Instead of focusing on the terrifying experience I had on my flight back, I wanted to share with you the amazing experience I had in Los Angeles.
I was there for only 2 full days and one of them I spent it shooting at the studio the whole day (I will post pics and details of what I was doing there in the next post)

Lucky for me, we managed to shoot all of my scenes on Sunday at the studio so I had Monday free which I didn’t expect but made me very excited, because I didn’t want to leave without seeing at least a little bit of the city. 

I spent the whole day with the lovely Shea from Cheyenne meets Chanel and we did an express Hollywood tour to see as much as possible. We started off visiting the walk of fame where I took a picture of Michael Jackson’s star ( a MUST in my books ;), we drove near the Hollywood sign to get picture with it and we spent the rest of the day between Melrose, Robertson, had lunch at the Ivy, shopped at Opening Ceremony & Urban outfitters, went for a delish green bubble tea at Urth Cafe and in between all of this, managed to spot Orlando Bloom who stopped his car right next to us at Cafe PRIMO on Sunset, I nearly died!

As the sun started to come down, we ended our day at SoHo House on Sunset Blv where we had a glass of wine, long girly talks AND where we spotted David and Victoria Beckham greeting some friends right in front of us, not to mention Katie Holmes who as soon as I saw I thought : TOM CRUISE is here!, but he wasn’t :(.

I honestly had the best day, Shea is the sweetest and we had so much fun together, just as if we have known each other for ages and it is so refreshing to meet people that you can get along and feel comfortable with, not to mention that making new friends is always exciting!

Stay tuned for the pictures of the studio and where I will finally spill the beans on what I was doing in Hollywood :)



Imagine you are boarding a flight back home, you get on the plane, sit and get comfortable. After 45 minutes they start bringing drinks and snacks and the movie starts. Imagine that as you are starting to watch the movie, all of a sudden the plane feels like its coming down really fast, the lights of the plane go off and the oxygen masks come down…Now imagine that everyones oxygen masks come down except for the masks on yours and few other rows and its getting harder and harder to breathe, can you imagine this scene when you are stuck inside a plane, flying at God knows how many miles up in the sky and there is nothing you can do about it? Well, that is exactly what happened to me last night.

As I was taking my second flight of the day back to Amsterdam and just as I was going to start watching the flight movie, the plane started to come down really fast, I didn’t know what was going on so I tried to keep calm and hold on to my seat but that was until the lights went off all of a sudden and the oxygen masks came out, unfortunately the masks of my row didn’t come out, so then is where I started to get very scared and anxious.

I think I must have been in a state of shock for around a minute because as I saw everyone getting their masks on, I couldn’t put mine on since it didn’t come out and the crew started shouting and running up and down the hall: SHARE THE MASKS WITH THE PEOPLE THAT DONT HAVE ONE PLEASE, THEY WONT BE ABLE TO BREATHE! But nobody was sharing their masks with me and the 2 guys next to me.
We started trying to force open the oxygen mask compartment with a credit card but It wasnt working and the air was getting more and more difficult to breathe, then is where I started to panic.

Finally the guy seating next to me managed to force open the mask compartment with a key, our masks came out, I put it on as soon as I could and started to be able to breathe normally again.

We had to do an emergency turn back to Philadelphia because the plane lost its cabin pressure and the problem was that for the people that didn’t have the masks on, it was getting very difficult to breathe and now imagine you cant breathe when you are stuck in a plane.
We are just VERY LUCKY that the plane was over Boston when it happened and not in the middle of the ocean, because the pilot was able to think quick and get us back to Philadelphia to prevent a tragedy.
I don’t know what was worse, the feeling of the plane going down as fast as possible because we lost cabin pressure, the fact that my oxygen mask didn’t come out or the fact that as I was seeing everyone around me breathing with their masks on, I was sitting there in a state of shock and it was getting very difficult to breathe, it was almost as if I was breathing through a sponge or a piece of cloth, the air was so thin and started giving me a chest pain.

We managed to turn back and land in Philadelphia before this would turn into a tragedy and 1 hour after we landed we were put into another flight to Amsterdam, but to be honest, that LAST thing I felt like doing at that moment was getting back into another plane.

Now I am sitting back at home writing you about the scariest experience I have ever been through on a plane, I am just happy and grateful that this didnt end up in tragedy and extremely shocked at the fact that US Airways don’t give maintenance to those planes and if it wasn’t because we managed to force open the Oxygen mask compartment, me and the people next to me wouldn’t have been able to breathe at around 37,000 feet up in the air and what shocked me the most, was that the people next to us refuse to share their oxygen with us…

EDIT: I took these 3 pictures as we were already stable and almost landing back in Philadelphia, not while the commotion was happening for those who are commenting on that.


It might be strange for you to see me wearing flats, you know, since I am always wearing high heels on the blog, In fact, my trick is to ALWAYS bring a pair of flats inside my purse, or how I like to call them “emergency shoes”, for those moments of extreme high heel pain, you all know what I am talking about! (Well, not you boys :P)

It is true that I am used to wearing high heels and I love it, never mind the fact that I am 1.80cm without any shoes on, but coming back to steady ground is always a pleasure, so whenever I can give my feet a break, I will be wearing flats around, preferably converse in black or white.

Do you also love wearing high heels, or are you a flat shoe lover?


Probablemente les parezca extraño el verme en zapatos de piso, y mas en tenis ya que la mayoría de las veces (si no es que siempre), ando de tacones en el blog.
Mi truco es traer zapatos de piso en mi bolsa, o como me gusta llamarlos “zapatos de emergencia”, ya saben, para esos momentos en los que los tacones te están matando y ya no sabes ni a que santo rezarle para que se te quite el dolor de pies.

Es verdad que me fascina traer tacones, a pesar de medir 1.80cm sin zapatos, pero es basico que en cuanto pueda darle un descanso a mis pies, no lo pienso ni 2 veces y me pongo mis flats, de preferencia converse en blanco o negro.

¿A ti también te fascina andar de tacones o prefieres los zapatos de piso?


Ring 1: MILOR / Ring 2: MILOR / Pants: ZARA / Sweater: Style by Marina / Necklace:


These pics are not from LA, we shot them just before I came to show you guys how does the Vintage leather jacket looks. I think there are tons of ways to wear it and the color is amazing but since I did all pants “Looks of the day” last week, I went for a skirt which funny enough has almost the same shade of turquoise as the suede of the sleeves so I thought it would be a funny way to make a “suit like” look, hope you like it!

Now I am off to adventure in my first day in LA, I think we have some commitments in Venice beach and I am so looking forward to see as much as I can! … TTYL :D


Estas fotos las tomamos antes de venirme a Los Angeles para enseñares como se ve la chamarra de piel vintage que compre el fin pasado. La verdad hay muchísimas maneras de combinarla pero como al semana pasada puse puros “looks del dia” en pantalones, se me antojo combinar la chamarra con una falda y como encontre esta que es casu del mismo tono, me aventure a hacer un look que pareciera “traje”, ¡Espero que les guste!


Jacket: Vintage / Skirt: ZARA / Shoes: L’Autre chose / Bag: Malababa / Rings: MILOR /