This is it, this is the last day to vote for me for the MANGO competition. It is now that I need ALL YOUR SUPPORT and voting is as easy as liking this Facebook button: 

I want to thank each and every single one of you who has voted for me already, I have no words to thank all the support you have been given me throughout this past few days and despite all the stress from this race, It makes me happy to know there are so many people out there supporting me, it means the world to me and it makes me even more motivated to carry on improving StyleScrapbook for all of you.



Este es el momento, es el ultimo dia para votar por mi para la competencia de MANGO, es ahora cuando mas necesito su apoyo y sus votos lo único que tienen que hacer para votar, es darle click a este botón de Facebook: 

Quiero agradecerles de todo corazón a cada una de las personas que se han tomado su tiempo para votar y apoyarme. No tengo palabras para agradecerles todo el apoyo y a pesar de todo el estrés en los últimos dias, me hace feliz saber que tengo tanta gente que me esta apoyando y me motiva todavía mucho mas a echarle todas las ganas a StyleScrapbook por que ustedes lo valen.



134 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “THE LAST DAY”

  1. Chiara showing her dissatisfaction so much on her blog that she doesn't get the most votes for this last stage of mango competition. and accusing other blogger(a.k.a yours) that got votes from fake accounts because those people simply hate her and want to against her…I mean come on, you do have your loyal readers too, Andy… Like me!! I surely hope you're gonna WIN this competition….you deserve it MUCH MORE than anybody else.

  2. cant wait to see who is going to win :-)http://zorannahsfashioncorner.blogspot.com/http://www.facebook.com/zorannahsfashioncorner

  3. Yo ya te voté Andrea, se que ganarás ;)Me gusta mucho el look, en gran parte graacias a ti me he hecho una super fan de las maxi skirt de ese tipo y ese look tan tuyo que, "humildemente", intento adaptar a mi :)Aunque nunca consigo verme tan genial, y mi hermano pequeño aún me dice que parezco una vieja loca ¬¬QUe estés bien linda.Nos vemos :)

  4. amazing look, this skirt is perfect, I must buy something like this!greetings fromhttp://mikalafashion.blogspot.com/

  5. I really really love the jacket you're wearing, could you tell me where it is from? Also I love how that cute bra always peeks from under your shirts, it has such nice details.

  6. Hola Andy :O)Sigo tu blog, no quiero hacer polémica.Pero chiara the blonde salad, no le gusta perder. En la primera fase del concurso daba un regalo y tambien en la segunda fase del concurso 2 de mango, solo para que le voten mas, y eso es jugar sucio. De persona no es muy simpatica y se lo tiene muy subido, es muy falsa y lista tambien. Ha puesto en su blog que ella no esta ganando porque quien le odia te esta votando a ti para hacer un despecho. Yo creo que tu Andy te lo mereces cien vueltas mas y si no le votan a ella y le odian, es porque de persona es antipatica y falsa. No es para nada dulce es falsa. Me gusta tu blog sigue asi, espero que seas la nueva It girl de mango,Tantos saludos desde España

  7. Hello…serena from beautylab was reading about you so thats why I came here. I want to say that your pictures are so very professional looking.

  8. After a while in blogosphere I stopped reading blogs with too many readers. It looked like propaganda. Only expensive brands, fashion weeks ans sponsors. Yes, you have a little bit of that but you keep being an adorable girl far from her country who tries hard to give her best. I like your style. Simple but fierce. And you don't expose your life more than enough. And you even make some of your clothes. Yes, you are a true fashion blogger so you deserve. I voted for you and I don't use to vote in these things. Shine on!

  9. It's a pity we can't vote more than once! I've been meaning to tell you that I think you look so much more happier and satisfied for a couple of months now than compared to before. Of course I don't know the reason but you seem so much more approachable and overall very friendly and down to earth!I always wondered if it is always the same person taking your pictures or if you had an assistant to deal with all the organizatory aspects of your successful blogging?Hope you win the Mango competition because no matter how stressed you are, you give your followers the feeling of being appreciated and judging from the videos I saw from the Mango event in Berlin I can say that it's great how you interact with "your fans"!Nesli

  10. I (and also my doggy :P)have voted for you because I think you totally deserve it. You're talented, I like your fashion style and I totally love your DIY posts. Good Luck, love from Italy ♥

  11. hi Andy! i'm starting to come to the conclusion that only you can wear long dresses with style. i tried a few on and i always ended up looking like a big potatoe (although i'm not fat at all). same for my friends! but you always look terrific :)

  12. This skirt is wonderful as well as that jacket! Love the red top, it gives a great touch of colors to the whole look!www.abitoffashion.com

  13. THAT SKIRT! Amazing!Biancahttp://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/

  14. oh I absolutely love this look..the long skirt and this red top are so lovely, so feminine and you balance it so well with that jacket. Wonderful. Gorgeous girl!!!xoxowww.ordodi.blogspot.com

  15. Great outfit, love the skirt and that jacket is so cool!Good luck with the Mango contest, I've already voted!emma xxemmasfashiondiary.blogspot.com

  16. Andy!!! muchísima suerte!! espero que ganes ;)Cómo me gustan tus fotos con Amsterdam de fondo!!Un beso desde España!! Ah!! y estoy de sorteo en el blog!!Paula….★★★

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