Some say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and I will have to completely agree with this.

Michael Kors SS11 was probably one of my favorite collections of the season (Just behind Jil Sander that is) and one of my favorite total looks from that show was undoubtedly the one that Freja was sporting with the golden pants and yeah, I styled them the same, but why change a winning concept? :P

As soon as I saw that show, I knew I was going to try attempt a “gold pants” DIY but due to an overload of work, it was only months and months later that I had the time. Last week I finally sat down and did it and as you probably imagine, I wanted to wear them as soon as possible, in fact, this is one of the DIY’s I am most proud of. I am crazy about these pants and if they weren’t as flashy as they are, I would try to sneak them into some looks of the day more than once a week, unfortunately or fortunately for me, these pants wont go unnoticed.

P.S- These pants are not the only thing I am DIY’ing from that collection, more to come soon! ;)


Algunos dicen que la imitación es la forma mas sincera de admiración y no podría estar mas de acuerdo.

La colección de Primavera 2011 de Michael Kors fue sin duda una de mis favoritas y desde que vi el look con los pantalones dorados, supe que tenia que aventurarme a hacer un “Hazlo tu misma“.

Hace dos semanas, por fin tuve el tiempo de sentarme a coser y este fue el resultado. No te voy a mentir, si por mi fuera, me pondría estos pantalones 2 veces a la semana, pero desgraciadamente o afortunadamente, no pasarían desapercibidos, ¡Espero que les gusten!


Gold pants: Made them myself
Sweatshirt: COS Men
Shoes: MANGO
Watch: Michael Kors

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  1. Me encantaron los pantalones, estoy a dos de copiarte la idea jaja, por cierto MUCHÍSIMAS felicidades por tu logro con Mango, yo también soy mexicana y me da mucho orgullo que una blogger como tu representa a una marca tan importante como esa. Muchas felicidades Andrea!!

  2. los apntalones son una auténtica pasada!!! y me encanta como los han combinado, es perfecto. Tengo q hacerme con unos Ya! mE HAS DEJADO CON LAS GANAS DE ENCONTRARME UNO EN ALGUNA TIENDA, PERO ME DA Q X AHORA HABRÁ Q ESPERAR…. QUIERO UN CLON!!!!!!SAMIhttp://www.mientrasmevisto.com

  3. OMG it's perfect! You look amazing in the gold pants! I am gonna, no I say it wrong, I HAVE to try making this pants too. It's just to cool to not have in my wardrobe! I love your DIY. Can't wait for the next!XO Charlottewww.thefashionguitar.com

  4. WO!!!!! estan increibles tus pantalones1!!! yo las quiero!! haha pero que envidia (de la buena ) love your blog chicaxofrancescahttp://www.frankvinyl.com

  5. Me encanta el look!!!Los pantalones son increíbles, perfectos!!xoxo from Spainhttp://myshowroombyp.blogspot.com/

  6. WAHOO, you golden pant is so beautifull, congrats to this DIY!!KissesFannyhttp://www.fannyfashionblog.over-blog.com

  7. I love your DIY golden pants even better than Michael Kors' :) I'm really looking forward to see your next DIY of this collection.By the way, did you get my e-mail? If not, no problem, tell me and I can always send it back,my e-mail hasn't been working very well lately([email protected])-The Trendy Fashionistahttp://thetrendyfashionista.blogspot.com

  8. WOW Andy!!! Te quedaron hermozos tus pantalones, de verdad que me encantaron, creo que me hare unos iguales xoxo GOOD ONE Andy :)

  9. I don't know where to begin on this look. The pants are amazing. They look awesome with the wedges and grey sweathirt, perfect styled. As for your jewelry, the ring is amazing and simple and the double watches are such a cool idea. I might be immitating you! xoxo Happy Fridayhttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  10. OHHHHH so cute. I love the pants and love the shoes, belt, and bag that you've paired with them. I think you are totally fine styling another outfit using these pants for your blog. I'd love to see you style them wearing some items with bolder colors too!! xoxohttp://dressmeup-dressmedown.blogspot.com/

  11. wow! couldn't even imagine that they'll look so wonderful!Love, Ailyhttp://urwhatuwear-aily.blogspot.com/

  12. so yeah, Michael Kors needs to hire you as a brand embassador because now I want his entire collection as well! The pants came out amazing! Your talent ceizes to amaze me. Divina!

  13. geniales los pantalones!! no me extraña que te los quieras poner todos los dias, y mas si los has hecho tu!Un besote!

  14. the pants don't go with the sweatshirt at all. i dont like it. I must say, I don't really like the direction in which you go. less and less outfits worth looking up to.- Tina

  15. Finally I can see them. They turned out great and I love the shape and how they look on you! Simply gorgeous :D Also, I am very much in love with your bag!

  16. Me encanta el resultado, te queda genial. Me quedé impresionada cuando hiciste un vestido con una camisa blanca y un retal amarillo, ¿has hecho algún outfil con él?me encantaría verlo.besoswww.rosabueso.blogspot.com

  17. Creo que no seré la ùnica a coser esta belleza… seria divertido que te mandaramos fotos "nuestros pantalones"! :) yo lo haré pero tienes que esperar ya que yo estoy buscando una seda linda, el poliéster me hace sentir calor!ladyblu.

  18. WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! QUÉ BONITOSSSSSSS! el colorrrrr, el patrón y el degradé de color en medio…. muy muy bonitosssssss! estás guapísimaaaaa como siempre! Y siempre con algo diferente!!! lo que me encanta cada día de tu estilo es que siempre nos sorprendes con algo nuevo!FELICIDADES!!!Muchos besos de Barcelona!!http://demodayaloloco.blogspot.com/

  19. Oh my, they look awesome ♥ Congratulation my dear ! I really like their disco feel and you can easily wear them both in the club or on the streets. You did an amazing job ♥And I agree with you, imitation really is the highest form of flettery. Who said that,by the way?Huuugs and I wish you a fabulous weekend !

  20. Those gold pants are amazing and I'm thinking of making some very similar to yours, but what kind of fabric did you use as I can't really tell from the photo.Love the outfit too, by the way!!!Franzihttp://franzistylenomad.wordpress.com/

  21. i was waiting for this look, when i saw the diy i felt so curious. but i think that the fotos are great with these faded colors for other fotoshoots, i cant actually see how bright these pants are. The effect of faded, kinda old pics is great, but i was scrolling down to find at least one pic with real colours, i think the look is greater than what we see in pics… anyhow great look.

  22. These are amazing pants, and you look fantastic in them. I agree, why change a good thing, haha, especially when it look this great!?xx

  23. andy , estos pantalones te quedaron increibles!!! me encantan!!! Estoy en argentina , aqui esta llegando el invierno , lamentablemente tengo que esperar unos meses para hacerme unos!!

  24. Ohhh amazing!Now I gotta do it myself!Hope to find the same or similar fabric!And I just love that you styled totally the same look!;)xxB.beeswonderland.blogspot.com

  25. Hi Andy, Your style is really very nice and curious!!!The pants you wear are very brilliant, and the form that you combine it, is very original. You are a very stylish girl!!!I woul like you visit a very exclusive fashion Website: Net-TrendyI hope you like it!!!

  26. you look WONDERFUL ! I'm in love with this outfit, everything's perfect ! I love your blog, you're one of my favourite fashion blogger ever, lovewww.tokyoblondes.blogspot.com

  27. Is there something wrong with me?? I totally hate your pants !!! Don't care if they are an imitation of Kors' … Some things have to stay on the catwalk… Respectfully, Katie

  28. And you can only improve, amaze me every day creating the minimal, but perfect outfit. Makes it clear that it's not necessary to spend who knows how much money, but it's all about a style, joy and the right accessories!Gio (:

  29. Ya imaginé cuando nos enseñaste a hacer esos pantalones que quedarían genial puestos, y no nos has decepacionado!! Son, definitivamente, geniales!!! Además, junto con las plataformas de mango consigues un renovado look hippie!! Bien hecho!! ;)Marta, xxxhttp://themeaningoffashion.blogspot.com/

  30. Very Seventies!!!I like it!Check my blog, nice fashion advices for all people.. tall,short, slim, fat.. we can all be fashion!www.lescarpepienedipassi.blogspot.com

  31. Oh my gosh!these pants!! you rock!Biancahttp://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/

  32. wow, you did such a great job with those pants! still cannot believe you made them yourself! that is awesome!you look greathttp://missmollyfashions.blogspot.com/

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