Today’s pics were taken in a flash, literally a little bit over 5 minutes due to a packed agenda and extremely limited time for a “Look of the Day” shoot, but I still managed to get these few shots to show you what I wore.

Life gets busier and busier, always a good thing when you enjoy what you do!, I can hardly wait to share with you all the projects that I have been working on!


Las fotos de hoy las tuvimos que tomar en 5 minutos gracias a una agenda llena y poco tiempo para una sesión de fotos.

La vida se vuelve cada vez mas ocupada, llena de proyectos y cosas padrísimas que me muero por compartir con ustedes. Todavía no puedo hablar mucho sobre el asunto, pero pronto verán todos los proyectos en los que estoy trabajando.


Yellow Sweater: Style by Marina
Asymmetric dress: H&M Trend
Backpack: Storets 

132 thoughts on “LOOK OF THE DAY “IN A FLASH”

  1. you look really good!!projects???? how busy you are!!!!! hope one day this can happen to me!! I mean… work of what I love!!www.mysavageside.blogspot.com

  2. you look fantastic Andy! beautiful sweater color and stunning dress, I want to have this one!greetings fromhttp://mikalafashion.blogspot.com/

  3. hola andy….soy anita de Ecuador, bueno solo kiero felicitarte por lo linda que eres… i wanna be like you.. bueno te cuento que voy a viajar a mexico y ya que eres la unica persona mexicana que conozco, queria preguntarte algunas cosillas, no se si lo hago por aki mismo, o por twitter, hoy te agregue, te importaria agregarme a mi @anisstrellada para poder conversar un pokito, promento no molestar muchito:)espero tu respuesta… gracias

  4. I'm excited for you. You have to let us know if your ever in LA for anything I would so want to meet you :) you seem nice.

  5. love this yellow shirt, actually love all your outfits, best dressed blogger ;)xoxohttp://fromvillageintolife.blogspot.com/

  6. i love the skirt and jacket ,your kook is juste perfect …i love your blog ,you are one off my favorit bloggers :)http://mydailyfashiondose.blogspot.com/xoxo

  7. Congratulations for all your new projects!!!! You really deserve all the good things that are coming your way!Besos desde BarcelonaRoserwww.demodayaloloco.blogspot.com

  8. Mas no fim as fotos ficaram lindas, com cores vibrantes. Adorei o look, principalmente o vestido assimétrico, lindo.Estou curiosa pelos projetos, é isso aí, quando fazemos o que amamos, tudo se torna ainda mais especial!Beijoswww.myfashionview.com

  9. andy, we totally love your blog. your style is so amazing and you look just beautiful. we would be so happy, if you visited our blog!thehoneystreet.blogspot.comR&L

  10. i love the skirt and jacket and you! :) you are so busy, i hope you have time to have some rest sometimes. you need it :)viktoriasstyle.blogspot.com

  11. I love your new haircut and glad I saw this post b/c it reminded me to follow you on blogger. yellow sweater rules :)

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