I have noticed that as the months go by, I add more and more embellishments to my wrists. You all know that I love wearing 2 watches and in fact, that is one of the most frequently asked questions every time I meet someone: Andy, Why do you wear 2 watches?Hmm, I just like they way it looks (which I believe is reason enough ;).

My bracelet collection has been growing enormously thanks to my recent travels and my friend Rachel from Fashionology who has been spoiling me with many of her treasures. Now I am interested to see how many more bracelets I can wear in one go, its all about the right balance I guess. 


Me he dado cuenta que mientras pasan los meses, yo le sigo agregando mas y mas cosas a mis muñecas, es mas, el otro día mi mejor amigo me dijo que mi mano izquierda parecía arbolito de navidad :S hahaha.

Ustedes saben como me fascina usar 2 relojes a la vez, es mas, esa es la pregunta que me hacen mas frecuentemente cada vez que conozco a alguien; Andy ¿Por que usas 2 relojes? … Hmm, Pues por que me gusta ;) (se me hace razón suficiente).


110 thoughts on “DETAILS “ROUND MY WRIST”

  1. love them! u're so creative! i always love putting something also on my wrist :) :) :) I especially love your skeleton bracelet ;)xoxo,

  2. Hola Andy!!…estoy enamorada del brazalete dorado que llevas en la foto con el jersey malva=)…me podrías decir dónde puedo encontrar uno igual?=)Enhorabuena por tu blog, por tu estilo y profesionalidad=)

  3. Thanks so so much for sharing. These pictures give me so many ideas for new DIY projects!Lini

  4. I love all your bracelets! I do the same, I wear a lot on my wrist, if I don't I feel bare lol I want all your accessories! keep it up!

  5. I went through the same stage of wearing so many things on my wrists… each one was from somewhere different and had special meaning. Its so much fun. But now that its winter I wear nothing!! Except my watch, of course. ♡ Fox Whiskers

  6. omg! i totally love all of your accessories! you're such a talent when comes to mixing bracelets + bangles + watches, lovin it! you inspired me alot! ♥

  7. Two watches makes sense when you're traveling. Set one to home time and the other to local but I don't know about two just for the fashion of it.

  8. I love your teal and neon green watches, so cute. You do always have a great mix of wrist jewelry!xoxo

  9. You always wear such amazing bracelets and watches ! I wish I could buy so many, and wear do many… My skin is soooo sensitive… :/I have the same white Swatch watch :) – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  10. i get this question too when i wear two watches together! =P all your wrist accessories look great together. u have such great taste =)

  11. Love them all! Especially the second, fifth, eighth, twelfth and the sixteenth! The pink watch is gorgeous, I'm definitely going to put that one on my wishlist.Love,Stella

  12. I love the look of the two watches too. Might have to try that with my Michael Kors and a tiny antique golden watch, I enherited from my granddad. It was his mother's back in the day. What nailpolish are you wearing btw? I loooove that colour!!

  13. yo no te preguntaba lo del reloj porque creí que llevabas la hora de México jejeje besos wapa!

  14. Pense q usabas 2 relojes porq en uno tenias la hs de Amsterdam y en el otro la de México…jaja, pero es una buena idea si hay diferencia horaria. besos!

  15. hi andy! could you please show us where do you keep all your amazing jewellery? i need some ideas how to organize mine…:)xx

  16. Thank you so much for everything you do. It is so inspiring! I love your bracelets! Keep up the good work!I am sending you kisses from Belgrade, Serbia! :* :)

  17. Hi Andy, i'm an italian student at University…I discover your blog few days ago, but i immediately fall in love with your look….you're so sofisticated, but simple, and so ORIGINAL in your style…I love two watches… I love dress only one earring! ;) kiss from Umbria

  18. Pues sí te gusta sí es razón suficiente, la gente siempre necesita entender, igual pasa con el arte. Me encantan las pulseras fucsias junto con las plateadas, y el casi amarillo es una pasada!

  19. Andy me encantaria saber si, ¿la camiseta de tu cabecera la hicistes tu o la comprastes?Si la hicistes quiero aprender porque deseo una asi.Besazos (L)

  20. Hi!I love your friendship bracelet. I just found my old friendship bracelet in my old room.Hope the weather is getting better at your place. And when not, don`t worry. It`s cold, rainy, cold and rainy in Germany too.LG!Becky

  21. Such a nice post!!For me it is probably the opposite…I am now wearine less bracelets. But I loooove the colored braclets. The more the better!Bianca

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