June 24, 2011 in Uncategorized by Andy

Photos via FashionGoneRogue

As I was surfing the web this morning, I stumbled across this editorial from the July issue of Russian ELLE and 1: It made me miss the beach and 2: It reminded me of the time when I was also sporting that AMAZING Jil Sander skirt a few months back, so I thought it would be funny to do a: “My way, Their way” post.
Of course I decided that the best move would be to wear a top, as I am not sure I would ever have the guts to go around topless like this brave model who sported the skirt and nothing but the skirt for the July issue of Russian ELLE, so my hat’s off to her for being so brave, me, I will stick to the t-shirt 😉

I hope you all have an amazing Friday / Weekend!!! … Guess where I am off tomorrow? :O


En la mañana mientras visitaba mis blogs y paginas preferidas, me tope con este editorial de la edición de Julio de ELLE Russia y 1: Me hizo extranar la playa y 2: Me recordo el dia en el que tube la oportunidad de ponerme esa falda hermosa de Jil Sander.
Claro que yo decidí que la mejor opción era ponerme una blusa encima, pero a la pobre modelo le toco usar la falda y nada mas que la falda. Esas son agallas, me quito el sombrero por su valentía, yo me quedo con la playera 😉

¡Espero que tengan un Viernes / Fin de semana increíble! … Adivina a donde me voy mañana? :O