Here are few pics from MANGO’s shopping night in Berlin last Thursday, courtesy of my sweet German readers who sent me all these pics and if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have pics of the event to show you, as StyleScrapbook’s photographer wasn’t able to fly to Berlin with me.

The event was so special and I truly want to thank every single one of you who took the time to come and meet me! I was so overwhelmed by how many people were there and for all the sweet words, the presents and even the letters you guys wrote me. 
I feel truly blessed and happy for being able to do what I love and having such amazing people like you following my story.

If you have any pics of us together on that night, send them to me, I would love to include them on this post!

Once again THANK YOU! 


Aquí están algunas de las fotos de la noche de MANGO en Berlin.  Muchísimas gracias a todos mis lectores Alemanes que me mandaron estas fotos, si no fuera por ellos, no tendría nada que enseñarles por que el fotógrafo de StyleScrapbook no pudo viajar conmigo.

Fue una noche súper especial, nunca me imagine que tanta gente viniera a conocerme y mucho menos que llegaran con regalos y hasta cartas. 
No saben lo feliz y agradecida que me siento de poder hacer lo que me apasiona y de saber que hay gente tan dulce que me apoya y sigue mi historia. 

¡Muchas gracias de todo corazón!


Event pics by Christoph, Canan, Charleen, Magdalena,  Chi , Jasmin
Other pics by StyleScrapbook


  1. Me gusta muchísimo esa falda verde, la has combinado de 10, como siempre!!Adoro tu blog!!xoxo

  2. The event looks so fun. The hallway of the hotel looked creepy, but maybe that was the effect. Also, I must be dieting too much when I saw the hamburger I was like "NOW that's portion contro, something we are lacking in the us" LOL I'm in a sad sad state right now, but down 14 LBS go me.

  3. I can't help but wondering, are you ever actually at home? You must have the most amazing experiences and fashion adventures. Lovely outfit and great pictures. x

  4. lovely skirt, love the color, you always looks fabulous!!check out my prada sunglasses giveawayhttp://mystylebyjoandy.blogspot.comxxJoandy

  5. q malo q el fotografo no pudo viajar pero lo bueno es q tienes a tus fans …m da envidia q t conocieran en persona jajajaj espero algun dia tambien hacerl0o saludos :)

  6. Que de gente fue a verte!! me alegro un montón.Estabas guapisima con esa falda larga, menos mal que hay fotos, una pena que tu fotografo no pudiese ir. besos!

  7. Hi Andy..any plans of going to NYC maybe for good? Signing up for fans and maybe sell some clothes in MANGO Store..inspired by Andy T. :-)

  8. You get so many comments and you're so busy all the time, I have to wonder if you actually read them all. Anyway, you look lovely as always, so natural. I love the pics of Berlin and your hotel was a trip! haha You're so tall and pretty! Much love♥Fátima

  9. Ohh.You look awesome!You should definitely do some make-up tutorial.What you do every day.I saw you have youtube chanel.And you already did video like that,but the quality is a little bad :/ We can't really see what you're doing :D

  10. berlin is genius.have lots of fun!i'd love to know where you got those beautiful shoes from..?xx

  11. Cool cool cool. Looks like it was an amazing event, but were you alone… I mean, not during the event, obviously with many people, but during the rest of your stay? Hope is was big fun, but that's almost for sure. Great experience!! When are you coming to London?Have a lovely weekend!xo thefashionguitar

  12. those are great pictures! you sure have a lot of readers and fans… If you come to Los Angeles I am sure I be there! :)

  13. Genial, te lo mereces! Felicidades por ganar el look de Mango!Besos desde Madrid!Es increíble, mi marido es holandés y yo vivi tiempo en A'dam, es increíble el estilazo que tienes y las ganas de arreglarte, porque cuando yo vivía allí, no me apetecía nada por el clima!Por cierto, que tal llevas el holandés? lo has aprendido?BesosCoral

  14. p.s: how do you keep your photographer?! do they always follow you around? would love to hear from you!xx

  15. Oh I didnt know someone took pictures of us on the scalator x)It was so lovely meeting you. See you at the Berlin Fashion Week in a few months. We'll have proper time to sit down and chat then ^^^And you'll get to see more of Berlin.Love Lois xxx

  16. That is so lovely! :D You looked great in that skirt, that green suits you so well :D I am glad you had fun, you know have a fanclub heh ;)

  17. you look amazing! love the skirt + shoes + gold accents!great travel bag as well.i always wondered who your photographer actually was.looks like such a fun night! i love berlin, i'll need to go back sometime!my favourite place to visit there is the american apparel vintage shop, there are only two, one in berlin and one in LA!january, x

  18. Ooooh Andy you are always so kind and sooo good!!!! And beautiful of course!!!! You should plan a trip to Greece too! You have many many fans here! Kisses!!

  19. oh i would have loved beeing in our capital on thursday and meeting you. your outfit is amazing, andy. the green mango skirt is perfect! <3kisses, la tiquismiquis

  20. Darling you are super sweet and sooo tall! :P Love your sipmle yet eye-catching!Love always, Lena!

  21. Tienes muchisima suerte de estar donde estás, pero todo eso es porque te lo has ido ganando poco a poco, y es que con un blog tan genial como este todo regalo es poco :)

  22. Treasury are the bloggers who prefer more, and your style is very close to my! the photos are all beautiful .. I love the

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