I have met a lot of street style photographers in my travels as a blogger and there are always few that stand out, in fact some of them get their pictures re-re-re-reblogged hundreds of times making the pics a little too “seen”.

For me, its always refreshing to find StreetStyle blogs with high quality content that hasn’t been seen and re-blogged so many times (You probably know the feeling of seeing an inspiring picture for the first time? Its priceless!)

My discovery of today comes from TONICS, the blog of the lovely Giia which I met during Fashion Week season.
She is an amazing photographer and she definitely has an eye for finding the most stylish people around…

I’ve made a selection of my favorite pics from her Fashion week posts, I hope you like them to!



  1. Unique and fresh is always a plus in the blogosphere as much as I appreciate the satorialist the photos are passed around a lot.

  2. loving all the photos especially the mustard blazer, gorgeous. You inspired me to do a DIY braided bracelet this week I did a post on my blog and linked your DIY

  3. I really like all the details she snaps with her camera like the quilted skirt, the wonderful twirl of these pleated skirt worn one abouve the other and the really nice detail of the blazer's neck!

  4. I am definitely checking out her blog. Those photos and stunning and the outfits amazing ! Very inspiring.

  5. É verdade, cada fotógrafo tem um olhar…os detalhes são fundamentais..adorei as inspirações e também poder conhecer o blog Street TONIC, muito inspirador :)

  6. This blog really is great! I find street style photos way more inspiring than magazine spreads! Thanks for sharing!xoXoPlami

  7. She really does capture both the pricless essence of the individual, as all the quality and cut of the garments worn. Her lighting is so in tact that it gives a sense of that one person being, well, the only person there- she showcases her picks in such a meaningful and valuable way…X Neda X

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