There is nothing more exciting than finding killer new locations to shoot for StyleScrapbook.
I have to admit that I get tired of shooting always at the same places, so finding locations like this makes me extremely excited!

I am starting to be happy with the temperature outside, much more “Mexico like”, although 20 degrees is not quite as hot as I would like it to be, but I am not going to complain and as soon as I can, I will claim my tan back, because at the moment, my skin is as pale as Casper “The friendly ghost”.

Speaking of Casper, did you ever watch the movie? and most importantly, did you ever see the scene when he becomes a real boy? That scene made me fall in love with Devon Sawa back when I was a little girl, which reminds me, he tweeted me last night!!!! :O

You can watch the scene here!


Encontrar nuevas locaciones para tomar fotos para el blog es lo mas emocionante, especialmente por que no me gusta tener siempre los mismos lugares en las fotos.

El domingo encontré un lugar a las afueras de Amsterdam y se me hizo perfecto, espero que les gusten las fotos :)

El clima ya esta cooperando, no hace tanto calor como me gustaría y ya me urge un bronceado, especialmente por que mi piel esta del color de Gasparin, el fantasma amistoso y hablando de Gasparin, ¿Alguna vez vieron la película? … La recuerdo como si fuera ayer y mas de la escena en la que se convierte en niño para bailar con Kat, ese fue el momento en el que me enamore eternamente de Devon Sawa, lo que me recuerda que me twiteo anoche!!! :O

Si no vieron la película o no se acuerdan, pueden ver la escena aquí :D


Top: American Apparel
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


  1. Sometimes, when i have some free time, I browse through your archives in search for inspiration. However I always find it in practically all of your pictures, these pictures (and especially the skirt) always seem to stand out. The lighting, the location, the outfit, it just makes it one of my favourites!Please keep continuing like this, because your blog is really something special to me, and I just know it is to a lot of other people too! ;)

  2. This is the second time i've looked at these since you first put them up and they are absolutely stunning photos, everything down to the location and maxi skirt! love it x

  3. Andy, I've been following you for a long time now. You are a great inspiration and have a hell of a hand for clothing. Plus I love your DIY tips so much. You always have great pics, but this one is way beyond great. Such a wonderful shoot! Keep on rockin, girl!

  4. i am absolutelyyy in love with your skirt!! i want it!! but you look fabulous!! love the new location…definitely always an inspiration! stellastellasfashionfountain.blogspot.com

  5. Las fotos estan espectacuakres!! y el look ultra wow!! love it! los zapatos matadores, DIOS son los que necesito para crecer de mi 1.57 de estatura!!Saludos desde Caracas!!

  6. I think i've gotta say this is probably my fave shoot i've seen on your blog. I ADORE the photos, so…. free and … hmm not even sure how to say it words… just love the feeling the photos have. Also the outfit is amazing. That top is to die for.

  7. haha thats so awesome! I remember watching the movie wild america with him in it! Cool he tweeted you now, its weird he's so grown up haha. Casper is a good movie too btw, I watched it about a month ago and I hadn't seen it since i was like 5!Anyways love the outfit too =)

  8. Re lindas las fotos. Me encanta la pollera. ¿Quién te saca las fotos?Sí, casper fue todo un hit. especialmente devon sawa, qué habrá sido de su vida?

  9. Y los Moais no están en Rapa Nui? SUPONGO que es una réplica!JajaQue lindo outfit, siempre llevas a la perfección las maxi faldas.Nos vemos!

  10. Your skirt is awesome :) So in love with it! Your pics are as beautiful as usual…Lydiawww.theyoungertwingirl.blogspot.com

  11. DEVON SAWA tiene twitter??Hay yo tmb lo amé en ese momento!!!y un más en LITTLE GIANTS.Hermosas Fotos y el lugar I N C R E I B L E!!!

  12. I just love the silhouette of this outfit, the structure and texture of the clothes are in such a good combination! My favourite is the fourth pic, so beautiful!

  13. Love the American Apparel top! I used it in a photoshoot and wanted to take it home… it's so slinky and I love how it's sheer without being completely revealing!xoxohttp://www.thewrittenrunway.com

  14. Oh wow, that is something! I saw Casper the movie also and that scene was indeed emotional.. And this skirt is sooo amazing! I love the photos, they are fantastic, and that blouse is simply to die for…the details I mean, superb!

  15. Qué fotos más bonitas =)Si que he visto la película, y muchas veces =) Aquí en España el fantasmita se llama Casper jajaja(K)

  16. Haha, so cool he tweeted you! :) And your right, it's a pretty awesome location! Love your shoes, btw :)x Kirstenhttp://blondesinthecity.blogspot.com

  17. love the new location, the outfit and the photos, especially the 4th last one awww..i always have to think about you when i see those long skirts :)) they just fit perfectly to you!if you ever ever visit switzerland, lemme know, but i'm sure you would let us know ;)lotsa love from switz – jasy

  18. ANDY, love, this is amazing. the picture and outfit are GORGEOUS. love this post girlie. if you get a free second stop by and check out my latest go-to fash as well as see pictures from the fall/winter preview I attended Monday in Beverly Hills. xoxowww.fashboulevard.blogspot.com

  19. I love this photoshoot!Oh, and at the first picture it looks like your hair are red.. Maybe considering a hair color change? ;)xoxocharahttp://skinnyandflavored.blogspot.com/

  20. what a detailed top!!! im so into pleated skirts, i need a bright one!! great oufitcheck out my new post! i think youll like ithttp://heelsandinspiration.blogspot.com

  21. Hola andy, eres fenomenal, a mi tambien me gusto' mucho esa pelicula, el lugar es muy bello y romantico, me gusta tambien la falda muy larga , los zapatos y la bolsa,,,, maravilla de mujer!

  22. That's awesome he tweeted you. He is pretty good looking. I love this skirt sooo soo pretty and the light is going with it very nicely.

  23. seriously love this outfit and shoot. i have been wanting that top from american apparel! youve convinced me :)xxwww.dragonnfruit.com

  24. I love that you are adding variety to the locations… the pictures look great and I loved Devon Sawa too, but I loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas more :)besos, Pauwww.lilbitsofchic.blogspot.com

  25. ooh he tweeted you haha that's so nice!i love the outfit and the location is amazing. good pick (both the outfit and the location)

  26. Andy, I like your blog so much. Everyday Im so looking forward to your new posts. You look amazing, adore this skirt:)http://styleitup-eva.blogspot.com/

  27. It's not a middle of nowhere cause I live nerby! hahahI adore your shoots from Amsterdam. I always try to figure out where the photos have been taken.I would love to see "Andy T guidebook to Amsterdam" cause I think you and the city are perfect combination. And your blog will always remind me of how happy I was here, when I'm back home.xxxx

  28. Killer location, it looks so lost in time with bits of the new era with the yates. Love the outfit.att.Una Fan desde Puerto Rico

  29. devon sawa tweeted you??? lucky girl!!! ;) love this new photoshoot location and your skirt!!Miyanwww.miyan-overseas.blogspot.com

  30. I fell in love with this look the moment I saw it.And it was photographed so well.I wrote a little blog on it too :)http://flourishedandsunkissed.blogspot.com/2011/04/s-t-y-l-e-s-c-r-p-b-o-o-k.html

  31. Ya…a mi em encantaría tener localizaciones como esta!!pero a veces resulta imposible! estas guapisima!1este tipo de faldas te quedan genial y las luces super bien.en serio mira que veo blogs de moda…peor el tuyo es de los que nunca s eme olvida visitar porque tienes muuucho estilo.un besazo.

  32. Me encantan tus zapatos Andy son de Asos quizás ? Y la falda es para morirse bueno el conjunto entero en realidad lo quiero todo.Awwww no me puedo creer que Devon Sawa te twwete me encantaba casper sobre todo la escena que tu as dicho cnd le dice a christina richie "te quedas conmigo?":_( es supertriste pq el se vuelve fantasma otra vez ,llore cn esa película para q lo voy a negar.Pero después también tenia a los tíos locos que cantaban " La palmaras cuando te toque tititi" jajaja o "mala leche azúcar"?

  33. I love the locations, makes the pictures very special! I think every girl had a crush by this time with him. He was so cute!!! aaahhh, amazing how he changed! Thanks for sharing his twitter…;-)

  34. i still own the dvd.. i had such a massive crush on him, thats awesome that he tweeted you! I wonder what he looks like now.. shall have to google! xxx

  35. I LOVE your skirt, Andy! These photos look so magical. Can't believe that Devon Sawa tweeted you..I used to have such a crush on him when he was younger. I even watched Final Destination because of him and I hate scary movies!

  36. hi andy! ver nice location!! the long skirt is gorgeous, especially on the pictures it looks super great. but i dont like to wear those long skirts for my daily life. but maybe I am just to short =) xxx

  37. These photographs are so beautiful, Andy, totally love the location!And I really loved the movie when I was a kid…. ahhh… the cute blonde boy, I remember, I also had a little crush ;)http://miriscastle.blogspot.com/

  38. I so love this top and the skirt.. love..love..love and adore you so much, because you really can pull it off.. =)))and that 4th photo.. just aaaaaaahhhhhhugs&kisses

  39. I love this skirt and this sweater, perfect outfit, and photos are so beautiful with your new camera, I can see the difference :)xxwww.coralieslooks.com – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  40. I must say i haven't been inspired lately for a maxi skirt outfit! And your as simple and gorgeous left a very big impression :)Photos are so amazing of course that add up to the whole effect, bravo Andy!!!

  41. This is the cutest most loved outfit by me ! i love how you put all those together <3.If you'd like to go check out my blog its pretty fashion updated :)Mybrunetteworld.comXO

  42. Me ha encantado este look, y las fotos son increíbles!Qué gracia lo de Gasparín, no sabía a quién te referías hasta que he caído en que hablabas de ese fantasma que aquí en España llamábamos Casper! Nada que ver el nombre, no?

  43. OMG! These are your most beautiful pictures ever!!Love the skirt!!xoxoBiancahttp://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/http://fabfashion-bianca.blogspot.com/

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