Big nail polish junkie I am, in fact, I cant even remember the last time I gave my poor nails a break and let them nail polish free for longer than 5 minutes.
I probably have the biggest nail polish collection of all my neighborhood and every time a new shade comes out, I have to have it.

I have seen this shattered look on some blogs for the past few weeks and to be honest, I wasn’t very fond of it at first, but being as adventurous as I am, I decided to get it and play with it before I started judging and truth is, I am kinda sorta loving it, specially since you can make it with any combination the rainbow has to offer, but of course, I had to try it first with gold.


Me confieso adicta al esmalte de uñas, es mas, ni siquiera recuerdo la ultima vez que le di a mis uñas un descanso, al menos por mas de 5 minutos y es que cada vez que sale algún color que me gusta, lo tengo que comprar, lo que me hace tener la colección de esmaltes mas grande de toda la colonia, lo podría jurar.

Cuando salió este esmalte no me emociono demasiado, pero antes de juzgar, lo fui a comprar y ayer mientras veía la tele, me puse a jugar con el y la verdad me fascino, les gusta?


152 thoughts on “DETAILS “SHATTERED NAILS”

  1. Muy original! Podrías enseñarnos cómo es el bote de pintauñas y cómo se hace para que dé ese resultado? Tengo mucha curiosidad, no puedo imaginarme cómo haces para que quede así! Gracias.

  2. OPI have just released a shattered silver range in Australia, and I have fallen in love with the pink/silver. I love the gold that you are rocking here!

  3. I've been looking for shatter nailpolish for ages ! where did you find them ? Somewhere in Noord-Holland or Zuid-Holland ? xd . xxxx.

  4. It looks great! especially I love the imagination of variations in all the colours you like!…from time to time I do it, too…and if you know the beauty-label "P2", there you get this "crackling"-nailpolish for only 2 € in black, gold and silver!

  5. cute!! I have also have those stamps:) I am a nailpilosh freek too! BTW: I saw you on your bike crossing the street this week. You were wearing pink leopard pants:)xxx Pris

  6. I got the OPI Shatter too it works way better than China Glaze and it looks awesome over gold. I want to do silver next and probably red after that :) but right now my nails are on a break they did not like all the acetone usage going on for sure.

  7. I liked this style 10+ years ago, but not so much, anymore. I guess every trend has to come back in style whether it was a good trend or not.

  8. I've got the Katy perry for O.P.I one? You too or did you get the Pupa one? I must admit it wa slove at first sight for me, it gives that special leather-ish look to you nails I think. ♥

  9. so i bought it a few weeks ago. i tried it first with a really light but vibrant blue. and i loved it. and on my nails right now is white mixed with the shattered nails. it looks like a zebra. i get a lot of compliments on it but i want it off. no more zebra for me. but i love the gold.

  10. This looks amazing!It's great you can do your nails yourself… I hate doing it and I always have to go to the manicurist…XoXoPLami

  11. haha I also tried it first with gold and to be honest its kinda the best combination, however it also looks pretty funky with pink and nude!! I remember when it first came out last oktober I saw it in the university at some friends naisl and just had to have it!! What I love about it moist that it DRIES sooooo fast :)♥♥Style-Roulettexoxo,Luísa

  12. I wasn't big on the OPI shatter nail polish at first either, but I tried it out and it looks good on a silver base too. China Glaze has come out with other shatter colors already, such as hot pink, teal, white, and purple. But OPI will be coming out with some more in red, navy, basic blue, and teal shatter soon. You should check them out!http://www.TheFancyTeacup.commuch love.

  13. I was never much of a fan of the shattered nails either, but I'm warming up to them! I think they can look really cool when worn well :)noireetmince.blogspot.comx

  14. omg how cool…I maybe have this crackling nailpolish since a year but I have never use it xDbut to use gold at first is an awesome idea :DI think I need to try this soon too

  15. Love the shatter efefct, I got the OPI shatter a while ago and I really love it – nails can be such an eye-catcher :DXX

  16. You like it now? Also not a big fan, but looks very nice with gold though!xoxoBianca

  17. Andy, el pintauñas es diferente a los demás jeje!No conocía este tipo de esmalte, iré a mirarlo hehe.Besitos

  18. I have it too, but I haven´t tried this colour combination yet. It looks very nice, reminds me a leopard pattern :)

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