Today is my third day in Santorini, Greece and it has really exceeded my expectations.

This is the first time I visit Greece after a very very long time of daydreaming about it and after this, It will certainly not be my last time.
I snapped this pictures after I went out for a run the other morning and just looking at that blue sea gives me such positive energy and the food, my God, the food is amazing!

I cant wait to show you the look of the day shoots I have been snapping in this magical place!


Hoy es mi tercer día en Santorini Grecia y no solamente me ha fascinado, pero ha rebasado mis expectativas.

Esta es la primera vez que visito Grecia después de muchísimos años de soñar con venir y después de esta experiencia, seguramente no será la ultima vez.
Tome estas fotos el otro día mientras salí a correr por la mañana y tan solo con ver el azul del mar me lleno de energía positiva y la comida, Dios mio, la comida es lo máximo!

Me muero de ganas por enseñarles los looks del dia que hemos estado tomando en este lugar magico.


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  1. santorini must be one of my fav cities…and i havent seen it yetyet i havent seen it! but from everything ive seen and heard about it, i love it!!!…next summer, santorini here i come!:)

  2. going through your posts i now realized you visited us!hope you had fun time,great memories & looking forward having you here in greece again soon!and oh,you totally match the "greek island style"!xoxo

  3. hi i'm from greece and yes you have been in the most amazing island of Greece(my choice)!!i visit every year!!my favourite is the breakfast at thira!!the only wrong with Santorini is a little bit expensive!!but if you see the Sunset at the caldera you forgot everything !!hahaha!!kissez from GREECE!!

  4. The sea is so inspiring and makes life easier. Can't wait to see your outfit photos, I still can't believe I didn't take any on holiday, but it was just too good and I don't have a photographer.

  5. que envidia!! no sólo por estar de vacaciones sino porque, por lo que enseñas es un lugar mágico… precioso…pd. unas fotos preciosas! felicitaciones al cámara :)

  6. Welcome to Greece…and like the slogan says "Live your Myth in Greece" heheI'm from Piraeus but I'm currently living in Cyprus…I havent visited Santorini unfortunately but I hope some day I will..I need to know if you had a "souvlaki" with tzatziki [yogurt with cucumbers and garlic] if you havent..DO SO!! h;pand pastitsio, gemista [tomatoes filled with meat] I hope you have a great time!!..oh and every time you have a drink [try ouzo] say "gia mas" [cheers] :))

  7. The combination of blue and white is everywhere in the Greece. I love sooo much that I would kill for it :D Landscape and color of the sea are unbelievable… Very nice photos!!

  8. wow… how beautiful Santorini is! I have never been in Greece, so tnx, Andy, for your little photo diary, that gives me a chance to love this place! enjoy it for future sweet memories! ;)

  9. On our honeymoon we were in Santorini and Mykonos, and we loved it!!!! So, at the top of my blog, the picture was taken in Oia… enjoy it!!!Kisses from Barcelona :)

  10. wow, amazing pictures. I think I will have to go there one day, too! :)wow, I love these black-and-white pictures, you look really great! especially the shoes are beautiful!

  11. Greece and Serbian food is the best!!Bianca

  12. I'm not sure if you know but the word on the third picture "PALIA" means "OLD"!!!Plus,you should go see Caldera and swim on the hot waters nearby (but no with a white swimsuit or jewelery on!)See the sunset in Oia,go to the black beach in Kamari,on the red beach (in a really comfy outfit)And of course on the White beach a.k.a Lover's Beach!!!Take it from a Greek Girl,Santorini is gorgeous!!!!(Plus,do not ask for a greek salad,ask for a "Choriatiki" or a tomato-cucumber with Feta cheese instead!)

  13. Ik ben zelf al twee keer naar Santorini geweest en het is echt mijn droombestemming. Het is er gewoon zo prachtig mooi! Als ik je foto's zie, zou ik het liefst onmiddellijk op een vliegtuig springen! :) Ik heb al enkele andere Griekse eilanden gedaan en niets verslaat Santorini!

  14. I absolutely loveeee these photos! I've been to Santorini but my photos aren't this good! haha, you MUST go to Mykonos!!

  15. This place looks llike a dream!!! Love these photos honey ! Can't wait to see your outfit post there!XOXO

  16. hola guapa!que fotos tan bonitas!! tienes que estar en un sitio precioso!besos

  17. So beautiful! Everything is so blue and brilliant. I've been dreaming about Greece, lately, too. And Italy! I hope to travel to both some day.Please share more photos.

  18. desde que soy chica sueño con ir a santorini. me encanta a convinacion blanco y azul francia que tiene.besos

  19. oh my gosh! it looks so pretty outthere! now i'm even more excited since i'm going to greece myself in 2 months!!♥

  20. AS a GREEK child i have to thank you for the good words…the one Greek island is better from the other.!!and the food is amazing in every different place of Greece..=D i wish you to have the best time here and to come back again as soon as possible.Kisses from Thessaloniki,GREECE.Vicky.

  21. Beautiful Ohia!!! I went to Santorini two summers ago and it was an amazing holiday..the most beautiful place in the world!

  22. Shitt.. You're on vacation and still behind your laptop making blogposts. THAT'S NOT GOOD. You're working so hard and I seriously have respect for that, but try to respect yourself too by NOT opening your laptop on vacation. Relax a bit without the constant need to post! I'm sure ALL your readers will understand if you do not update for a week because you want to relax and take your head off things. The picture are also beautiful if they're shown a week later. Anyways, that's only a tip from me to you. Hope you take care of yourself and don't overwork yourself!Have fun!

  23. Welcome to Greece!!I'm Lida,a Greek fan of yours and i have to say that this post is trully amazing!!you even made the ugly greek tourist junk stuff look awesome!!I hope you have a great time in Santorini!It's a very beautiful and romantic island!!kissesLida:)

  24. It's so great to see that so many people love Greece! It's indeed a gorgeous country :) And I told you, greek food is amazing (can't be objective here lol!)! Well, your pics are gorgeous even if for me and the other greek fellows it's an every day sight! I'm really curious to know the reaction of people when they saw you taking outfit pics though! hahaha! People here are not

  25. so exited you like greece! if you want any insider tips id be more than glad to share them! will you be visiting athens as well? <3 try the fried kalamari and shrimp at a taverna and always order small fish, so yummy!

  26. Amazing photos! They remind of how beautiful Santorini is, and my vacations there, a few years back …Glad you liked our island! But we have so many nice cities and islands here in Greece to visit too. Have a great day, and an amazing time while in Santorini!

  27. I can't wait for the looks either! OMG that blue sea is simply divine, I miss Greece so much, the landscapes and the villas, they are all so unique. I just adore the Mediterranean countries.

  28. WOW .. I love Santorini!!Is a such brigh place! :)Great photos! ;)Kissesfrom

  29. grecia siempre ha sido uno de esos sitios en los que quiero ir… y viendo estas fotos, no hace falta pensarlo mucho más! adoro el mar…xx

  30. wow, it´s looking amazing, can´t wait to see your outfit of the day shot !!!xoxo

  31. Welcome in Greece Andy, I hope you're having a great time. It's nice having you here, in Santorini they have awesome ntomatokeftedes!! Did you visited the volcano ? The weather isn't that great today (in Athens, I guess its the same) hope it'll get better, have fun!

  32. Wow, so pretty! Are you there with your boyfriend? I read somewhere on aftrdark's blog that you have one. Anyway have fun there!

  33. I have not been to the Greek islands, or Athens, one of my favourite cities in it seems like forever – you're making me really, really want to go again!

  34. qué envidia me das! me encanta Santorini, me parece precioso. las fotos son muy bonitas, has montado ya en burro o todavía no?un besito!

  35. El azul precioso, pero a mi me encanta el blanco de las casas, hace que te relajes y te encuentres en paz. Esperando fotos! (K)

  36. wow such an amaizng place ! and your pictures are incredible, i'm sure you can send them to some travel agency haha :) did you go there for your private holidays and with who ? :) xxx

  37. these are such pristine pictures…looks like you're having a fabulous time! oh and i really like that sweater you're wearing. i've been on the lookout for the perfect casual and cozy sweaterx

  38. Oh my God, so many memories of this place!I won't stop telling how much I love Santorini!!I'm sure you're having an amazing time..PS: Don't forget to visit the white beach by a boat and try Santorini's cherry tomatoes.. Also, it's a great experience to visit a winery there!!xoxoChara

  39. Andy it's guaranteed that you'll have the best time in Greece… cant wait to see your outfit posts!Zenia, from Greece!

  40. Santorini is incredible! The home of peace and harmony! ;) Have a good holiday, Andy! Kisses,Gina from

  41. Wauw, Griekenland ziet er echt zo verschrikkelijk mooi uit. Zeker een plek waar ik ooit nog naar toe wil! Dat wit steekt zo prachtig af tegen de blauwe lucht en de zee… mooi!

  42. i love santorini so much,in 2001 i was there for work and i stayed 7 months…..such a nice period,go to galini restaurant in monolithos, the best octopus i never eat.

  43. I love these photos! Greece is magical. I will be visiting one of the islands this summer. Can't wait! Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  44. Welcome to my country Andy!!!You look gorgeous as always…I can't wait for another post…Don't forget to eat pita gyro and souvlaki of course..hahaha!Greece loves you!!!

  45. Santorini is so beautiful! Never expected it to be though :) But wow, this is amazing! That water is so blue, hahaa. You look great by the way ;)Love,shanah?

  46. my gosh dear, these are some truly stunning images, what beautiful photography and brilliant capturing of such a magical part of the world. You have such a humble skill, honestly beautiful! ohh I'm actually adoring this blog and cannot believe I have only discovered you!love and peace from Australia :) Oh, and you should DEFINITELY come down under some time soon lovely! HA have a lovely trip x

  47. I see that you didn't resist from the beauty of Santorini.PS. Few say that it was a part of mystic Atlantis. Well, I don't know and I don't care but I know that this island has a kind of magic which you can find anywhere else. :)

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