I arrived in Paris and went straight to the hotel for a first half of the day which included a small video shoot and interview after interview with some of the biggest magazines in the world, it was so overwhelming, surreal and extremely exciting!

I am back at my hotel room for the briefest of moments, I literally have not over 20 minutes to make this post so pardon the rush in the way I am writing.
The makeup artist and wardrobe will knock on my door any minute to get me ready for the MANGO fashion show tonight , where I will be not only enjoying the show, but also interviewing some of the models and celebrities backstage and its confirmed, KATE MOSS will be there, so lets hope I can catch a glimpse of her and maybe have a word or 2.

I leave you with few pics from my first half of the day in Paris for MANGO, I hope you like them and more to come soon! :D


186 thoughts on “EVENTS “IN PARIS FOR MANGO” part 1

  1. Te ves muy bonita Andrea! Felicitaciones por ser la chica it de Mango y por todo lo que estás viviendo en estos momentos! … Qué vivan las latinas ;)!Claudia M.

  2. Enjoy the moment! You have a great oportunity to meet very known models! That's awesome! =)Have fun! Can't wait to see next posts!xxx

  3. andy you look gorgeous in your outfit. love the skirt combined with that leo knit.moreover i wish you lots of fun, enjoy it. you really deserved it :)best wishes from germany

  4. oh you look wonderful andy. and thanks for the inspiration. i have the same skirt, but never knew how to combine it. <3la tiquismiquis

  5. You really deserve this! You are the coolest blogger I follow! I love your style, how you always know to put a surprising outfit together, how your posts are so different everytime… Oh and don't get me started on the DIY's.. Amazing! Are you going to the Mango shopping night? I guess you'll be in Amsterdam, right? I am going to Apeldoorn, since Amsterdam is 2 hours away from where I live:(I hope you'll be having a wonderful time in Paris.

  6. Uhm die! Kate Moss… can't wait to see if you get to interview her!And absolutely love your skirt, so flattering and girly!Have fun!xoxo

  7. I'm simply loving your jumper, your skirt and your shoes. But i'm not sure about your combination dark grey with beige?

  8. Hi, ANDREA!A HUGE HELLO from………. BRASIL!!I think you look pretty like you never did!And I am over here in my country, visiting Style Scrapbook every single day,following your stepsand hoping THE BEST for you,which is a Blogger so delicate and caringof your Readers and Fans!You are So Simple (in the best meaning of this word)!This conquered my heart since I have found your workin the Internet.Despite all the success you have,you remain feet on the groundand give to Your Blog and The Peoplewho are with you a special treatment!May God Bless You, Your Family, Friendsand of course Your Readers!!Stay in His Love and Peace!!~~~

  9. Exiciting I can't wait to see more pics. Hehe amazing it's late there now and we're just waking up state side. Ahhh well have fun.

  10. Andy!!I was looking at the spanish online version of VOGUE and guess who's picture I've just seen with an amazing print animal dress at the MANGO show!!Congratulations!

  11. amazing Andy!!! u looked gorgeous!! Besides i dont see myself wearing a skirt like urs…..i found ur outfit so cute and confortable!! xx….CONGRATS!!!

  12. I am proud of you! I voted for you!! ^_^Check my blog, nice advices on fashion for all, in italian and english!

  13. Can't believe Kate Moss will be there!!! Shes my style icon and if you too meet that would be PERFECT!! Give a shout out for me! Love your style! Voted for you!xx Natalie

  14. OMG Andy you are very lucky!!And so beautiful in this outfit.Kiss Kate Moss for me if you see her! lolKissesFanny

  15. Wauw! Most be the best feeling ever!!Bianca

  16. Oh Andy, lucky you girl!I feel glad about yourself!Make sure you let us know everything about your adventures at these Mango events in Paris!Goog luck!

  17. You look so amazing, Andy! Love your outfit, simply fabulous. You're so gorgeous! What a great opportunity, backstage access, interviewing models, attending fashion show, that sounds so great. Well, can't wait for another pictures!xxKristelen la moda

  18. You look adorable!! The leopard print is hot & You look really chic! It all seems so interesting and fun! Let us know how the show was !

  19. You look great! Good luck with all the publicity and events, am sure it will be so fun! :) p.s. love the new celine sunnies as well :)

  20. Andy! goood luck, i hope you manage to bag word with Kate Moss, and as for everything else, you deserve it, you work so hard in putting up such great outifit posts everyday! waiting to see more of the MNG event!

  21. Wow, you're so lucky! Just want to let you know, I absolutely love and adore your blog. You have great style and I always look forward to your posts. Have fun at the show :)

  22. Wow, you're so lucky! Just want to let you know, I absolutely love and adore your blog. You have great style and I always look forward to your posts. Have fun at the show :)

  23. great photos! you look gorgeous! I wait for more! have a nice day Andy :)greetings from

  24. You're a lucky girl who deserve it you worked hard for it ;) so congrats and have the best time as The MANGO IT girl !

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