opportunities. It's just really amazing and i know that it has came with hard work. It would be very interesting if you would make a post about yourself before becoming one of the most famous fashion bloggers on the planet. Like how were your usual days before, what did you wear, what dreams you had and so on plus how did you manage to make your blog so big.. It would be amazing to read. Plus it would be so great if you would check out my blog on and give your honest opinion on that but i understand if you don't have time for that.Anyways, i wish you good luck in everything!:)-Kertu

  9. Love how this popped up perfect for my iPhone!! Love the little black dress, very cute!!Kc

  10. Andy you look amazing in that black dress! And I also loved your wedges and belt, stunning and cool! :))

  11. haha did you noticed that your face has the same expression in all the pictures and your head is always in the same position lol :Dbtw, i don't like your bangs styled that way, i think they look so much better when you style them as usual! :)kissesMila

  12. The pic with you an Chiara is hilarious! :DBianca

  13. Great pictures! I love the last one ^^ Would you like to take a look at my blog too? That would be so nice =)Lots of love,

  14. cuantas fotos te hiciste??que suerte que seas tan fotogénica y salgas siemre bien.muchos besos guapa

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