I just arrived from Paris but I have only about 4 hours to spare before driving back to the airport, this time for a much anticipated holiday to Santorini…See you in Greece!

P.S- All pics from the MANGO show are coming up!


Acabo de llegar de Paris y tengo literalmente 4 horas para desempacar y volver a empacar antes de tomar  el primer vuelo a Santorini, pero esta vez me voy de vacaciones … ¡Nos vemos en Grecia!

P.S- Todas las fotos del show de MANGO en Paris vienen pronto


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  1. O.M.G you are at santorini?? :O i live in athens!!!please if you spent some days in athens let us(all your fans from greece)know!! :D love,ebelina :)

  2. wooowww… Santorini!!amazing place as I can see in the photo!I have holidays too but I cannot go anywhere as I have a little cat I found in the street and it needs my help and I can't let it alone…you can see how cute it is in my

  3. Santorini is one of Greece's most beautiful islands! Have fun while there!I live in Greece but I've only visited it once. I would definitely visit it again in the future! You should go to Oia as others said to watch the sunset, drink cocktails at Franco's in the main city (Fira) while while watching the amazing view, and party all night long at the islands' clubs.

  4. Oh my Coco have fun! I'm going to Greece in a month for 5 weeks, I am so excited it's painful!New giveaway on my blog, check it out! :)

  5. Totally jealous of your Greece trip, I've always wanted to go! Can't wait to see the pics from the show and Greece. happy and save travelsxoxo

  6. I'm booking my holiday to Crete today! Went to Lindos in Rhodes last time…so beautiful. Have a good time.

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  8. I'm curious about your Mango adventures! :) And you're so lucky that you can just fly a little further to have another great holiday… Have lots of fun in Santorini!!Loves

  9. Andy!! I'm so jealous of you! Santorini is a dream of mine. I want to go there so badly!Enjoy it, can't wait to see the pictures.

  10. OMG you're going to Santorini???What a wonderful place you've chosen for your vacations…Have fun and enjoy Greece! :)Kiss*Joana* (PT)

  11. Andy yo voy en Septiembre te agradecería los datos de mercado… tu entiendes! y lugares cool que visitar…por fis he buscado y hay muy poco…y si es con fotos mejor un beso desde Chile y no me han mandado info sobre el camera bag!besos

  12. Now I'm jealous I should have so been able to have gone when I was studying in Wales, but circumstances happened and I had to leave early I cry seriously because I would have loved to had made it on my trip to Greece and didn't. Ugh have fun and share tons of photos.

  13. ciao Andy!!!i'm Valentina, I'm Italian and I write from my homeland, Sicily!I went to Santorini 3 years ago with my boyfriend for a week and have left us a piece of us is an island .. magical and romantic … but it also has its side unconventional and appealing;)I will follow you from a lot but I've never written so far. I wish you a great stay in this beautiful island and expect to see many beautiful photos.Greetings from Palermo.Valentina

  14. ik zag al een geweldige foto op twitter! echt super mooi!hopelijk ben je wat bijgekomen van de twee reizen zo snel achter elkaar en kan je er weer tegenaan!you rockNEW OUTFITPOST

  15. Ohmygosh!!!! I can't believe you're coming here in Greece!!! Santorini is really beautiful, hope you have fun! You have to visit the volcano! The weather is really beautiful, I'm not sure that the sea will be warm, but I guess that for you (that is used to leave in cold places) the temperature will be good, so bring your swimwear with you :D Oh and eat 'mousaka' and 'tiropita'. Especially 'mousaka', you'll remember me! hahah! What else? That's all! Hope you have fun! Can't wait to see pics from the beautiful sunset! :D Wish I could meet you! Can't believe you'll be so close and I won't have the chance to meet one of the most fashionable girls!

  16. que guapo Andy!estaré en Santorini en junio, a ver se apunto algunas dicas tuyas antes!besito y pasalo muy bien!!!

  17. aaaaaaaaaaah te odio!!!y yo sufriendo con los exámenes de la universidad hasta el 30 de junio!pero como me gusta tanto tu blog te voy a perdonar…<3pasatelo muuuuy bien!!!

  18. Ohhhh yo estoy enamorada de Las islas griegas!!! SAntorini y Mykonos me encantan es mas, mi trabajo final lo hice sobres estas islas!! Pásalo en grande preciosa!!!!! y relax y mas relax que te lo mereces!!Besitos :D

  19. Santorini is stunning! You should visit Firostefani, Imerovigli and of course Oia.. Also visit all the beaches of the island if it's possible :)Have fun

  20. Santorini is fantastic,magical place!!!!You will love it!!!!WELCOME TO GREECE!!!Next time come also in Greece -CRETE!!!!!The most beautiful place in the world!!!!

  21. wow! Thanks for coming to Greece! I'm Greek and proud! ;) I hope you'll have a good time in Santorini, is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Make sure you visit the local shops cause you'll find many things (especially accessories) you might like!xxx

  22. no esperes que digamos pobrecitas, mas bien …QUE ENVIDIA!!!muchos besos guapa y pásatelo genial!besos

  23. Hey ! I see you're going to Greec so here's a blog from a greek girl so check it ou : just started it a week ago so any sort of help is more than welcome :) Thanks, you're the best and you're blog is just really cool & an inspiration to all :) ps : you are going to have an amazing time in Santorini !!!!

  24. The picture is amazing. What a beautiful view!Can't wait to see the pictures from the Mango show!

  25. Qué envidia, Andy, Santorini, guau. Disfruta y no te quemes tu piel aún tan blanca. Tengo que decirte que tus looks me parecen lo más, tan modernos, tan diferentes, nada ñoños ni anticuados, estás a años luz de las demás bloggers. Cuando te veo me parece estar viendo la moda del futuro, la que se llevará en el 2.050 o algo así. Muchos besos desde Madrid. Mª José.

  26. Santorini is soooo nice! Enjoy your holidays!!!Check my blog, advices on fashion for all, in Italian and

  27. oh you gonna love it!!! i'm from Greece and Santorini is by far my favorite island!if you want any informations you are more then welcome to ask me! here is my email: [email protected] have fun!!!

  28. Not so fashionable, but a comment with great importance !Definitely try a fresh greek cheese pie( tiropita ) !!!It`s the best thing in the world!!! Have a great vacation, u deserve it !

  29. Santorini es increible, para mi fue un viaje especial, y no olvides pasar por Mikonos para un poco de FIESTA!!!Un abrazo de todo el equipo de

  30. Santorini es increible, para mi fue un viaje especial, y no olvides pasar por Mikonos para un poco de FIESTA!!!Un abrazo de todo el equipo de

  31. I've been on Santorini few years ago and I have to tell you that this place is perfect in every single way. Enjoy your holiday!!!

  32. Santorini!!! For someone like me, who studied Greek language and culture for five years, there's no better place to go on holiday! :o)Have a lovely time Andy!

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