I am sorry for the over exposure of the blue Mediterranean sea and the beautiful white houses with blue roof tops, but I still have few looks to show you from Santorini.

I caught a bad flu on my last day there and I am trying to recover as fast as I can since I am flying to Bologna Italy tomorrow for an awesome event at Lindestore … If you are around don’t forget to drop by the store on the 31st of May at around 7:30pm, I want to meet you!

For more details about the Lindestore event on the 31st click here.


Mil disculpas por la Sobreexposición del mar Mediterraneo y las hermosas casas blancas con techos azulados, pero es que todavía tengo algunos looks que enseñarles desde Santorini.

El ultimo día de mis vacaciones, me ha dado una gripa que parece que son dos así que estoy tratando de recuperarme lo mas antes posible por que mañana vuelo a Italia para un evento en la tienda de Lindestore…Si están por esos rumbos, los invito a la fiesta el 31 de Mayo a las 7:30 de la noche en la tienda de Lindestore en Bolonia, vienen? :D


Skirt: COS
Tee: American Apparel
Jacket: ZARA
Necklace+bracelets: Fashionology.nl
Sunnies: Celine

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  1. loving every little thing about this post!! :)xo,susannahhttp://stylepourlavie.tumblr.com/http://lavieetme.blogspot.com/

  2. Amé este post! … El outfit perfecto con ese aire edgy que te queda tan bien y las buganbilias hermosas!! Es una flor que me encanta, acá en Costa Rica la tenemos prácticamente todo el año. :)xoxo

  3. très romantique tout ca!le reportage me plait beaucoup.perso j'en peut plus des rayures, je sais c'est trop dans le tendance, mais j'ai du voir trop de marinières et je suis à ma limite de tollerance!:)donc je suis passé au pois!

  4. So jealous of you for being in Greece! You look so stunning! Those pictures are amazing, I can't stop looking at them. You're pretty. Love your skirt!xxKristelhttp://kristellouisa.blogspot.com/

  5. hello there, I've been following your blog for awhile now and you've really inspired me! Please follow my blog :)http://thenaturalselections.blogspot.com/ThanksSara

  6. Your "look of the day" always inspires me to try something new with my own fashion choices! I positively love love love your style (and this skirt) and thank you so much for posting these wonderful photographs! Who takes your pictures?!

  7. I love your maxi skirt with stripes! And you made wonderful pictures, all of those white houses look beautiful, when behind you stand :]Alinahttp://thespicedupforeigner.blogspot.com/

  8. I am too scared of heights to pose so high :S this place is beautiful like an unreal world. I can't wait to visit Greece and my family there sooner rather than later.LOVE THE SKIRT!xx

  9. YO FELIZZZZZ de que nos sigas "atiborrando" de looks en Santorini!!! me encantannnnn todos tus looks!!!!!!! Por favor… LA FALDA PUEDE SER MÁS BONITA????Bolonia… ohhhhh.. y Barcelona para cuándo???? queremos conocerteeeeeeee!!!!besitossssssssshttp://demodayaloloco.blogspot.com

  10. I love "the blue Mediterranean sea and the beautiful white houses with blue roof tops" –> the perfect idyll! :D

  11. Lovely!! I'm absolutely in love with your blog and style, definitely looking forward for a blog like yours someday. Please help me out with my blog! ggm-gabagarmol.blogspot.com

  12. Andy pleeeeease, take of "see more here"…it is so great to see all the photos when you enter the blog…was better that way… ; )Lilly

  13. No se los demás, pero a mi la sobreexposición al mediterráneo no me aburre.He estado todos los días pendiente de tus fotos, pero como estabas de vacaciones no queria interrumpir con un comentario, así que ahora que estás de regreso (y descansando por lo que leo) aprovecho de decirte que realmente tus fotos han estado increibles, de verdad todo lucía maravilloso y la simpleza de todo era inigualable.Por cierto te veías muy linda, tu piel contrastaba de manera increible con la luz del sol ;)Nos vemos linda, que te mejores pronto :)

  14. your outfit is a great example of my new post "how to wear a maxi skirt" ! love your style<3www.makeaboldstatement.blogspot.comx,sagalina

  15. it's an amazing place to shoot, i wish i could visit there some time. hope you had an amazing time there!xx from hong kong :)www.ldmldmldm.com

  16. Oh, I hope you get well soon!!! I wish you much fun tomorrow :DWhere are your sandals from?Love,Emily(You ate Baklava :D so yummy)

  17. qué fotos tan espectaculares! muy linda andy!!! la t-shirt básica negra me parece tan ideal!!! un besito!Alehttp://www.inspiredbyalesamaniego.blogspot.com/

  18. stunning outfit, love the tan belt with the skirt!! would you mind sharing with us what hotel you stayed in, in santorini? :) x

  19. great photos, it looks so amazing there! :) everything around u is so white and bright… and perfect outfit u have, of course :)http://fashionfairyblog.blogspot.com

  20. Great photos once again! You skirt is amazing. Love the bugambilias in the background..I hope you had a fantastic time at our greek island! I'm sorry to hear you caught a flu, be well soon.

  21. You look gorgeous Andy! These photos are amazing, so dont apologize! You look fab dear! Love it!! XO Raspberry & Rougehttp://raspberry-rouge.com (GIVEAWAY on!)

  22. I just found your blog and I'm already IMPRESSED!!!I just LOVE your stripes(I am a stripes' lover), and sandals and your glasses!! Girl you are amazing!I will definetly follow your blog!And by the way I LIVE in Crete, he island so close to Santorini!!(I have been there many times!) your photos are incredible!

  23. yeah, I like it! You always make fantastic looks from simple clothes. Hmm… what will you choose for the fashion night? waitingwaitingwaiting ;)

  24. Believe me, there is never too much photos from Mediterranean. I envy you, I would love to be there too. I remember being on Capri island (Italy), I loved it so much.I am sorry that you caught a flu, try to eat (I mean drink ;) as much lemons as you can – it always works for me.Like your skirt, the length is classy.http://www.verycrazy.blog.cz

  25. Andy Santorini or u- that's something that never can be boring, so bring it on girl with pics!!;)) Kisses, I hope u'll be better as quickly as possible!;)Jelena

  26. Love the skirt and the sunnies. & for the overexposure… I think we can have something worse that the blue ocean… lolxoxo, Célineareyouincorrect.blogspot.com

  27. With every post you make with photos from your holiday in Greece, I'm falling in love with it more and more.. now I really crave to go there!As for your outfit… it's great! Stripes really suit you :)

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