When we think of Spring fashion, one of the first things that comes to mind are sandals and its very difficult for me to make the transition after so many months of wearing closed shoes due to the Dutch winter.

This sandals from Swedish Hasbeens for H&M are not the typical sandal I would wear, yet there is something cool about them that made me think; Why not?, specially since the heel is super comfortable, in fact, those pretty red ones make my inner child come out as I had a pair that look just about the same when I was little, yei for that!


Cuando pensamos en la moda de primavera, lo primero que se nos viene a la cabeza son las sandalias o como les decimos en Mexico, los huaraches (y ahora que lo pienso, se oye súper chistoso).
La verdad es super difícil para mi hacer la transición de botas/zapatos de invierno a sandalias, sobre todo por que llevo tantos meses sin poder usar nada que no sea con medias y botas (culpo al clima por mis piernas pálidas :P)

Estos huaraches de Swedish Hasbeens no son lo que normalmente usaria, pero hay algo que me gusto de ellos, aparte de que el tacon esta super comodo, los rojos me recuerdan a unos huaraches que tenia cuando era chiquita, así que por que no, para que es la moda sino para jugar y experimentar con ella ¿No?


SHOES: Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

83 thoughts on “NEW IN “SWEDISH HASBEENS”

  1. Do you know when they come out in store? because I reaaally like them! You are so lucky that you are owning them already!xo

  2. I actually kind of like the top ones not so much the red, but I'm sure you'll find a way to make them work : / u usually do.

  3. Me encantaron los dos!!! Lástima que aquí no tenemos H&M!!! Saludos desde León Gto. Andy, felicidades, eres la mejor blogger!!!

  4. I am all about these clogs. So perfect with just about any outfit and comfortable. Who doesn't like a little height with their comfort, too?

  5. ahh, i love them! you definitely have an eye for fashion! will have to keep an eye out for these when im in Europe next month

  6. Andy, go for it, the sandals are just great!!!! Theý are just the face of the summer and have pretty design!Have a good weekend babe!

  7. i'm going to buy the red ones, hopefully they fit me (i have size 41 and they only produce until 40) …but they hit the stores in about two weeks right?

  8. Welcome spring!!!Es muy lindo sentir la primavera que llega. Tambien yo no los usaria, no me gustan. Si, son comodos, pero como visual estetico, no me gustan.Me gusta mucho tu blog!Beso!

  9. They're not something I'd normally pick out, but I'm kind of loving the tan multi-strap wedges. Seeing a light wood heel rather than wicker or dark wood is so new and refreshing!

  10. They are so comfy indeed..Also it was very difficult when i had to choose between the 3 styles but i ended up with the white ones..Can't wait to see you wearing them!xoxochara

  11. Hey Andy!You are my favorite fashion blogger ever! I found your blog a couple months ago and have enjoyed every single entry, but I've been curious to know how did you decide to move from Mexico to Europe? Did you know anyone in Europe already that helped ease your transition? My dream would be to live in Europe (I currently live in Southern California) and I can't see myself moving there by myself and adjusting to a new country without support. It would be awesome to learn about your journey and to see how far you've gotten so far!It's people like you that make me feel proud of being a Mexicana :D<3Oh, love the shoes (:

  12. really cute andy :)how is the weather in amsterdam, hope you have a good time! but we think you better should go for the nude ones, they look better! AND the heel looks more comfy, wedges :) but red is a good color for you dear! hugs the

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