As crazy as this looks, I was actually having to wear tights yesterday, at the end of May, why? Shit weather perhaps? But I musnt fear no more, I am on a jet plane (yet again) on my way to Bologna Italy were 30 degrees await and I am way too excited, I love Italy and the sun ♥ 

I have been doing a crazy amount of traveling lately and its about to get even crazier. I am so looking forward to the next few months, you have no idea!…What are your plans for the summer? 


Increíble que a finales de Mayo tenga que seguir usando medias, no es posible que el clima este tan frío a estas épocas del año pero en fin, en este momento voy en un vuelo a Bolonia Italia donde 30 grados y mucha comida Italiana me esperan y si, estoy muy pero muy emocionada :D

He estado viajando muchísimo en los últimos meses y esto no va a parar, al contrario, hay muchos viajes planeados en los próximos meses, ¿Cuales son tus planes para el verano?


Skirt: Alexander Wang
Blazer: ZARA
Pink wallet: Malababa
Boots: Balenciaga
Shirt: ZARA
Bag: Dolce & Gabbana
Sunnies: MIU MIU
Armor ring: Fashionology.nl

178 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “STARY BLAZER”

  1. I love the outfit, the skirt and the blazer are very nice. I really like Zara's selection of blazers this season, the cut, colours and patterns are gorgeous and perfect for spring.

  2. The stars are so Dolce & Gabbana FW11 but I really don't like it.. What I DO like is your beautiful skirt and boots!Poise & Voguehttp://poiseandvogue.blogspot.com

  3. What a great traveling opportunity you've been having!I usually would stray away from stars, as I feel like they make me look younger than I already do. But this is styled perfectly and looks mature. LOVE the boots too!xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  4. Omg.You look stunning! I love this outfit,your bag is beautiful.Everything is beautiful!You should also definitely visit Croatia when you would stay in Italy.It's beautiful country,trust me ;Dmfashionfreak.blogspot.com

  5. i love this whole outfit!!! this alexander wang's skirt is gorgeous!!!the jaqueta is also adorable.lindo!annaliveonbeauty.org

  6. Me encanta el look :-)Por cierto, cuando tengas tiempo, podrías hacer una entrada explicando tu viaje a Santorini? Por ejemplo: que visitar, donde y que comer, donde alojarse, etc..Gracias por adelantado!!!Xxx

  7. Love this look, Andy! Also, is your camera bag for Kipling on sale yet? I am looking for the perfect one and I love it..don't want to miss out! xx

  8. Cute Blazer :) Here in San Diego it's unthikable to wear tights! I just got a crazy sun tan!Besos,Pauwww.lilbitsofchic.blogspot.com

  9. I adore the star dotted blazer! It's lovely that you're traveling to so many places! I wish I could have some time like that but I guess since I'm only in high school, I can't. But I'm also going to Greece during the summer! Very excited!

  10. Hi!! I like very much the look of today!!!! Everything about it… Good luck in yours next month….I wish I can travel as much as you!!!! XOXO

  11. Hi andy and friends please could you guys vote my sister here, I really want this for her. thank you.herehttp://www.next.co.uk/model-competition-2011/vote-for-me-id888fjb21/

  12. Viajar, abre la mente, lo cual es muy bueno, asique esta genial que viajes tanto, ojalá yo pudiera hacer lo mismo!De momento planeado seguro nada, pero tengo ganas de viajar a París, y puede que a Estambul o la Bretaña Francesa en los próximos meses. No está nada decidido aún.Una pregunta! La bolso que diseñaste para Kipling está aún disponible? Es que me quiero hacer con ella! es divina!Muaks

  13. Love that blazer so cute and festive :) eee can't wait to see more travel photos I'll live through you until I can travel on my own again. :)

  14. such a fantastic blazer! love the entire look ;)hah, 1st I thought when I saw the tittle: what's going on?! cause 'stary blazer' sounds very Polish and it means just old blazer :Dkisses!

  15. omg i saw that blazer just 2 days ago and i want it so bad but it's just slightly over my budget at the moment! great buy though, i love it.xx from hong kong :)www.ldmldmldm.com

  16. Andy! Allá comienza el verano, y acá en Chile comienza el invierno, asique las medias comienzan a aparecer poco a poco!. Mucha suerte en tus viajes y que sigan así! disfruta!

  17. i'll love to travel so much, i love it. Summer? dunno. I think Italia – Naples, & Philly… & Paris, beacause i'll live there next year… Hope to travel as much next year… and, OMG THIS SHOES.xoxox, Célineareyouincorrect.blogspot.com

  18. It will be Italy, absolutely! ;DCrazy Andy? I love it! You are one of the most positive people I've ever seen ( it's so sad, but in the internet).have a great trip!<3

  19. I know exactly what you mean, I had to break out my tights this past weekend. Your outfit its looks awesome though! love the starry blazer :Dwww.christinebalram.blogspot.com

  20. Not know your blog ..! Love the blog, has an incredible style … from now on I am a follower! You're great!I just started in this world .. I see that this is my blog! heheheBy the way, sorry for my English … a little bad! Ah! I am writing from Barcelona (Spain)Ah! I love your blazer with stars! http://mireiasstyle.blogspot.com/

  21. Creo que para este verano mis planes serán volver a Holanda, y muuuuuuuucha playa.Por cierto, amo el look, yo tuve un blazer parecido cuando era peque, jajaja. Y las botas son preciosas!Pasa un buen tiempo en Italia!Cariños, Irenne

  22. Me encanta muchisimo tu look !He puesto foto de ti en mi blog, con tu url de blog :)Bisous ! aulieudallersurlaplage.blogspot.com

  23. the weather is the same here in Quebec. Urkk! I really love this blazer and almost bought it, the other day. FAbulous look as usual :)

  24. The blazer and the boots are gorgeous!Maybe I'll go to Netherlands during summer, I hate hot weather, hopefully it won't be to hot there, but I'm not holding my breath.Have fun in Italy

  25. Oh Andy,amazing look and jacket! *^*Hope to have your sing today,my friend comes to Lindestore for me,I live in Naples ):Hope her meet you and have a photo and a sign for me çç <3See ya babe!Kisses,Angy Di Maso.

  26. hola guapa!que envidia, a mi me encanta viajar!pásatelo genial y haz un millón de fotos!besoshttp://elbauldeladyshira.blogspot.com/

  27. Great look! Love the blazer! And the wallet and the sunnies… Everything! Well done!! Have fun in Italy! XO Raspberry & Rougehttp://raspberry-rouge.com (GIVEAWAY ON!)

  28. Yep saw this blazer at Zara last weekend…love the stars! Would die for a skirt or dress with this pattern!Great boots!Biancahttp://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/

  29. Omg we've been having total unusal crap weather too! I dont know whats up with the weird world weather seriously, so sick of it! But at least it gives you a reason to wear those awesome Balenciagas, plus your going somewhere warm! Lucky =)Your theme song can be Big Jet Plane by angus and julia stone! Such a great song =)

  30. Me encanta el look, sobre todo el estilo de las botas!Pásalo genial en Italia! No he estado nunca pero sé que es de mis favoritas..Para verano tengo pensado algún viajecito, festival y San Fermín por ahora, pero parece que promete :)xxx

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