These are pretty much my only purchases since I have been in Santorini (these and all the Greek food that has been crossing my path).

I’m really into colorful accessories now and its crazy to think that most of this bracelets were incredibly cheap, some of them even costed me 1 euro! 
My favorites have to be the orange one with the skull+peace sign and the ones with the eye which are supposed to give you good luck…Which one is your favorite?


Estas han sido mis únicas compras desde que llegue a Santorini (esto y básicamente toda la comida Griega que ha cruzado mi camino).

Es increíble pensar que la mayoría de estas pulseras me costaron baratísimas, de hecho algunas hasta me costaron 1 euro, ¿Cuales son tus favoritas?


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  1. OMG this bracelets are gorgeous, beautiful color ^.^ and beautiful you…as alwaysWhere do you have taken these? Which store was?i'll be in santorini for work this month, maybe I find something similarFra ;)

  2. hello andy..i'm from greece and i've been in santorini about four years ago..santorini is extremely awesome the way it is..i hope you visited the volcano…i have to say that you are preety in greece and i hope sometime you'll come back and i wish i have the opportunity to see you… kisses from greece..

  3. those are the nicest bangles i've ever seen! you really got great taste in accessories, Andy ♥ so inspired ♥

  4. que increible estan tus pulseras!!mi favorita es la de la calavera!! y sabes lo mas chistoso esque yo me compre un anillo en topshop en NYC y las calaveras son identicas a tu pulsera.. asi IGUALITAS.. jaja que chistoso no? como tan lejos?en fin, espero hayas disfrutado tus vacaciones como se debe.mi anillo sale en mi blog.www.thefashlight.comxopaola

  5. estan increibles tus pulseras! la calavera es identica a un anillo que me compre en topshop de NY… jajaja que raro no?? tan lejos pero a la vez tan cerca en el mundo de modas…puedes ver mi anillo en mi blogwww.thefashlight.comsaludos!! y espero hayas disfrutado de tus vacaciones como se debe!xo

  6. Just want to tell you that I'm from Israel and we have this kind of bracelets in every corner almost and they cheap too!I'm waiting for your visit in Israel (not only because of the bracelets:-)I'm sure you already heard it a million times but I have to say that you have the best style in the whole world.

  7. I totally agree with you! I especially love the orange with the skull and peace sign! Hope your having fun!!!<3 XOXO

  8. I love cheap, chic finds!! I love the orange one with the skulls and the teal one. Jealous you're getting "real" greek food! Enjoy.xoxo

  9. I love the bracelet with the skull too! I love skulls :D. I saw those kinds of bracelets too when I was at Crete. I am so jealous on you, I long to be back at Crete again. Love the country, the food, the people and the vibe.

  10. Jewelry is one of the best things to buy on vacation it's small and most of it lasts forever way better than any keychain for sure.

  11. I loved that one with the little skull since the previous post as I noticed it right away :)Enjoy the rest of your holidays dear and don't forget to go to Ammoudi and eat at the 'Sunset' tavern. It's just under Oia that you stay.xoxoxo

  12. hey!! now you have a blue bead worn against the evil eye, that was absolutely what you needed:) in Turkey -you know, all the mediterranean countries have similarities like this one- we believe that bead protect us from the evil's eye. You should also come here, to the cities like Istanbul and Bodrum :)Anyway, your new bracelets are great:)Kisses

  13. i really like the 3rd (blue and gold) and the 5th one (the two bracelets, one of them is orange…)classic but so cutexoxo

  14. La que más me gusta es la azul de la 3ª foto, pero son todas bonitas. Además ahora para el verano quedan genial, tan coloridas :)xxx

  15. Love them all! And i am going to santorini in two weeks, so i shall have a look for some nice jewellery like this! So excited :) x

  16. I love the skull one. Being from Greece and not have gone back home since last year your pictures have totally added to my homesickness. but you look brilliant and what lovely style! xx

  17. my friend recommended me those kinds of skull colorful bracelets few weeks agolovely!100th post reached today :)celebrate w/ me?

  18. Nice bracelets and really cheap! The ones with the eye, in fact, they are meant to protect you from other people's eyes (the evil eye), when they look at you with envy or in a bad way. They are really common here in Greece! Many people still believe in superstitions. But nowadays, they usually wear them for their beauty!Either way,they are cute! :)Have a nice day!

  19. Son todas muy bonitas y juntas quedan preciosas, es difícil elegir. !Qué envidia de vacaciones!. Bicos

  20. the eye^^ it protects me since I'm a little child. the skull is oh so mexican and the eye so turkish. so i'm not very neutral at this pointxo, Hatun

  21. hola guapa,me parecen preciosas, creo que mi favorita es las de la calavera. me encanta el color.besos

  22. Those bracelets are real treasures! Love the turquoise bracelets!xoxo

  23. Sí que son bonitas! además son mucho de tu estilo. por cierto qué objetivos utilizas? ando buscando ese efecto en las fotos y estoy un poco perdida, gracias y un saludo desde España que te adoramos! xx

  24. love the colorful additions! glad you have indulged in some great greek food, its the best! the eye is called "the evil eye" and it is to ward off evil spirits :))

  25. Todas son monísimas, pero las que más me han gustado han sido las de

  26. Love the skull bracelet!Bianca

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