This might be a bit of an odd accessory, but ever since I saw this Proenza Schouler bracelets, I though; Hey, cool! I want one! … You can certainly get the originals if you are willing to pay over 150 dollars OR you can make it yourself with my tutorial, which is actually pretty easy and you get to choose the colors you want, so hows that for improvisation?

P.S- Have you seen Betty sporting StyleScrapbook for Kipling camera bag on her latest post? OUI!


Estas pulseras de Proenza Schouler no son el accesorio común y corriente, de hecho se ven un poco extrañas, pero esa es exactamente la razón por la cual desde que las vi, quise una.
Las puedes comprar originales por internet a mas de 150 dólares O las puedes hacer tu misma con mi tutorial, que la verdad es súper sencillo y puedes escoger los colores que mas te gustan.

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  1. I agree with these girls, your DIY posts are a great addition to your blog (: I'm not sure if anyone has asked this already, but I tried making these bracelets today and I went through some problems on steps you didn't really go over. How did you tie the ends of the cords together? Because when I did it, it became a huge unappealing knot. And also, when you wrap around the second cord how did you secure it? I ended up wrapping a same color thread around, but I don't think that'll last long. Haha.Love your blog! Hopefully you have time to answer back!

  2. Ame tu post!!! que bueno que regresas con los DIY.Yo estoy igual que tú, amé el brazalete, pero sabía que había una manera de hacerlo más sencilla y económica… solo que no me daba la inspiración, hehe, pero intentaré este tutorial ;)Besos!!!

  3. Woow, you're a genius!!! Me encanta tu blog, lo sigo desde hace tiempo!Hace unos dias he abierto el mio, seria un placer que echaras un vistazo :)

  4. Andy que bueno ver que has retomado tus DIY!!! Vi el del vestido y me encantó y este tb está buenísimo!!! Del bolso de kippling estoy enamorada!!! Sólo se consigue en internet? Habrá envíos a sudamérica? Hope so!

  5. It's funny because the DIY gives you more options that Porenza, what is really funny is the price of the original. Come on we all know that is like an 800% markup and they only did that to say in with there price range. I don't get why brands have to go ahead and make cheap things and sell them…why not just make a diamond bracelet and at least make it worth the price.

  6. Such an amazing DIY! Keep on with these articles, they are a source of great inspiration!I just don't get: how do you do when you're finished with wrapping the coulourful cords around the black one? Do you tie them, or stick them with glue?I'll definitely try this one!Thanks for sharing!

  7. En realidad son muy sencillas, o al menos eso parece habrá que hacerlas, pronto tu bolsita de Kipling estará por todos lados Andy, alguna idea de cuando estará disponible en México? … felicidades!Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  8. Beautiful tutorial!!! It's a very sweet and fashionable bracelet!!I want new D.I.Y again! :)Dea Rose

  9. It's so nice! Gosh, I love it when people do their own accessories and it turns out so well.. I really need to get myself together and start up som diy projects. So inpiring~ :D

  10. looks pretty simple but great effect. Thank you for giving your readers that much diy cherrybee

  11. will you ever show your boyfriend? :) i've always wondered…i know you probably try to keep personal life separate but it's so hard not to wonder what he at least looks like when also i get to see meaningful moments in your fashion life… :D and boys are nice accessories too! random, sorry!

  12. hi andy, wow u can't believe i was about to make from that bracelet which i loved when i saw it.great job, thanks now it will be easier for mecheck my online directory blog

  13. Awesome!!Where can I get ur camerabag? Already in stores now??Yeah Betty doesn't name it…well you dont need it. It will rock anyway!!xoxoBianca

  14. me encanta, es una pasada, a i tb me gustan las cosas raras o que nadie lleva, precisamente porque es unico y lo tienes tu solo, muy buen tutorial. Lo voy a decir en mi blog que se pasen por el tuyo para verlo.caprichos de ana

  15. hola guapísima! tu DIY genial como siempre, me lo apunto también para hacerlo guapa!Me encantan cuando posteas este tipo de tutoriales.besos

  16. This is a great idea for a DIY, although I will probably make it in pastels :))) Thanks for sharing :)))XoXoPlami

  17. Love this DIY – and it's pretty easy I guess…. like your bracelet even more than the "real" one *lol<3

  18. Yeah I saw your bag on her post… Well Done!!!Cool tutorial!DIARY OF A FASHION STYLIST_ Zara copied me too ?)

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