I have been eyeing these bags for weeks now, but I cant seem to make up my mind on wether I should get them or not…What do you think? Are these keepers?

Edit: I just realized the yellow bag is all over the blogosphere at the moment so I have decided not to get it, maybe the black, but we’ll see.


Le he estado echando el ojo a estas bolsas desde hace semanas, pero no me decido si las quiero o no. ¿Ustedes que opinan? ¿Se las comprarían?

Editado: Me acabo de dar cuenta que la bolsa amarilla esta por todos lados en la blogosfera, así que he decidido no comprarla. Tal vez la negra, pero ya veremos…


Black Cambridge Satchel: ASOS
Yellow Cambridge Satchel: ASOS

179 thoughts on “TO BUY OR NOT TO BUY?

  1. Brown satchels are the best but between those two i prefer the black, goes with moreplease check out my blog if you get a chance

  2. Hm. Depends on the price, but I don't think you should buy it if you are uncertain. ;) Or wait a week and if you are still thinking about the bag, well, then you should buy it! :D

  3. I buy a yellow bag (like that) on GUESS and I loved!!! MY vote goes to yellow bag!!! BUY!!! hahahSorry my terrible englishKisses from

  4. Is the yellow bag Kate Spade? If you really love it then you should get it even though it's 'all over the blogosphere.' You'd definitely find a unique way to rock it! ;)xx Allie

  5. Hmmm. i don't think that either one is that "special" but if you were to buy one I would go with the flt. yellow only because it stands out

  6. La decisión tiene ke ser tuya.Mi opinión es ke si te gusta a ti da igual ke lo tenga mucha gente,pq tu estilo es unico y a ti no te kedara nunca como a otra!!;)besitos wapa!

  7. I've been trying to decide on a colour too! I'm thinking the orange one is my fave, but in this case i would say yellow…Cambridge are so good with colour, you'd be a fool to choose black!

  8. I understand that you don't want it because you see it everywhere, but maybe you shouldn't buy it then at all. Cause this bag works best in a neon color… not just black… don't you think…xo

  9. Pues mira yo estba en un dilema parecido pero como tu bien dices estan por todos lados en la blogosfera. Cuando una tendencia se convierte en masa hay que dejarla…Yo no me las compariria. Busca alguno de esos elemtos 'raros' que sacas tu a veces y que de repente se compra medio mundo al verlos en tu blog. La gente vuelve porque creas tendencia no porque la sigues :-)

  10. I love the yellow bag! It just gives more an eccentric taste than the black bag! I say the yellow bag's a keeper!!!

  11. a mi me encantan!! intentalo con otro color, quizás con fucsia o verde que no tienes mucho!besos guapa

  12. I love the texture on the black bag! I agree with you about the yellow one though, def. don't get that color. It's a beautiful bag though, so maybe a different color? Lipstick red or a bright green…

  13. Both of them are absolutely fantastic, I really LOVE these satchels. But I really think the black one is way better choice.xx

  14. Hola, hace días estuve en Amsterdam por mi viaje de final de curso, quiero decirte que en el mercado de las pulgas (creo que se llama así, me lo dijeron en catalán) hay una parada que venden bolsos de piel, son más tipo doctor bag, he visto otra blogger de Amsterdam que lo tiene, puedes echar un vistazo! pero cogería el amarillo, pero creo que podrías coger el de la marca Cambridge Satchel, es más barato que el de Asos! :D Muchos Besos!

  15. Buy The Both…dont DEPRIVE yourselfhttp://mysocalledboringlife-evan.blogspot.com

  16. To be honest, they're becoming too much of a trend. Carolina Engman already has one. I'd wait to find a bag much more unique!Desiree

  17. LOL. good choice with not going with the yellow one. Hanneli looks amazing carrying it, but you don't want to get lost in the sea of bloggers with yellow bags! (On that note, thank you for not buying the Jeffrey Campbell Litas and Jessica Simpson Danys that all of the bloggers here in America have.)The yellow clutch you made is a billion times better, anyways. =)

  18. Yellow one is from New Yorker,identical!I have it,take a look at my last post!It's really eye catchy so I recommend!:)

  19. I don't think I would rock the neon one, but the black one is cool. Either way, if you're not sure–it usually means "no" (or at least that's what I've learned from past experience.)

  20. I think the yellow one will be the perfect purchase for this season! You could match it with striped white and black sweater and tshirts, don't you think? Also you can use it with darken blu jeans, coloured hot pants and denim short dresses… Did I convince you?Get more inspirations from my blog:

  21. si piensas que te es necesaria si, no derroches dinero tontamente si no te convence, ahorralo para otra cosa que te haga mas ilusion!Muaah (:

  22. me gustaba mas el amarillo, pero es cierto lo he visto en otros blogs… el negro esta mas o menos, depende en el precio :)besos,

  23. Oh definitely buy the yellow Canbridge satchel… I love them. I've been wanting the green or the bright pink one for ages. Massive fanwww.asydneygirl.blogspot.comx

  24. The yellow bag is great, but I don't blame you I hate it when all the blogs oversaturate and buy the same thing, but you need to be original in blogging. Hmm decisions decisions.

  25. I'm glad to see you said you wouldn't buy the yellow one because everyone has them! If I were you, I wouldn't buy any of them, because EVERY BLOGGER has one. It won't be an "unique" item.

  26. i saw these bags a couple of months ago on asos.. in purple and red also.. i was eyeing the red.. and i have since seen them alot on other peoples blogs.. your unique and the style setter Andy. I think you should find something no one else has yet! xxx

  27. what i do is:when in doubt i do not buy, i take some of the money i would spend in that buy, set it aside, and then when something comes along that i just have to have then i gather all my cents and get it. :)

  28. I would have said, get it in yellow, because the black one is so ubiquitous and in different brands…So I say, do not buy. You can probably get a better one of the black style somewhere else, for better quality. Or vintage.xx{ish.},Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  29. Not so much a fan of the black. And understand you want to pass on the yellow if it's become uber trendy. Skip it and keep your eye out for something else?New to your blog, Andy – look forward to following. -betts

  30. If you don't buy the yellow one, I won't buy the black one as well. It's not special at all. Maybe you can find a red one?x Nura from 'World Of Fashion Inpiration'

  31. The black one is gorgeous!! And would go with everything. Who cares if the yellow bag is all over the blogosphere?! You'd make it work and it would look better on you anyway :)

  32. see that's cheating! you can't expect to show us this gorgeous a have us tell you not to buy it!! that's not fair ..

  33. Dear Andy …. I think you're so individual, that you do not need this bag (I think you can find one thing that will not be anybody Bags !!!!! very cool, but they are very popular, these bags have a many (and I think that this is a very bad tissue (((Well, it's purely my opinion)

  34. Saw the yellow eye-hurting one at fashion squad today and it is SO GREAT! I would buy this one, if I could. On the other side you have already this neon-yellow-selfmade bag which is also great so maybe the black one is better, then? ^^ I see, it's complicated…

  35. if I would think about it that long, I think I wouldn't buy it… Are your sure that you're gonna use them often if you aren't really convinced of them now?

  36. The bags are awesome, but I don´t like that they are so much seen everywhere so I decided not to buy one.(thefashionsquad posted this yellow bag today too).

  37. I think BUY! but maybe choose more classic, beauce colours are now on the top, black will be for ever "fashinable" etc. :)BUT BUY they're awesome amazing <3


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