If I told you that I am in love with my new Alexander Wang shoes, it would be an understatement, not only because they are amazing, but because I have been wanting these babies since I saw them for the very first time

When I got this package from The Webster Miami about a week and a half ago, I literally jumped of excitement, these shoes are not only perfect, but the color allows me to wear them with absolutely everything I want. 
With that said, I don’t mean that you will see me wearing these with every single outfit, I certainly don’t want to overkill them, so I will try to control myself, although I must warn, these will be positively overexposed on StyleScrapbook, they deserve so!


Si te dijera que estoy enamorada de mis nuevas botas de Alexander Wang, no estaria exagerando y como no voy a estarlo, si son increibles :D.

Hace una semana y media, cuando me llego el paquete de The Webster Miami,  juro que salte por toda mi casa como un saltamontes de la felicidad, no solo por que me fascinan estos zapatos, sino que también por que me había enamorado de ellos desde la primera vez que los vi.
Con esto no quiere decir que de ahora en adelante me los voy a poner todos los días, no quiero hartarlos con los mismo, peor seguramente los verán por estos rumbos mucho y mas por que me van a combinar con todo, ¡Que felicidad! :D


Alexander Wang Dakota boots: The Webster Miami

122 thoughts on “NEW IN “ALEXANDER WANG BOOTS”

  1. son increibles!!espero k pronto con enseñes un outfit con ellas :))

  2. Alomejor suene raro pero literalmente saque la lengua cual cachorrito frente a una carnita de su amo jajajaj estan PRECIOSOS! Me da gusto ver que te va super bien con en blog y puedes comprarte unos Alexader Wang tu muy bien (y)un abrazoo de Paris :)

  3. wooooowwww!!!! I also want them!!!!but they must be super expensive! damn!!!!they are perfect in every single thing…

  4. Ooo they are white. Eeep I could never do white shoes I can't even keep white shirts good luck with that.

  5. Congrats for being featured on Polyvore!! I've followed you for quite some time now but it was pretty exciting to see you in the Polyvore newsletter :)Keep up with the blog xoxo

  6. omg. these are so amazing. can't get enough of your blog. thanks for another great post. swing by to see 3 new post today including the latest celebrity trend report.

  7. SOY UNA CHICA ESPAÑOLA QUE GRACIAS A TU BLOG HE DECIDIDO HACERME UNO PARA PODER SEGUIRTE!sigue siempre así!Dejo mi nuevo blog por si a alguien le interesa!

  8. doesnt A. Wang just make THE BEST shoes ever!? we have been coveting them for a long time. so lucky you have them in y our possesion!

  9. la verdad es que son preciosos.. no me extraña nada que estes emocionada! demasiadas emociones para una sola semana!! un besote a la nueva it girl de mango!! :)Ale

  10. wow!! Son increibleeeeeeeeeeeeeees!me encantooo!!estaria enamorada igual si tuviera uno!!!

  11. I AM SO JEALOUSI went into Barney's NYC and I saw them and wow, they are stunning. I will own these babies, can't wait to see you how you wear them :)x

  12. No me extraña si es que son preciosas!!yo no puedo permitirme el lujo de gastarme un apasat en estas marcas, peor si pudiera….ya ves!!cuidalas mucho.muaks.

  13. Aww LOVE! I'm in your boating with melting over the first time I saw these. All the colors they come in are perfect and neutral. So excited to see your outfits with them!xoxo

  14. As a fellow huge Alexander Wang fan….such a good choice, they are such nice shoes and agreed they will go with so much, a perfect spring shoe!!

  15. OMG these are so on my wishlist… I love them and can't wait to get my hands on a pair, although I think it won't happen soon… quite expensive :(Can't wait to see them on you!XO

  16. absolutely love them!!!!i love your style andyyy :) i follow you since some months but this is the first comment i,congrats for winning the mango competition!!you definitely deserve it!you're like an inspiration for me :) xo Elle

  17. LOVE them! =) I've been craving these boots for a long time! May I ask how much you paid in shipping costs to Europe from The Webster Miami?I look forward to seeing your outfits with them! =D

  18. I am so in love with the Alexander Wang SS 11 collection and especially the boots! Love them xoxo

  19. Andy your new Alexander Wang Boots rock! :) We are waiting for brand new combinations with them ;)

  20. Are you kidding me? I've been lusting over these beauties some nights ago and thought I'd definitely need to save up money. I'm utterly jealous, but also excited to see how you paired them.

  21. ¡Qué bonitos! Ojalá me pudiera comprar algo de lo que me enamoro… tengo muchos amores platónicos jajajaja(K)

  22. beautiful! this a perfect pair of shoes! what a pity, that I can't wear heels :/greetings from

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