Sometimes the simplest of outfits can achieve the perfect look.

I found this skirt at the acne shop the other day and it was as if it had been waiting for me to be discovered. It is probably one of the most amazing skirts I have ever seen, the color, the draping, the fabric, the length, everything about it is perfect, now I wish they were making this in every color (Picture this in a neon yellow, I DIE!)

As simple as this outfit is, I kept repeating all day how I wished I could wear it every day. The perfect skirt paired with a simple sleeveless sweatshirt and my new platforms which as high as they are, they couldn’t be more comfy, love them!


Muchas veces los looks mas simples pueden ser los mejores.

Encontré esta falda en la tienda de acne el otro dia y con tan solo verla me di cuenta de que era hecha para mi, ahora imaginala en muchos colores (especialmente en amarillo neón, seria todavía mas perfecta)

Aunque este look es muy simple, sin duda es uno de mis favoritos y si por mi fuera, me lo podría poner todos los días.


Skirt: ACNE
Sweatshirt: COS
Bracelet & Necklace: DIY
Watch: Triwa


  1. hey andy you've got greaaat legs but i've noticed that from your posts last year like jan 2010/april 2010 – may 2011 you have lost weight. i'm not going to condemn you or whatever but i was just wondering how did you do it? and please don't give me every celebrity's answer to this question: it's genetics! etc. i think you know what i mean. i really dont mean to offend i just really want to know because i'm slim but my thighs are really annoying me and i would love to know how to get your absolutely amazing legs!!

  2. Andy the look is perfect as always.but your hair today is particulary pretty.Beijoshttp://thebeautyoflifeis.blogspot.com/

  3. Qué preciosidad de falda, por favor!!! normal que digas que es perfecta.. me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)Y las cuñas también! bueno, y el collar y la camiseta…jajajaUn besote!

  4. I really like the outfit… so simple and perfect at the same time!the skirt is delicious! and the necklace!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  5. Oh my god!Could there be any hottier, sexier, coolier and more elegant skirt be?!But the whole Outfit is so so lovely and awesome!!

  6. Andy…muestranos la forma de hacer ese collar por fiiiis!!!por favor, que sea el proximo DIY…Es hermoso, ademas tienes la razon muy sencillo pero hermoso el outfit… Me encantoSaludos desde Chile!

  7. love it,love it,love it !<3The skirt is indeed pretty amazing and I have to wonder : even though those beauties (the wedges) are incredible,don't your feet ever get tired?alexandra @shoependant.blogspot.com

  8. Great outfit! The nude wedges were the perfect finishing touch to your look. And I love the mix of your tank/sweatshirt with the draped skirt, so chic.xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  9. Love your look. Just, as you say, because it's simple. The skirt is gorgeous. Super super great on your long legs! And the wedges are lovely. Big plus for this look!XO Charlottewww.thefashionguitar.com

  10. Wow, you look so gorgeous in this skirt! Guapissima! The shoes and necklace are amazing too. XX Nathaliewww.petitefashionistas.nl

  11. Guapisima como siempre!!Me encanta la combinacion de la falda y la camiseta.Great look!!Te sigohttp://outfitdeluxe.blogspot.com/2011/05/butterfly.html

  12. Perfect skirt and perfect outfit too!!I love your watches, it is so beautifulKissesFannyhttp://www.fannyfashionblog.over-blog.com

  13. That skirt is lovely! I've been meaning to pick up a high low hem skirt or dress, but I haven't found anything I just can't live without recently. This is uber cute though!xoxoJwww.talkprettytome.blogspot.com

  14. No se la falda, pero las sandalias si que son perfectas! En verano no necesitaria otros zapatos! (Bueno, si, para que engañarnos, nunca tenemos suficientes pares…)http://lollipopcat.blogspot.com

  15. What an awesome skirt! and you are right neon yellow would be to die for!! maybe you can DIY it??~Pauwww.lilbitsofchic.blogspot.com

  16. i have to say i love th eplatforms!!! and how abour the fringe necklace? did you do it? is sooo beautifull!!!that is an amazing outfit for real!!valwww.fashion-frontier.blogspot.com

  17. amazing skirt!! I really love the drapey look would look so much better when you dress up that skirt but also look good dressing it down with the simple top like you did!! <3http://reserveradefashion.blogspot.com

  18. to be honest, i am really not a fan. I think the skirt looks really thick, and i would have liked it a lot more if you paired it with something thinner like a bright colored tank top, as the sweatshirt weighs the entire look down. still love you though! :)

  19. The skirt really has a nice shape. tight, but with ruffles and with that long hanging ruffle on the side making it stand out!As your sewing- and diy-skills seem to develop very quickly, I don't think it should be hard to make one of those in anoter colour on your own!

  20. It's amazing how you can make a very simple outfit looked stunning! I envy LOL Gorgeous details on the wrist and those shoes, wow!<3

  21. Me encanta el look por completo, los zapatos le dan un toque diferente. Y la falda es una monada. Pero si hay algo que me ha encantado es la pulsera fucsia. ¡Súper mona! :)Besitos desde España :Dhttp://elhuecodemiarmario.blogspot.com

  22. Totally agree. I think the skirt is perfect and the shoes… OMG, they are soooo pretty!!Perfect as always Andy!www.cocosmirror.blogspot.com

  23. I do not like the shoes with this outfit.. but the rest is gorgeous!Check my blog, nice advices on fashion for all! In Italian and English!www.lescarpepienedipassi.blogspot.com

  24. Why dn't you DIY project on a Yellow fluo Skirt like that ??? And your dream will become REAL ! ;)www.desperatelyseekingpegase.com

  25. Lovely skirt! I was so eager to find out where you bought your necklace at the end of your post…DIY! very nice!www.ukaywonderland.blogspot.com

  26. super skirt babe!btw do drop by my site as i have EXTENDED THE BRASHY x MONSTRE XI GIVEAWAY by a week. No harm trying your luck for a cool tshirt (:✘leoniewww.monstrexi.com

  27. This skirt is already to die for in black as well!!Biancahttp://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/

  28. Amazing!!!I love it!!!You always look perfect!!!How did you make the brazalet!!!Did you do a diy post about it??Thankswww.nosoylola.blogspot.com

  29. cool.actually the necklace can be made by anyone and i have many colors of it which i wear as scarves if longer and as necklace just like andy did.i have in yellow,blue,pink :)buy these from any tissue/fabric shops.ps:it can even be sewed under a skirt for a total new fringed 40's look. andy,maybe you can DIY one yourself and show us. kisses

  30. you are right, it would be amazing in neon yellow (maybe u can sew one? :D) but its nice in black as well :) love your shoes, too…nice outfit (even though I miss more colours there ;) )http://fashionfairyblog.blogspot.com

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